Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Chi Pu - ĐÓA HOA HỒNG REACTION (QUEEN)

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!! Hola!! Hello!! Xin Cho!!

Today we're going to reacto to Chi pu's newest song release

And this is a dance version

And it's called "Queen"

One~ two~ three!!

Again with the

Eli: Wow I love it Beba: When the

Beba: Birds make a soung they move their hands too Eli: I love the piano

I get it x2

The birds

Girl you're killing the game

I think she posted this on Instagram

OMG, this is amazing

Get it girl

I love it, I can't. I love it x2

Art, just art!

I love it

You see the dance~~

That is so cool

This is just... omg!

I love it, I can't say much this is art

So cool

I love it

I love this choreography

Is that a man but with a wig

Beba: I know right? Eli: Yeah Beba: Definitely

(I was so amazed by this)

I love it

So amazing!

What's going on? x2

Why does she have an eye on her forehead

She's looking beautiful

That's something

But I don't know what it is

But that's like


I should dare and say that this is one of the best things I've seen this year

Eli: I'm serious Beba: it was Eli: It was

Eli: I don't know I loved it Beba: I loved the choreo because it was

Beba: Simple (In a way that is not too abrupt) Eli: exactly, is not something you normally see

It's so different and refreshing and I loved it

I swear this is one of my favorite things of this year

I think I'm going to watch this video every day of my life

For real

For real Im serious

I loved it, its like Im so how should I say it

I don't want to say catchy but like unique and artistic for me

Well for me at least it was I don't know maybe

Beba: no, it was artistic Eli: You think so too Beba: Yeah

Eli: I loved it Baba: it definitely was

This really caught my attention I love things like this

Love it

Me too, I had seen some spoilers on Instagram

I didn't watch anything prior to this it's completely new for me

But it was

Not different to the teaser she released on Instagram

But I never imagined the song being like this

Beba: And I loved it Eli: Me too, I loved the outfits

The lighting

Eli: The song and of course the dancing Beba: I loved that it was a dance version


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