Practice English Speaking&Listening with: THE FIRST TIME THIS SPEEDRUN HAS EVER BEEN COMPLETED (10 Captures)

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Oh boy, we're doing 10 captures today. For anyone that isn't aware

Something was discovered yesterday that allows three captures to be skipped. Because yesterday 13 captures was the least captures

you could beat the game with. Today, it's gonna be beaten 10 captures

Now, the three captures that we do skip are the three in the Madame Broodal fight. Now we can skip that

Because there are four moons available in Cascade Kingdom and you can get them all without captures

You can get the moon in that rock down there

I believe, the one in the 2D section, the first moon. You can get the one in the chest down there

Now that's only four and you can get those without any captures

They are a little bit difficult, but they're nothing compared to the fifth moon

Which was discovered to be able to be collected yesterday. Now the fifth moon is

that one

And that moon is

Insanely difficult to get. But what we need to do is, we need to get Cappy onto that Island and hit that checkpoint

It's insanely difficult. We tried for around five hours yesterday. I got Cappy on to the island five times in those five hours

I missed the checkpoint every single time

So, today I'm going to do a run and I'm just going to do it until I get it

I am not stopping the stream today until this is done. We're gonna start the run

We're gonna start the timer and I'm gonna leave the timer going

We're not resetting ever. But this is gonna be the first ever ten captures run right now. It just started, you're watching it

This is capture number one

But I have no idea how long this is gonna take

It could take 20 minutes, it could take three hours, could take eight hours

I do not know. But it does require two player

so to do this jump

I have to play with my feet and my hands. I have to move

Mario with my hands and move Cappy with my feet at the same time. It's insane

This is the jump

And you'll know if Cappy is on the island if

Cappy's little icon doesn't move left or right. If Cappy's icon is still when I am standing on the ground there

Then we know we got it

Here we go, Fearsomefire tried for eight hours yesterday, Nicro tried it for a little bit yesterday as well

He couldn't get the two-player movement down

So they're both gonna be retrying today

I believe

But it doesn't matter because we're gonna be the first person. "I could keep a two-player joycon in my mouth"?

I need to use both halves of the controller. So I'd have to keep both joycons in my mouth

I mean, I got a big mouth, but that would be uncomfortable


You also have to buffer a jump input. So he jumps on the first frame that Mario lands

That's the first time I messed it up today, though

It's taking me more time to do this than the nut jump

So I guess in that, in the sense of like how long it's taking

Yes, it's more difficult

But I believe most of the difficulty comes from the fact that I've never played with two controllers at once before. If I was used

To using two controllers at once it would be easier

So the reason why I keep moving Mario after I throw Cappy is because Cappy can only get a certain distance away from Mario

Horizontally, so you have to move Mario close enough to the island so Cappy can get on to it

This trick does not have a name. I'm gonna call it... uh, it's BrooDONT cuz you don't do Broodal

Can I just say heck? Oh crap

Made me say heck. "Will I combine this with nut"? Yes

We have to nut jump at the end of this run too. "Just do the trick" I'm doing my best, man [laughs]

Yeah, Fearsome ended up giving up last night at like 3 am I think. He couldn't even make it up to the island

I feel bad for him, honestly

Alright!! [laughs]

Cappy is up!! Cappy is up!! Let's goooo

Okay. Okay. So here's the setup I believe. Here's the setup. You cr- you go on this, move him over to the corner. Okay

Now we go over this direction

Line this one up. Mario to grab the ledge, you center the camera, move Cappy

Right a little bit

About there-ish

Bring Mario up

[sighs] It was too far right. It was close. That's okay, now we know what's too far

The hard part is getting it on the island, once we get it onto the island

We just need to figure out where to put Cappy. It only took me 20 minutes to get it on the island

There's no way this is gonna take all day. Once this trick is done, the rest of the run is straightforward minimum captures

"Just say it's not a run but practice and I'll get it within four tries"? All right, this isn't a run. It's just practice

It's not the world's first ever ten captures run. It's just practice for the world's first ten captures run

Alright, we're up! It's just practice, it's just practice!! [laughs]

Let me try that.. I think that's perfect. Alright, let's see if this is it. Please just work. Please just work. Moment of truth

I don't think that's it. I think Cappy needs to be further to the left

No. Two successes in 30 minutes is pretty decent. Can somebody explain this truck to you? Uhm, this truck...

I don't think there's any trucks in this kingdom

There's another one

Yup [laughs]

Cappy came down. Okay, I'm starting to get this trick down I think. That's, that's three times in 40 minutes

We're crushing it dude. "If it makes me feel better, I'm always on world-record pace"

Don't tell me that, the nerves will get to me. "It's just practice." Okay, it's just practice. You're right

Good, we're on it. We're on it. Let's go. Okay. We'll try that. We'll try that. Okay


Thaaat- That looks right

IT'S IT!! I DID IT!! [cute excited laugh]


We got it!!!

Yes!!! We're getting the moon!!! [laughs] Alright, we've done it

The first ten captures run is on its way

Now we need to get the rest of the moons. I need to learn how to get the rest of the moons without captures

So yeah, now we need to get into this wall somehow

I don't know how. Yeah, now we need to get all these moons out of bounds

I've never done it before but can't be that hard, right? "It's a roll cancel clip to the back"?

So we're just gonna we're just gonna, smash ourselves against this wall until we get it

Roll cancel clips suck, dude

Especially stuff like this. Yo

Nailed it! Alright. That's another one. Yeah, now we need to clip into the wall with this water

I've never done it before so I don't know what to do exactly

That's how, okay

That's alright. I got the clip, now we just need to get it

This clip is weird. I've never done this one before. I have to like learn a bunch of new clips and moons and stuff

There we go, there's that one, let's go! The 2D section now

I think that's next. "You have to swim out of bounds, behind that.."

Oh God, that one looks hard

Okay, okay, okay, we made it to the invisible platform

Okay, we're here. He, he jumps up to....

Where am I?

We'll try again, we'll try again. And now he jumps from like here to...

I can't, I can't see where I need to go is the problem. Jumps about that direction

He jumps here, okay. Okay. Here we go. We're good. Regular jumps over to that wall. Okay

Slides on there. Here we go. Now we need to land over there

We're here, okay

Look at it. There it is. [laughs] Don't mess it up. Don't mess it up. Don't mess it up

That's not physical?! Noo.. that wasn't a physical piece that I could stand on, oh no! Alright we're back, we're back, don't worry

Missed it again. Just missed the pipe there. So.. it sucks cuz I can't see where I'm going. That's the hardest part

I don't know what I'm doing and I can't see where I'm going. It makes it so difficult

Don't capture that. Yeah, that's what I thought

[sighs] Almost got it. Almost got it, we're getting closer for sure. I'm starting to get a feel for it

I did get it, yes. We're just trying to get the rest of the moons now

Which I've never done before, so.. proving harder than expected

It's still easy, still free, dude. Look at this. Boom out-of-bounds movement, like I know what I'm doing

"Amazing practice run" It was a good practice run, mom. I agree. How does he frickin do that?

There we go. Get in the pipe, get in the pipe

Let's goooo!! He's in there!!

Alright. God, I remember this freakin section, dude. Here it is. Here's the moon. He's in there [laughs]


One moon to go. A single moon. That is it

It's right there, dude


Ohhh boy, it is actually done. Let's...


Try throwing Cappy on the globe, huh?

Alright, and there you go. We're making history. Now, we just can't mess it up. If I accidentally capture anything

We're screwed. Now I just got to do my thing

Is it bad that you wish I capture something? Yes. It's terrible

I'm like, trying to minimize any extra cap throws that I do. I do not want to accidentally capture something

Let me in

Right, that's Sand done

No, no, no, no. I'm staying far away from that. I've captured that telescope in the past. I do not want to do it again

There we go. I might still accidentally capture something, yes

But I'm not going to. I'm not going to. I'm not gonna accidentally capture something

It sucks so bad that nut clip, though

No, damn it, I got the clip but I freaking miss the moon. 30 seconds of timeloss

Scarecrow isn't a capture. You're not transforming into it. Just so you guys know [laughs]

Doing a minimum captures run, first ever

Uhhh [creepily laughs]

So worked up right now

I'm just playing terribly, but it doesn't matter cuz no one's ever done it faster than this, because no one's ever done it [laughs]

So far I have one capture. That's the capture in Cap Kingdom to leave

One, two....

The only potential

Capture that is skippable now is maybe the Pokio capture which is in Bowser's Kingdom

That's the only one that's theoretically possible at this point in time

Alright, so if we die in this fight the run is over because we have to capture the tank again, I'm not going to


Alright, so that's capture number two, that tank

Here we go. "Probably the most intense run ever", Gwen? It's pretty tense

We just need to make sure I don't accidentally capture anything, but I've been doing mostly minimum captures recently

So my muscle memory is mostly minimum captures. "Ant, you gotta reset, you've been capturing our hearts this entire time"

Never. Right, I don't think there's literally anything to capture in this room. So that's

some pressure off

Sick, I got the cool movement. "This is still the first run"? This is the first run ever, yes

And yeah, I still have to nut jump after this which is like even harder [laughs]

Alright, Luncheon is one of the scariest kingdoms, but there isn't a huge risk of capturing stuff. It is hard. It's a hard Kingdom

I'm so bad at this for some reason. I don't know why, it's not even that hard

Like, it's not that hard to do that. Also, I just almost triggered the boss fight anyways. Why I skip

Spirit? Cuz he's slow for one moon. Alright, coolest part of Luncheon comes up if I do it correctly here. We'll see

Yeah, really made sure I got that

Diving in this area means no dying in this area. That's what I've learned

Oh, that's some clean crack right there. Some clean cracks. You guys see that? Oh, that was smooth. And we get the hot dance break too

That's not the dance back. Ready? Best part of the run

[intense dancing]

Alright, dance break over, let's go

Luncheon done!

Now, Ruined Kingdom is probably the most high-stress situation yet, because if we ever die on the Ruined fight

Which I won't, obviously, the run is done

Capture number three

And then the rest are in

Bowser's Kingdom. And we have one in Moon when we capture Bowser himself. Yeah, moon wire doesn't count

Cuz you're already in a capture or something, or it's part of a cutscene, I don't know

Regardless, we're good, man. We're good

What does that sub goal mean? Two players one controller with a mystery guest. You hope that guest will be Fearsome?

We'll figure it out. We've got like three different, like, factions in chat right now. It's either like, Marissa

Fearsome or my Mom. It's basically, they hold the left ha- the left joycon,

I'll hold the right joycon kinda thing, or vice versa, whatever

Like, that's, joycons are perfect for that kind of challenge

Alright, capture number five

"Is Pokio skip possible"? I don't know

No early Nuts in chat, no early Nuts in chat, no premature nutting in my chat, okay?

[laughs] Thanks, Shu

Oh no, bonk. I'm just trying to be really careful that I don't accidentally recapture one of these wires

Alright, here we go. Approaching the nuts

exciting times

That's intended [ofc]

I Fearsomed ya. Fearsome did that on his first run, I gotta do it [laughs]

Alright, here's the nut. Don't put it in chat yet. No premature nuts. Not until it's wet. Not until it's sopping wet

It's wet, let's go!!

[more creepy noises Ant please stop]

The nutting begins. I got this

Level one done. This could take up to like, an hour and a half

Could also be first try

That's a pretty good start though, considering I haven't nut yet today, that was pretty good. "Why does the nut have to be wet"?

No one knows, no one knows why the nut has to be wet, just the way it is

Yeah, nut jumping is arguably harder than Madame Brood skip

"Maybe for someone who isn't the master of nuts"?

Maybe. There's a 50% chance that the mystery guest is actually Chumlee from Pawn Stars

50%. He's a family friend. This is entertainment at its finest? You know it, just the anticipation of me getting it

Ooh, boy, get this nut, come on

Just stop thinking, and do it. Happy thoughts

Does the repeating music bother me? I have to ignore it, it's a different speed that the nut jumps do, so I ignore it

Yeah... You have to do 45 in a row, can't mess up a single one or else you're dead

It's very, very hard. "Hydrate"? Alright, alright, I'll hydrate after I get to the second level

The nut's wet, my throat's wet, perfect combination

Not perfect enough apparently. "Just give up and practice"? Okay. This will just be practice then. Alright reddragon, this is just practice

I think I'm starting to get in the right mindset for nutting

Dang it, come on. Come on

I do not want to sit here all day and do this trick. This nut is embarrassing me in front of all my friends

Stop it

Nut jump with the metronome doesn't work cuz it's not a consistent rhythm. You have to react to his jumps on the nut and then

dive and throw accordingly

No, no, no, no

That nut- I didn't like that nut. I didn't like that nut. It was a cursed nut. I could feel it

You'll give me absolutely nothing if I nut jump, Antonio? Antonio. That's what I needed

Will you give me your love and respect, Antonio? "Love and respect you all with or without your nut" Dang it

That's not what I need. I need some motivation. You'll cry if I don't nut? I will eventually

[is that the nut god]

That's it, there we go

And that's a successful nut juuuump!!!

Let's goooo!! Ooohh, baby

And we're up, let's go!! [laughs] It's over, dude. We're getting it. Now we just gotta get up birdless

That's a little sketchy

There you go, this is ten captures, it's getting done! Lycel, thank you for the 15 bucks, oh my god

"Congratulations on nut messing up. I hope to cashew in the leaderboard"

"I know you walnut give up your nuts for getting two World Records in two days." Thank you, Lycel.

Thank you. No accidental captures

This is it. First person to ever do super mario odyssey with ten captures? It's this guy right here. You're watching them

You're watching the first run. Took me a while to get the tricks, but they are so hard. I am not upset about it

Alright, there we go. And at this point, I don't think there's any way to mess up

There is no way that I can get an extra capture

and the final capture

There he is, Bowser himself. How exciting. I mean, you know we're doing XD. Skip get your XDs ready

We're doing true XD skip. No, not a regular XD skip, we're doing true XD skip

Gotta do 2D skip first though, of course

Just like that

1 2 3

It's the jump- True XD!! What?! [laughs]

Let's go

So many XDs in chat, ah, feels fantastic


One extra capture just for fun, you know

[laughs] Ohhh yes, to remember this moment

[excited noises]

And there it is!!

Super Mario Odyssey done in 10 captures, the first in the world, in 3 hours 15 minutes and 18 seconds

Just like that [laughs]





Oh, it feels good. I said we were gonna do a 10 capture run today and that's what we did

We have something else to finish today as well

We just got the eighth badge in a Pokemon FireRed randomizer where I can't see the game but chat can, you guys help me

I'm gonna, I'm gonna hardcore parkour around for a few minutes and then we're gonna switch over to that