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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: How to Play the Harmonica : Playing the Train on Harmonica

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This is Jim Luke again. This lesson is about something we call the shuffle; well get

to the shuffle but first we are going to talk about the train. The train or the Choogle

is a little bit like this.

Now, that little train thing is really a breathing exercise, first of all. And what it also does

it teaches you timing. Now if you are going to learn to play that you can start out real

slow with it, and lets just break down the elements and then play them slowly. The

first thing that happens is you have your pucker is one, two, three and four draw and

blow. You are hitting your tongue with the roof of the mouth to get the separation. Remember

to keep your lips real loose on the harmonica to get the best tone. Now once youve done

that; got the harp to your face and youre going back and forth here you learn to ultimately

speed it up as you go along. So

now you are moving along quick so what do we do next? Now we have to blow the whistle.


you pucker up a little bit; shove the harmonica up and draw go wah oo wah. Thats the whistle

and thats a little bit about how to play the train. So try it out for yourself and

start Choogling.

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