Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Iron Reign - Retribution

Difficulty: 0

Rated T for teen

I was a scientist once;

a genius in advanced robotics

and a leader in mein field.

And then, they came to me

with promises of grants for my research.

But they used me for my knowledge.

They gladly took my research once I had finished it...

... and then they burnt everything down around me.

I was a man once...

but now

I am more of a monster,

like the phoenix, rebuilt from my own ashes.

I have built allies incapable of betrayal...

I have built servants incapable of disobedience...

... und I have built soldiers incapable of mercy.

Und now

I can exact my payment in kind

to all of those who have wronged me in the past.

And in the same stroke

I can clean away an ungrateful

lecherous, undeserving, apathetic populace.

Und no one will stand in my way.

Not the police...

... certainly not the heroes...

... not even Lord Recluse himself.

Und my Iron Reign

will continue until I have

my retribution.

and when that day finally comes, I can begin

my next project.

Revenge is best served...

... with laser-wielding robots.

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