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Hey guys, Welcome to meme NEPAL presents Prakriti Ko Prakop.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic we already have many problems to deal with.

Life hasnt been normal due to lockdown for over more than 2 months.

still our self proclaimed best friend country India has diverted us towards a new problem.

which is lipulekh Kalapani Border dispute

India and Border issue is not a new thing.

It has been having border disputes with almost every neighbouring country.

In our context, India is claiming we started the issue by releasing our new Political Map which is not true at all.

Because you can find enough proof, articles, documents online...

which states Lipulekh Kalapani territory belongs to Nepal.

But due to the interference of Indian Government it is known to be a disputed territory.

In a disputed territory between two countries without a proper decision making or any high level diplomatic consultation...

The Government of India started to build a road.

So, the new map of Nepal was published in response to that act.

The Government of India also published a map, a few months ago including the disputed territory as theirs.

There are already many videos online including the proof Nepal has to claim the territory as ours.

We have kept the link of few videos in description, you can watch from there.

Today, Ill be focusing on Indian media.

Nepal has been saying we have proof to claim the land as ours

But instead of trying to solve the issue with those proofs and a proper table talk

Indian media are spreading all sorts of nonsense like

This is Chinas conspiracy, Nepal is Chinas puppet. China is using Nepal.

Blabbering the same shit on national television,

Your reality based on what?

Your imagination?

I dont know what your Journalism has taught you

but ethically, you cannot use assumptions as facts.

Let's assume, The Government of Nepal and China have done some sort of agreement

to help each other out regarding this border issue.

Im not saying there is such agreement

but even if there is why are you guys so warmed up about that?

Why do you keep dragging China & Pakistan in every news ?

It was Indian Government who did 2015 undeclared Blockade to show disagreement to our new Constitution.

So now whats the point of saying, ohhh...were friends weve always been friends, we shouldnt fight like this.

To put it in your language we have thisRoti Beti wala Sambandh

So if we haveRoti Beti wala Sambandhyou expect us to give our land as dowry?

Should we give Lipulekh? Kalapani?

It is said to be a debate but the host is asking questions and answering them all by himself.

Why even bother calling a guest? Do a rant show instead.

The argument is on border dispute but their defence is

Why did your Prime Minister say Corona Virus is spreading from India?

Wtf bro?

How is your statement relevant to the topic of discussion?

School kids must have more reasonable arguments to prove their point in a debate.

They have been going on and on without any information, facts or research.

Are you guys Journalist or Terrorist?

Youve been passing threatening statements instead of questions to the guests.

A Journalist from India,

who rapes journalism daily in National Television

is teaching what The Government of Nepal should or should not do.

First why dont you teach yourself to run a show.

Nepali actress Manisha Koirala who has also worked in Bollywood passed a statement through her twitter

and in response to that almost every Indian news channel has been bashing her.

She betrayed India, Why is she supporting Nepal?

Bharat ka khaate hai, China ka geet gaate hai

Bro, Youre a country with 1.3 billion population,

The world is in a crisis, nobody knows how to recover economy after all this ends,

Due to lockdown Unemployment, Domestic Violence, Iincest Rape cases are increasing

and you have nothing else to show in your news except for Manisha Koiralas tweet?

And why cant she support Nepal?

She came to your country with her capability to work, not to ask for Aadhar card.

This is their hipocrisy level.

If youre running a news channel with this much effort why are you showing your stupidity to the world?

As a media person, dont you have any responsibility ethics or principles?

or are you getting paid by trading them?

Even your own citizens are fed up with your journalism.

This issue is supposed to be solved by a proper table talk

or if that doesnt work out well we can always go to the International Court of Justice.

Counting each others defence power, manipulating the public spreading hatred isnt going to solve anything.

Meme pages of our country are more logical and responsible than your journalism.

When Indian media is bashing Nepal with baseless assumptions...

The people who are responding to that are Youtubers, Content Creators. Influencers, Meme Pages.

Why is the Nepali mainstream media silent?

Our government has taken a very bold step so the least we can do is support the government.

By support I dont mean to abuse each other.

Just because the Indian Media is showing stupidity we dont need to do the same in response.

Starting cyber war, fighting each other, Bullying each other

abusing each other just because of our different nationalities is not the solution.

Lets talk in a proper way.

We have to support our government in this border dispute issue

but lets not forget the problems we have to prioritize more in pretend context.

Many Nepalese out there are hoping for the government to rescue and bring them back to Nepal,

Many are hoping for the government to provide them with food in this time of crisis.

So lets keep talking about these more important issues and pressurize the government to act faster.

So, this was enough Prakop for today,

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