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Hi guys! Welcome back toOn the go with EF”. Today, we are in Perth, Western Australia.

Its the fourth biggest city in the whole country.

Its my first time in Australia. Im so excited to be here.

Hi! Hi, hows it going?


Guys, this is Brad. The EF director here in Perth.

Hi, how are you?

Whenever we travel, we always like to try some of the local food.

Oh yeah?

Do you have any recommendations? Any local food or desserts or something like that?

There are so many different Ozzie things you can try,

but if you want a good Ozzie dessert, then I would recommend trying Pavlova,

or Pav, as they call it here in Australia.

Pav. Okay, were going to keep that in mind. Yeah.

Thank you. You guys are welcome. See ya!


Today, were going on a tour to discover Perth.

Yep. And now were on our way to meet our tour guide.

Hi, how are you doing, Im Matt. Im Liam.

Nice to meet you. Maria.

Hi. Nice to meet you. Welcome to Perth.

Ill give you guys a little background on the city of Perth.

Were originally called the Swan River Colony. We were found in 1829.

Where were standing now is actually called Perth Town Hall.

Whats interesting about our town hall is that were the only town hall that was built by convicts.

The convicts arrived here in 1850.

Not many people from the British Isles actually wanted to come here.

If you want to come for a little walk around the corner here,

well show you the original state buildings.

This building here is called the State Buildings.

This is where all the government administration happened back in the colonial days.

Im just going to point out an interesting feature.

Do you notice the remnants of a wall coming out from the building here? As you look on the floor, theres the outline of two rooms.

So these were our original holding cells. If you read on the floor here,

these are all the different rulings that the magistrate handed down, all the crimes that were committed.

Stole odd boots. Yeah, thats a crime. Lock them up.

He stole grapes from a garden. Yeah.

Mrs. Brown was ill-famed obscenity and drunk. Oy, oy, oy, Mrs. Brown.

Drunk and incapable.

Another thing Id like to point out here: This is geographically point zero in Perth.

Behind us we have St. Georges cathedral.

Originally, they wanted to be a little bit further up the street in a nicer location.

However, they built the church here, which is closer to government administration,

because back then, in 1858-1870,

the separation between church and state wasnt as prominent as it is now.

They wanted to be close to the government administration

so they could influence what happened in the settlement.

Guys, whats interesting about this building, which is COMO the Treasury, the hotel,

is that its built in 1897.

Any fine buildings that we have in Perth were built post 1890 because 1890 is when we hit gold.

Anything built prior to 1890 was always quite ordinary,

but as soon as we had that gold money,

we made really ornate, nice buildings since we could afford it.

Nothing has really changed ever since.

Well go have a look at the old theatre district down Hay Street more now. Okay?

Okay, guys. This is London Court. This was built in 1937-38

and was basically built by a mining entrepreneur to show people back in London that we were classy, too.

The little statues you see up there? Thats Saint George lancing with another knight.

Every hour, they all spin around and fight each other with lances on horseback.

Its a little bit of England in Perth. Yeah.

This is His Majestys Theatre, Perth,

one of the most beautiful, oldest and relished buildings that we have.

It was built in 1904 during King Edwards reign,

which is why its called His Majestys Theatre, not Hers.

Most theatres in the world have changed their name,

even if they were built during this period, to Her Majestys Theatre,

but we have kept ours as His. Only two in the world are His Majestys Theatre.

Its this and one in Aberdeen. Lets have a little walk inside.

So, welcome. This is His Majestys Theatre, done in true Edwardian style,

but well have a walk down here around to the stage

and youll be able to see the theatre in all its grandness.

As we walk up here, you can see the roof.

What is interesting about this roof is that they used to be able to open it.

Before the days of air conditioning, when it was a nice, cool summers night,

they had pulley systems and they would open that right up so a nice breeze could come through.

You could see the night sky and all that kind of stuff.

Indeed you could, yeah, but as modern times took over, that has now been closed up.

Okay, guys. Were entering Wolf Lane, now. Its an old, historic laneway in Perth.

Lets go down and have a look.

This is originally Perths first ever textile manufacturing district,

but that was a very long time ago and now its all been revitalized.

Thats a nightclub bar. Thats more of a pub. Youve got an arcade down here

with different restaurants and nice places to eat, so its a really popular night spot.

Guys, this is the end of the tour. I hope you guys had a good time.

Thank you. Thanks so much.

It was a pleasure. Not a problem. Cheers.

Bye! Bye bye.

I really enjoyed the guided tour. My favourite part was His Majestys Theatre.

What about you guys? Do you prefer discovering a city by yourself or do you prefer guided tours?

Comment below and the best one can win this gift.

Yes. This is locally made. It saysMade with love in Australiahand cream.

And make sure you watch the next episode when we go to Rottnest Island and

go biking and discover these small, cute little animals called quokkas.

Yes! See you then.


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