Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Interviewing First Impressions - Job Search Jungle

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A job seeker has tracked down an employer and has captured an interview...

let's keep a safe distance and watch!

[thinking] "What time is it?"


Ahhhh...I am SO sorry I'm late..Uggg!

♫ ♫

[thinking] Boy! This is not going to take long...

That's alright Ms. Sandifer

What happened, did you have some difficulty in traffic?

No, th that girl out there...y y your secretary I guess sh she was

Umph...she gave bad directions. Had she been with you long?

I mean...I tell you, well you know what?

I'm really glad, that you know, like, there weren't any cops

because you know I had to drive a little extra fast because know, the lights on the...on the street

I can't believe how many lights there were

Yea, there are quite a few lights that you have to go through

in order to get to our office

♫ ♫

[thinking] You blame Sally and lights for being late

and take no responsibility

and think little of breaking laws.


does like..ahh...

everybody here


like you are?

Yes, Ms. Sandifer.

It is important that everyone dress professional.

♫ ♫

[thinking] Not like you're going to the beach

or hanging out with your friends...

Um...Um...OH, Um, Um!

I'm assuming you probably, like, want my resume

Ahhh, Umm...

Oh! Here's my resume

OH...Ah...OH! I...I'm sorry

I see that my phone's ringing

...excuse me

♫ ♫

[thinking] Imagine: a wrinkled up resume

and a cell phone

She's "out of here."

Ooooh! Looks like that one got away

Let's see if the next job hunter

fair's any better


Come in

Well, good morning Ms. Sandifer.

I hope you didn't have to wait very long

Oh, no sir, not at all. Your secretary gave wonderful instructions.

Okay, great! Have a seat.

Thank you, sir.

Do you have a resume?

Yes sir I do.

Let's get started.

Tell me a little about yourself.

Well, sir; as you can see my name is Cheryl Sandifer

and I am from the Houston area.

I have been in training and development for 10+ years...

♫ ♫

[thinking] √ Early.

Dressed professionally.

Compliments the staff.

Good attitude.

This COULD be the one...

Good one!

Looks like it's going to be a trophy for THIS job hunter.

Tune in next time as we go deeper into the Job Search Jungle!

♫ ♫

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