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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Nephrologist Sana Khan, MD

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My name is Sana Khan.

I am a clinical nephrologist at the University of Virginia nephrology division in the department

of medicine.

In the field of general nephrology, I do care for hemodialysis patients, acute kidney injury


I do my chronic kidney disease clinic as well, but one of my personal and professional interests

is in the field of home dialysis, specifically peritoneal dialysis.

What led me to pursuing medicine as a career?

I think just caring for patients and trying to figure out the puzzles of the diseases

that they're present with and trying to find a solution for them and making their lives


My passion in my clinical medicine is patient education and shared decision-making.

I personally feel a lot of patients choose their healthcare future based on other opinions

and just the general trend that there is, but one of my areas of interest is promoting

shared decision-making through a back and forth dialogue so patients can make the best

educated decision for their lifestyle and their healthcare.

My personal satisfaction comes from seeing my patients transition from my kidney disease

clinic to my peritoneal dialysis clinic and then being able to maintain their flexibility,

their freedom, their independence and their lifestyle.

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