Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Passing Through Lightly : Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument

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Have you passed through a place where each step is eons in the making?

where you blend in with a kind of grace and wonder

a place where silence can be heard and felt

where nature is the top attraction

a place where getting into a tight jam is a good thing!

The last thing you want to see are signs of civilization

In some locations you cannot walk 10 feet without running into toilet paper

or trash

and some acts damage priceless and fragile resources forever

These canyons we love are suffering a real threat of lasting damage from careless visitors

Backcountry rangers can only be in one place at a time and clean up after so many people

they depend on us to make good decisions

so they educate visitors to keep these special places unsoiled

Most people do not want to harm this environment; it's simply a lack of information or skills

but this story can change if we come together and do some simple things

We can help safeguard these canyons for future generations

First, plan ahead and be prepared for traveling in the backcountry

get all the information you can about the special places you're visiting and pack accordingly

Travel and camp on durable surfaces so you do not damage plants or biological soil crusts

a living soil that holds the desert in place

dispose of waste properly at least 300 feet away from any water sources

dig and bury your waste under six inches of dirt. Steadfast visitors are packing out their used toilet paper in Ziploc bags

For the Escalante River Gorge, Death Hollow and canyons where you cannot get

more than 300 feet from water, human waste removal bags are recommended

Within Glen Canyon Recreation Area, human waste removal bags are required within

1/4 mile of the Escalante River and in Coyote Gulch

While exploring these canyons, leave what you find. Take pictures instead.

We can also minimize our campfire impacts by not having them; enjoy the finest night skies in the West.

Remember, campfires are not allowed in the canyons

Please respect local wildlife and their water sources in this difficult environment

Lastly, be considerate of other visitors; voices and sounds carry in these canyons

and could impact neighboring visitors

Join countless people and practice these simple things

Together we can help these canyons to mend

so others can pass through and explore these beautiful places for themselves

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