Practice English Speaking&Listening with: What to Expect at a VEIP Testing Site

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What will getting a COVID-19 test at a VEIP site look like?

Before arrival, patients must have:

1. A provider order from a licensed healthcare provider;

2. A scheduled appointment;

When you schedule your appointment earlier, be sure to feed in your needed accommodations,

such as an ASL interpreter, CDI, captioning, assistive listening devices, etc.

3. Proof of identification,

such as photo identification/drivers license, United States passport, or Social Security card.

When you arrive, there may be a wait time. Please be patient and be prepared to wait.

If needed, portable toilets and hand-washing stations are available.

Please wash your hands before and after use and immediately get back into your vehicle.

Upon arrival, patients should keep windows up and have identification ready for appointment verification.

Follow road signs to the intake/registration area.

Provide identification through the window at the first checkpoint.

Intake/registration staff will verify provider order, site location, appointment time, and

any special accommodation that has been requested by the patient or/and provider.

Testing sites have tablets ready for VRI interpreting or captioning.

If you've requested for a CDI, they will be there in protective gear (PPE) for safety.

Patients who do not meet the requirements to proceed will be

given an informational packet with instructions for scheduling an appointment and asked to exit the site.

After registering, you will be ready to drive up for the test.

The clinician will ask patients to roll down their window and tilt back their head.

The clinician will insert a long swab (Q-tip) into the back of one of the patients nostrils.

The test is then complete. The patient will receive a handout with further instructions.

The patient will then roll up their window and exit the site.

If you have questions or concerns about VEIP drive-thru testing or accessibility,

you can contact the Maryland Governor's Office of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing,

the Department of Health, or Department of Disabilities.

The Description of What to Expect at a VEIP Testing Site