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Now, as a business owner, one of the things that I've had to struggle with my

entire life has been anxiety attacks or panic attacks that have affected me.

They're different. But I've had to deal with both. And in this video, I'm you know,

I generally teach people about how to start an online business. But in this

video, I wanted to take a little time to show you how to overcome fear in 30

seconds. And some techniques that I've learned and that I put into practice to

help me overcome fear and anxiety which are unfortunately for me

kind of common occurrences in running my business because I don't

have any employees so I'm completely responsible for my future. So, if you want

to bear with me, I'm going to go over the techniques of why this happens in this

video and how you can get rid of this. *Snaps* Like that. Let's check it out. Now, I'm not

talking about fear like zombies. What I'm talking about... When I mentioned fear, I'm

talking about fear coming from your brain. And you know, reasons that you

might get fear anxiety in you know just everyday life could be anything from you

know, if you're approaching a pretty girl and you're going to talk to them. Or you're

approaching your wife and you're you're worried that you know they're going to

criticize you or you are doing something new in business or

forming a new business relationship and you're worried, you're wondering if that

person is you know, is going to... Is going to take money from you or not deliver

services or you know whatever that fear may be. You know, even you know be near an

animal. You know, what coyote is running down the street. You know, these are all

things that we can get fearful of. And you know for me personally, it happens a

lot in business because I'm constantly doing new things. I'm responsible for my

entire business which you know is now quite substantial. And you know, to keep

it running, I'm constantly having to do new things. Now, what you've got to

understand about fear is it manifests itself in 3 ways is the first part

is it manifests itself in your physiology. When you get you know, if you

think about it. When you are... Whether it's you know, approaching beautiful girl or

man or whatever it is. You know, that you want to talk to and you know,

oftentimes when we get fearful or when we get anxiety our shoulders slump

forward and our eye contact generally goes down. You don't see a fearful person

walking around like this with a big smile on their face. You see them slumped

down and generally hunched a little bit over. What also happens when you're

hunched down is your breathing you get less, you get less oxygen in your....

Whatever it is. Your chest, your lungs. That's the word. Lungs. And you

don't get as much oxygen there so you have smaller breaths and no eye contact.

Now, the next way that fear manifests itself or anxiety manifests itself in

our brain is is in our focus. Where are our thoughts. And where our thoughts

often go is in you know, it can be judgements, it can be projecting other

people's thoughts. "I wonder what she's thinking of me. I wonder if she thinks

I'm fat. Or does she think I'm a douchebag?

I bet she's looking at me and just thinking what a pathetic guy I am. Do I

have gray hairs in my in my beard? Uh, I don't know. Is my... Do I look like a bum?

Did I... Did I... Is my hair over my face or you know is is is what I'm wearing look

look tacky?" You know, all of these things, these judgments our focus goes into

oftentimes projecting judgments. It goes into these unknown scenarios that we

can't control. You know, "Is this person trying to... Is you know this person I'm

trying to do business with...? Do they actually care about me or they just... Are

they just saying things to you know, try to get you know get my money? Can i

really trust this person?" You know, "Does this person have my best interests in

heart? Are they you know... Are they who they say they are? You know, what are

they thinking?" You know... And when you start focusing on what another person is

thinking, hypothetical scenarios, you're in anxiety baby. You're in that

fear place. And fear and anxiety are the same... They're two sides of the same coin.

Anxiety is the achievers word for fear, okay?

Anxiety and stress are the same thing. Stress is the achievers word for anxiety.

And both of all of them are related to fear. And fear of failure. Fear of

judgment. Now, the third way that fear manifests itself in ourselves is you

know, it's in our body, right? It's in our thoughts. We're

projecting what other people are thinking or projecting their judgments

on us. And it's also in our internal language. The language you speak to

yourself in your mind or the language that comes out when you're talking to

others. "Oh, I can't. I'm too busy right now. Oh, I don't think I could do that.Oor

I'm not that type of person." Or that, "I'm not good enough." You know? And

unfortunately, I see comments all the time on my YouTube channel. You know, I

get a lot of mean ones. But I get a lot of comments of people that are I think

they're depressed or whatever. Anxiety or fear. You know, they're saying,

"Oh, I'm... You know... I'm not good enough. Or watching this makes me feel like shit." Or

whatever it is. Because they have this negative self-talk. And the language you

use for yourself, if you say oh I'm not good enough, I can't do this. So, that's

not for me. I couldn't sell anything. I don't know how to learn new skills. I'm

not smart enough to do that or do an internet business. Then what happens is

we are dragging ourselves down. And if you talk to yourself like that, you will

make it true. Your words have power. Your words have power. And if you use that

power to bring yourself down, then nobody else is going to lift you, be able to lift

you up. But fortunately, there is a way to change things. And let me explain to you

how you can change those three things really easily. So, this...

Again, this may feel uncomfortable some of you. But you just got to do it. And the

first thing is if you are not crazy, you're gonna change something. And the

easiest way to change all 3 because it's a triad. Our focus, our language, our

physiology, they are all connected. And by the end of this video by the way, I'm

going to give you a special hack that I use which is just this on supercharge

that I've used to not only give myself more... You know, change this whole

triad but give myself more confidence in business and relationships as well. Now,

the way to change this whole triad, our language our focus and our physiology.

You only actually need to change one. There is one domino that knocks over the

other 2. And the easiest one to fix is actually... It's our physiology, okay? Now, if

you go about life and you are slumped. If you're looking down and you're not

making eye contact, how many of you have been in an awkward situation where you

use this as a way to distract yourself from the person you're talking about? You

know, this gesture where you're talking to somebody then you're just kind of

like... And you don't know why you're looking at your phone but you just

brought it out because you wanted to break eye contact with the person or

you're feeling awkward? How many people have done that before? And please type in

"I'm guilty" in the comments right there if you have done the maneuver where you

bring out the cell phone. The cell phone excuse for no particular reason. Because

I mean, I'm guilty. I'm guilty. I've done that before. But let me know in the

comments if you've done that before. "I'm guilty." Now, the way to change things up...

It is a little awkward at first. But it you just roll your shoulders back, okay?

Take a few deep breaths. Everything comes out of our breathing.

And I learned this when you know, I I go I go to therapy every week. And I'm proud

to go to therapy. Actually my wife is a marriage and family therapist. And I

believe everybody needs a therapist, actually. But breathing is one of the

biggest ways you can change your physiology. And when you roll your

shoulders back, you allow yourself to take in more breath. And keep that eye

contact. If you're doing business, it'll reflect well on you. If you're trying to

get in a relationship or you're in one, maintain that eye contact. Soft.

Not stare, right? Soft eye contact will help you come across as more

confident. And if you're going to work out, you're trying to get in shape. You're

trying to eat healthier and you don't want to pig out or carve out or on fats

or whatever your junk... You know... Fats are not bad but you don't want to

pig out. Breathing will help you energize you and reset everything that's going on.

Start it all with breathing. And you'll have more confidence. Your body will

reset. And what happens it's kind of weird, crazy is your negative focus on

projecting other people's thoughts and your negative language and talk negative

self-talk saying you aren't good enough, you can't do this this is too hard,

you're not smart enough, you're not rich, enough you're not whatever enough will

actually melt away. It's pretty crazy. I mean, it is. If you think that's pretty

crazy, type in, "That's pretty crazy." If you

follow it along with me so far in the comments below. Now, that's been my

trick. I use this technique. It's is really banal and it's simple. iIt seems

so simple, right? It seems so simple but it's something in the moment, when you're

feeling that fear or anxiety to really kind of trigger and just snap out of

that state you're in, it's hard because when that whatever it is that coyote

comes running down the street or when you make eye contact with that beautiful

girl and you want to look away down on your phone so you don't have to endure

the fear of rejection. Just keep that eye contact and breathe. And it's hard in the

moment but you do it and it becomes a routine , it becomes a rhythm and you will

get through so many hard situations. And it will change the outcome of many

things in your life. Now, a little personal admittance is I used to have

anger problems. And I went through anger management a couple years ago. Because I

you know, I was very hard on myself and I projected that to other people.

Those same expectations that I was failing myself on ,I projected it to

other people. I actually learned this technique there I've learned at many

places. I've learned it from Tony Robbins. Talks about this as well as well as

anger management. So, I use this same technique when I'm starting to feel

triggered for in a certain situation. Now, if you got some value from this ,please

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a business you know how Stan I tactics to do that and also just ways that you

can really you know... I just question the norm and the societies you know social

morals they've put on us. Now, the special hack that I was talking about beforehand

is getting you know... Reducing fear and anxiety overall and just increasing

confidence. really a lot of it you saw the power of

Physicality. You saw the power of just breathing. And being in your body rolling

back your shoulder standing. Straight up your body is an amazing thing and

treating it like such he's going to give you so much help in all areas of your

life. Now, I'm not a Nazi about you know doing all these crazy diets and whatnot.

But getting in your body doing sports being physical exercising each day

push-ups. doing something to get your energy flowing throughout your body is a

way to achieve more confidence it's a way to achieve more energy and I believe

it's had outstanding results for me not just in you know my business you know

helping me have that confidence the personal confidence that it takes to run

a solo business but also the confidence it takes to you know meet women. You know,

my wife is a beautiful woman and you know being able to marry her you know

marry a woman like her is something I'm so lucky for and I believe you know a

little bit of confidence went a long way in that situation. So, thanks for watching.

I'll see you in the next video make sure you subscribe, like and comment below.

Let's make this happen.

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