Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Shut It Down! - 30 Rock

Difficulty: 0

-You're father may be gone but before he died,

he programmed me to take his place.

-No. Shut it down.


This is terrible.

-Oops. My bad, that's on me. Shut it down.

-Okay, my bad. Shut it down.

-Shut it down! That's it! -Oh, come on.

-You made me look like an idiot. You have to pay.

-Liz, he's not getting a raise

-Do the worm.

Do the worm!


-Good lord, the worm. That's so degrading.

Are it's origins German?

-Do you want me to do anything

-Be a crab. -A crab.

-Fight the worm! -[ Laughs ]

Liz, you took this like a natural,

more than I ever...

Okay, now the crab is getting aroused.

Shut it down. Shut it down.

[ Fireworks exploding, patriotic music playing ]

-Sir, the mayor.

-Shut it down!

Shut it down!

-Look at us.

We look awesome together. -Yeah.

Now I know why Demi Moore does this.

-I get that reference.

Alright, mom. I'm taking off.

-Mom? -Yeah, I'm 20.

I can't afford this place.

-Alright, honey. Have a good time.

Oh, hi. I'm Beth.

-Yup. That's what we look like

Shut it down.

[ Door opens, closes ]

You are breaking Union rules our insurance doesn't cove

any of this and you are potentially infringing

on Warner Brothers intellectual property.

Shut this down.


Waiting for someone?

-What do you think you're doing? -Oh, I'm so sorry.

I thought he was someone else.


Shut it down.

-[ Sighs ]

-My boyfriend has been acting really weird

ever since he got promoted at this job.

-Yeah, he thinks that he deserves a vajayjay upgrade.

He doesn't. He's not Tom Brady

Shut it down. Deal breaker

-Yes, yes!

-What is wrong with you guys

What would it be like if Cerie and Sue and I were not here?

-I'd take my pants off and eat chicken wings.

-Shut it down. -Lemon, was it going to take

to get you out of there? What do you want?

-I don't want to do this show anymore.

Shut it down.

-Everything good with Tracy?

-I think so, and Jenna too and Frank and even Subhas.

And you?

-I live to fight another day but at what cost?

-Oh, boy, I know the feeling What a week, huh?

-Lemon, it's Wednesday, but it's not all bad news.

-My retainer.

How will I ever thank you?

-And cut.

This is disgusting. Shut it down.

-Welcome to Los Angeles International Airport

Follow yellow signs to baggage claim

and ground transportation.


-Excuse me, ma'am. Do you need a wheelchair to baggage claim?

-Shut it down.

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