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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: How can we end FGM?

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>> Hi, I'm Julia, and I'm going to be on a panel debate about female

genital mutilation. It's a really complex issue.

It's a human rights cause. And the YouTube community voted for me to

go to Davos to have this debate.

The debate will be facilitated by Nick Kristof, who's an award-winning

journalist for the New York Times as well as other experts and leaders

on the panel. And what we want is for the community to pose

questions. So please go to and either

video or text in your questions.

Also, favorite the ones that you like the best.

We'll be picking the favorite questions and be putting them to the

panel, so please submit a question now. The deadline is Saturday, the 30th of January.

And we really look forward to answering them live at Davos.


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