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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 10-åriga Eva rör juryn till tårar med sin magiska sångröst

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Hello! Hi

What's your name? Eva.

And your last name? Jumatate

That's a cool name, where does it come from?

My father.

Where's your father from? Rumania

Ah, ok!

Ema Jumatate! It's great to have a good name!

How old are you, Eva? I'm ten.

Ten years old, ok!

So what are you planning on doing here today?

I'm going to sing.

Ladies and gentlemen... Eva Yumatate, the stage is yours.

Loren Allred - Never Enough

Where do you come form?

Where did you get this voice?! I don't know

You don't know! You just sing like this!

A ten year old shouldn't be supposed to this!

It shouldn't exist.

But it does!

You shocked me! I have butterflies in my stomach.

Oh my god! Wow, Eva!

We're going to a vote then...

Well of course, Eva Jumatate, you get a resounding YES from Alexander Bard!

I have to say...

Of course! Fantastic!



That may have been the best I've ever seen.

That was just

amazing! I am so moved.

Of course you're going through!

You're in the final!!!

Eva is in the final!

So good!

Do you understand what just happened? No.

You've gone straight to the final of Sweden's Got Talent

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