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Hello my friends we are finishing

2019 and then we thought we'll be good to do a review of this great year for Bonnevaux in our community

It was a time for new life at Abbaye, the home for the core community

In March the Meditatio House oblate community moved from London to Bonnevaux

including father Laurence

Just before Easter the core community was already living at the Abbaye and we had the first retreat there

the Holy Week Retreat

Participants could experience all the Easter

liturgic rituals with different touch

for example:

We had the Stations of the Cross around the lake and a Vigil procession from the Easter tree to the chapel

In the middle of June Bonnevaux received a big group of visitors for a joyful blessing Day celebration

this was celebrated by the Archbishop of boccia Pascal Wintzer and

Christophe Bettwy about of Ligugé

together with father Laurence

but as father Laurence said, everyone present was

participant at the blessing: I was

thinking yesterday of what a blessing means and

A blessing is not only something that comes externally. I think it comes from within and I

Think we are all here to bless

This place of Prayer this place of hospitality

This place of healing and your presence here is an integral part of this

Acción de gracias, this blessing

During the summer

Bonnevaux received a group of young people from 15 different countries

For a retreat on the theme "Living differently". It was a time of silence

meditation community life work sharing and friendship

I can only change the world and a better play if if I'm changed first its first my job. I have to change and then

little by little the world can change but what I'm learning here about all this meditation is it's the

patience that I need for that and

Somehow just trusting that the change is coming from inside

But I don't have to force it. It just has to come and it will and it will come somehow in some way

But it's not my work. It's not my job to to change but just

It's like the wind, the wind is coming. I feel different now

it's like the wind is coming and it's is

changing small things in me and it's only after a while that I can feel like

Maybe I've become a little little more and peace a little more a little less

foster angry and so on so that

That's coming from the inside more

After the retreat a smaller group of eleven did

Five days walk at the French part of the Camino to Compostela

The second half of

2019 was a period of for Bonnevaux to get in even more into the rhythm of work and prayer a

time of change and maturation for the core community a time with different retreats and events like

watercolor and

contemplation, learning to meditate retreat, essential teaching weekend in French, Advent retreat,

yoga retreat and Bonnevaux proofed its hospitality with many

volunteers that spent some time there

Having this experience of meditation community life and also different visitors and pilgrims

Like the group from Hong Kong that spent some days in Bonnevaux fo for a retreat in October

We are going to listen now to some of the participants of the Advent Retreat,

In the end of November, speaking on the experience:

it's been a

gift and absolute gift

From the beginning I noticed that I was very much into this

Atmosphere of people that work here and people that

pray in the group

With me and me with them and I found

the walking's in the countryside and the forest around the woods


It really touched me and also the group of people that

we came to this place at the same time from all over the world that really

Like. I like diversity and I found here lots of diversity people.

It has allowed me this week practice to deepen my in my faiith

and also my understanding

of prayer

in solitude and the community

context in my opinion Bonnevaux meet


requirements to be on a retreat

but I think it have also so much potential to

turn to the reference to Christian

Community, especially in meditation. I

think it's important to include in this review two

relationships very important for Bonnevaux. The first one is the permaculture project led by Thomas littler

Let's listen to him:

I first heard about Bonnevaux when I was in New Zealand

And I was looking for a place to develop my project as a market garden

Fully organic, I took my inspiration from permaculture movement

So my project when I first arrived in Bonnevaux was to develop these farm that would nourish

people around in a very healthy way, but also for me, it's a life project. I was looking for that. And then

WCCM invited me to develop this project in within the Abbaye

but in an independent way, which is very generous. So I this is my own business. I will make my income out of it

but we have a very good collaboration with the Abbaye. And

it's it's absolutely amazing because

now, i'll have crops. I have vegetables growing and I can start selling my vegetables to the market and it starts

Incredible because indeed I work a lot but it's really the plants, they do the job. I just put them in the soil

I take care of them and then they just develop once that's the beauty of life

Really, isnt? to see that it's working and it's working in a way. I'm not using tractors

I'm not using I don't turn the soil over in a in a very

destructive way, destructive way, so

when we are gentle with life, I think it just works

We don't need to be in control of everything as we see too often

in different areas

Another important partnership is a website called Workaway

And this is a platform where people can apply for a volunteer work in exchange for lodging and food

This has been a channel to bring a lot of young people to bond for to have an unique

experience of community life in meditation people like Jonathan from USA though

I learned how to meditate when I was 17, but I

I never was disciplined enough as a typical 17 year old eighteen year old would be I

Just did it when I found a nice serene place in a park while walking around and it seemed like a good moment to meditate

but to have a discipline of meditation once in the morning once

Around midday, and then once in the evening


Allowed me to establish a faithfulness to the practice

and a self knowledge of myself throughout the inevitable ups and downs of human life and

to stick with the mantra, stick with the practice of meditation and

realizing the

temporary nature of

thoughts and feelings and

And really everything in life

to have that greater awareness through that daily rhythm was so

Fundamentally beneficial to me. As we can see,

2019 was a year that we can be very grateful for and this brings us even more. Hope for the future

Speaking on the renovation project a wonderful surprise this year

was that the design for Bonnevaux by DP Architects won gold at the London Design Awards, in November

We congratulate DP Architects and everyone involved in the project

The Conference Centre is open in January in the Retreat Centre will probably be ready in the second half of


Then Bonnevaux will be able to receive retreats, events, visitors with a better capacity and

Infrastructure, we can just say a big "thank you" to everyone that helped Bonnevaux and we trust that more and more people can continue

To help us to go ahead with the project

In 2020 Bonnevaux will offer many more opportunities for people to have an experience of meditation

community and peace, you will be able to find the first retreats on the website

In the winter. We have the Lent Retreat, a dialogue retreat with Alan Wallace and Fr Laurence and

the traditional Holy Week retreat

We should mention also an important upcoming event. That is the Meditatio Seminar on meditation and ecology in May you

Watch now a short clip with one of the speakers at the seminar

Michel Maxime Egger

He speaks in French, so please click at the CC icon for subtitles

For me the eco-spirituality of a

contribution to the ecological transition

consists in not only treating the

the symptoms of the ecological and

climatic crisis

but its roots, through a

conversion of the gaze

and a metanoia, a transformation

of the whole being, body, soul and spirit

to re-enchant nature and give back

to the human being his right place in it.

it is therefore a question of healing broken

sick, unbalanced relationships.

the human being is that sacred mystery

that can be called god or the divine.

we can see the eco-spirituality

as a way of reconciling units

of communion to anchor more deeply

in our being our daily ecological gestures

and to give back to our

citizen commitments all their

depth and fullness of meaning.

So I recommend you always to visit our website and there you can find information

about the project

how to help, check the programme and updates and also register to receive updates by email so

Again, thank you for this wonderful

2019 and we wish you a blessed Christmas a new year, bye-bye

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