Practice English Speaking&Listening with: "Dewy Glow" Full Face Kjaer Weis Look | Naturkosmetik Makeup Tutorial

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Hi, I'm Timo.

Today, I'll show you a smokey eye look

using only Kjaer Weis products

and for this look, I'll use the new Im-Possible Mascara.

I'm using the Invisible Touch Liquid Foundation

from Kjaer Weis in the shade F120/Weightless as foundation.

As a concealer, I'll use the Cream Foundation

in the shade Like Porcelain.

Since the Invisible Touch Liquid Foundation

is not the fullest coverage,

I'll add some of the Cream Foundation

on top of the areas that need a little more.

To make the foundation appear more matte,

I'll use the KW Translucent Pressed Powder.

To give the face some warmth and a bit of contour,

I'll use the Pressed Powder Bronzer in the color Bask.

As a base for the smokey eye,

I'll use their pressed Eye Shadow in the color Magnetic.

Now, I'd blend everything so that it's a little softer

so that we don't see any hard edges.

Now, I'm going under the eye one more time

using the same shade to connect the lower part

with the upper part.

I'll use the Eye Shadow in the color Earthy Calm

on the eyelid.

I'll also apply the Earthy Calm under the eye

in order to connect everything.

For a soft eyeliner,

I'll use the Eye Pencil in Black

on the upper lashes of the lash line.

And then I'll use the Eye Brush -

Angle from Kjaer Weis to blend it together.

To complete the eye makeup,

I'll use their new Im-Possible Mascara.

For this look, I'll also apply the mascara onto the lower lashes.

For the cheeks, I'll use the Cream Blush in the color Sun Touched.

Now, I'm applying some highlighter

to the highest points of the face.

For this, I'll use the Cream Glow in the color Ravishing.

And to complete the look,

I'll use a lipstick from their Nude Naturally Collection

in the color Serene.

This is my finished look with Kjaer Weis products,

on the beautiful Mathilde.

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