Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Fake Chinese SD Card Scam!

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The whole thing's a big scam!

I *bleeping*(f**king) knew it all this time. We've been paying hundreds of dollars for "big"

microSD cards, but the greedy

corporations have been hiding the good stuff from us. They just pretend there's a difference between small ones and big ones

So we'll pay more for this kind of cheap plastic

Then they unlock the functionality. Well, you know what? Thank you eBay..

Thank you for helping me

See the light with this one

terabyte micro SD card for $32 and 99¢.

By the way guys just

so that you don't have any doubt to prove that these are real. I've actually been buying these things for all of our cameras.

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[Intro Music]

In all seriousness though guys, I did actually buy a couple of these cards but only for the purpose of shedding some light on these...

fake capacity scans and showing you how they work. So um...

Let's rip this open and take a closer, look at what arrived in the mail?

So our card in particular here looks like a verbatim card on the outside down to even the little...

little "V" logo in the corner

Let's get this this baby opened up or at least it would mostly look like it if it weren't for this like...

weird "Serif" font here that you often find on cheap Chinese devices.

What's actually sorry side note here, like if you think about it, it's so ridiculous!

Like obviously they weren't gonna pay for an expensive font!

But it's not like they paid verbatim to rip off their logo either. Why can't they pirate a decent-looking font?

And then the weirdest thing is like if you look really close the letters are fine

It's just the numbers, like they didn't have numbers in their font pack and

while we're at it, why is the Year on here. Chinese pirates?

It's like you're not even trying!

So moving back to our packaging here for a second and there's some claims here high-speed high-performance, waterproof, shockproof.

Those are pretty dubious claims and oh, this is interesting!

Wow, that's funny. So it claims 2,000 songs in the mp3 format. That's actually a...

Probably our first hint and then our second hint is gonna be this EAN code down here. So it's eight four three eight six

oh, five, six three six zero one zero and if you put that into Google first hit here is


The plot thickens!

A 32 GB micro SDHC

That happens to look well similar. It's got the same outer packaging here...

as the one that we got but then and our card has the rip-off verbatim markings and then

actually, this looks the same -


Now there's also apparently a...

Listing for like a SanDisk USB Drive or something like that

But either way it's not looking good for this card, but you know what though?

I'm gonna keep an open mind. So let's go ahead and give it a shot. All right, so...

showed up and boom!

Look at that!

Check this capacity out - 976 GB

And Anthony has actually already pre-loaded a couple files on here just to show that it does in fact work

I might need my tinfoil hat back after all. It's a conspiracy the corporation's

Look at this works it's just fine

So far so let's go ahead and grab maybe a bigger file. Pop this on here!

Oh Woof.

Oh, that is, that is not an impressive speed what how fast is this thing supposed to be I

- I believe it says class 10 - Class 10

That 10 plus or is that class 10 and a free adapter - That's class ten and a free adapter out there. and a free adaptor. All right *some strange noise from linus*

Tight speed that's higher than high

You know high height-height-height

um actually no - class 10 is 10 megabytes per second sustained

is the minimum

10 megabytes per second?

Yes Okay Alright Alright

Okay sure, in fairness to them this is indeed ish ten tenish, I mean not really but I'm gonna close up

I've See in class 10 cards that are held up a lot faster *laughs*

Yes, the minimum right speed.

So like class 10 in..

2006 I mean it must be legit, right? Like these guys have got 93 percent positive feedback

Like they've actually got positive reviews here

And more and they've got they've got reviews going back like a year

Very good seller delivers what promises?

Best new one terabyte micro SD. I'm happy with the end of my I was ordered. I can recommend this seller

This seems that shopping cost too high

Positive feedback...


Okay, buy all your codes here who that sounds legit awesome price sell are very helpful would recommend and buy all your codes here

counselor door instead of have to pay more for taxes

That's the negative


Anthony thinks it's over writing

existing data

And what did I say? I thought it was

Oh, yeah

I thought it might just be like some weird like caching thing because we were copying off in the network drive that clearly

Isn't it so okay. Yeah, you're probably right then. So oh

crap and

Naturally, the file that I copied is one that we're not going to be able to play back. It's an MOV

I mean I didn't think

Okay, so that works, oh wow when you copy from the oh it's even worse


Because we can't check these VMs


Really I feel like I'm just watching paint dry right now I can watching files

Transfer but like it's fascinating

and I just

I can't look away from it because I

I don't know what

wizardry, this is

Is this like a lotto thing

Some of them are fake every once in a while they ship for real ones. So they get a positive review.

I Don't they don't exist what is going on here?

Okay, so as we can see if you open up all the files we copy them originally there yeah cuz it's 47 points for gigs

Yeah, and if we open up one of those files, yeah, go there so it didn't overwrite it. So that was that's my

my theory out the window and obviously we still have

uhhhhhhhh you know there

920 gigs so all looks good, right? Yeah. Yeah, but these copies that we made everything you can't transfer over after 32 gigs

*sound effect by a human* Whoa, it's fake

Its fake

Okay, so then

What what why?

All right, so let's explain what's going on here the highest capacity

Legit micro SD card at the time of writing actually, huh? That's convenient. I have one right here is


512 Giga what are they called integral? That's right. And one of these is gonna run you a few hundred dollars, so

Obviously those $30 SD cards that we bought off eBay are scams

But here's the thing if the cards arrived and they were just completely

non-functioning plastic dummies or if they showed up in people's computers as

32 gigs

Well, they would immediately leave negative feedback and file for a return through eBay's buyer leading the scammers with

No money for their effort. In fact, they would lose money because

They would have had to send something like even a plastic, you know

empty junk cost something

So that is why they designed them to misreport. He pulled the capacity thing again, and it's like very convincing

But how are they doing this?

So this scam is as old as SD cards themselves be they full-sized ones or micro ones

Inside every SD card as you might expect is flash memory along with a micro controller

So there at least two chips?

Even on one of these tiny little guys and that micro controller is really really small it manages

Communication with a host device like a PC or camera and it has information like the total size

the physical layout the vendor ID the Product ID the serial number the date of manufacture

And all of this gets reported to the host device and the micro controller acts as a go-between to fetch


Store data from the flash memory on the SD card. It's not unlike an SSD controller in its overall

Functionality, but it's much simpler in design and much lower in both power consumption and performance

so then if you know how to program or that is

Reprogram the micro controller you're able to modify what it reports to the host

including the capacity and the

Vendor ID making some well made fakes. These aren't particularly well made very difficult to identify or

Discover the problem with before your return window is up

So our ei encode investigation likely revealed the true nature of this beast

Which raises the question then I mean now that we're out our $30.00


Is there a way for us to at least restore it to a working 32 gig model so we can at least get some?

Use out of it

In a word no

in more words

Sort of actually so the card as it is will

always report that it is one terabyte in size unless we had the

Expertise and the time to reprogram its microcontroller again

But what we can do is we can create a small partition on it that we can then use

Normally though there are still some stumbling blocks that we could hit here

so there are only a handful of

Factories in the world that make NAND flash which means that there's a chance that this thing is slow

but perfectly functional

The issue is that we don't know where it came from so it could be from like a small Chinese fab

It could be from a reject bin and a legitimate one or it's even possible that it was produced during a so-called third

Shift when a legitimate factory that makes authorized Goods starts up again at night without the brand owners

Authorization and produces more of the same goods to sell out the back door

Often without the same degree of quality control. So to

figure out

Where exactly the flash is there are a couple of tools that we can use so there's age to test W by pice


Heise Okay, probably that one is by far the most useful but F three is an open source Linux alternative and

HDD low level format tool by HD guru is also a pretty good bet now any partition creation tool that allows you to specify

Where the partition is placed on the card is gonna help you do this

But first there's a couple things you got to do. You got to get anything important off of your fake SD card

I mean, it's just in general get everything off it as fast as you can but this whole process is gonna wipe it anyway

If you aren't sure how much useable space you have by the way H to test W is the way to go

Takes a long time to run though. So naturally we didn't run it, but Anthony actually did some poking around and figuring out where

It should be so we're just gonna kind of Yolo it and make a 32 gigabyte

Partition on the end of the card since earlier testing revealed that the beginning was unusable

So, how are we doing here? So well, actually here you've done in disc manager


Actually, it ended up being the beginning of the card

I thought I was getting yeah, because as it turns out the higher sector counts that were giving me the

Good rights. Yeah, we're actually the beginning of the drive. Oh, okay, so that's cool

I guess we'll see if that works out

And so this is just unallocated and it doesn't even show up in any way and this is now a 32 gig

SD card, basically, I guess that leads us pretty tightly into our conclusion

Should you buy an SD card that you think might be fake in a word?

No in more words

Hell no in still more words. Yes

but only for people that you really really don't like

so be on the lookout guys for deals that look too good to be true from vendors that you don't recognize because remember

Even names that you know and trust like eBay Aliexpress or even Amazon

mean nothing in cases where the brand that's actually shipping and selling the product is not affiliated with them and

remember these guys allow pretty much anyone to sell their platforms and

Not every scam may even be as obvious as the one we outlined today

some of them for example might have

half of their advertised capacity so you would have to write a lot of data to them before you would pick up on it or

They might use slower flash. Meaning that your

UHS two-class card wouldn't be able to record 4k video properly in some cases the capacity and the

Performance might even be the same but then when you go and clean warranty service turns out it was a counterfeit or reject

That's why we always recommend Linus brand flash memory products

Why does brand flash memory products are upfront about being a complete and utter scam?

You can learn more at the link in the video description

We actually may or may not actually do something in collaboration with a real like flash memory vendor

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