Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Letting the Person in Front Of Me DECIDE What I Eat for 24 Hours! (Found Game Master Spy RZ Twin)

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- We just let the person in front of us

decide what we order for 24 hours.

- Yep, it's another 24 hour challenge.

- We got two sets of fries.

Matt wants to go back through the drive thru again.

Look, look at that, the shower window.

- Hey Zam Fam, right now I am searching

underground below our cabin in a top secret tunnel.

And you guys remember these clues from the Game Master.

He mentioned something about looking above.

And look, I think I just found a clue.

- [Matt] What? - Oh my gosh, there's more.

- [Matt] What is that?

- I don't know, what do you think this is?

- [Matt] There's three?

- I don't know, there might be more.

- Do you see anything else Matt?

Okay, we need to hurry, we need to get out of here.

I don't see anything else.

Comment below if you guys see anything else.

I think we need to get back up and see what's inside.

Hey Zam Fam, its Rebecca.

We were about to do the challenge.

Letting the person in front of me

decide what I eat for 24 hours,

and then we got a message from the Game Master

saying that we needed to go where it all started

and look above.

So I went searching in this tiny hidden space,

and I found this.

I don't know what's inside of this,

but I think it is a major clue to figure out

why the Quadrant has torn up our backyard,

and it's a giant hole right now.

- [Matt] Okay, let me help you out of here.

- Okay, that was really dirty down there.

You guys remember this is the place we found

the first Game Master clues.

- [Matt] But it looks like he had something hidden there

all along, that we missed.

- Yeah, and the Quadrants been looking for it.

Can you help me shut this?

- Whoa, sort of cold down there.

I don't remember it being that dirty, do you?

That is super muddy.

- [Rebecca] Well, we haven't been down there since winter.

- Why did I wear white?

- [Rebecca] I don't know.

We weren't planning on going down there

when we came up here.

Okay, so I'm going to switch these clothes,

'cause they are very dirty,

but I'll meet you guys out in the living room.

What's with the bags?

They're a little dusty,

but I think they preserved whatever's inside.

These have been in there almost a year, Matt.

- [Matt] They look pretty clean on the inside.

- And it was up in the insulation, so we never saw it.

Zam Fam, comment below what you think is inside.

Knock your thumbs up right now,

if you think we're gonna find some type

of hidden clue or message on here from the Game Master.

- [Matt] It's just a tarp.

- It's like a part of a puzzle.

- [Matt] It's a tarp.

- Read that.

- [Matt] Ten steps from where house

- Meets deck. - [Matt] Deck.

That's gonna be it, right?

- I think this might help us to figure out

what the Red Hood and the Quadrant are after

from the Game Master.

Ohh - [Matt] Look at that.

It's a treasure map, right?

- It is, but we need to piece it together.

How do you know where it goes?

It's like a giant treasure map.

I've never seen one this big.

- [Matt] What if this leads to $10,000?

- That would be amazing.

I wonder if the Quadrant's after $10,000.

Q didn't want $10,000, he just wanted Game Master clues.

- [Matt] This is a Game Master clue.

Oh, oh, oh, place map here.

- But, then this needs to go here.

Matt, I don't think these are all the pieces.

- [Matt] They might be.

Let's see if we can figure it out.

- Up - [Matt] Down

Do you think that we're missing more pieces.

- Yeah, we have to be, look.

This says something down.

- [Matt] You do this right here,

10 steps from where house meets deck.

Then go over here, it says map starts here.

It just says down.

- [Rebecca] Okay - [Matt] And then there's,

hold on, hold on look at this, there's more letters missing.

I can't figure out what it is.

- I know, but I have an idea.

- Beck, weren't we supposed to do,

letting the person in front of us

decide what we eat for 24 hours?

- Yes, but I think this is more important.

I mean the Game Master sent us the message

and said it was urgent.

So I think we need to do this first,

and then we can have breakfast after, Matt.

- [Matt] I'm so hungry.

- I have an idea.

You guys remember our backyard is destroyed by

who we think is the Quadrant.

It's a big giant hole.

This says 10 steps from where house meets deck.

Our house meets a deck right out there,

where we've been digging.

We need to figure out what this is

before the Quadrant comes back and finds it.

- [Matt] Wait, so the first to find it wins?

- Or stops the Red Hood, yeah.

So I'm thinking we can figure out where this goes,

lets just do 10 steps from the deck and the house.

Okay, Zam Fam, in case you missed the video

from the Game Master's video yesterday,

I want you guys to see what happened to our backyard.

- [Matt] Look at that.

- It's a giant hole.

Let's do 10 steps.

- [Matt] But we don't have all the pieces.

- At least we have the start.

We can at least begin to start searching for it,

and then maybe we can figure out the other side.

So if not, you might need to go searching back there

for more of the map.

- [Matt] Let's get that and go check it out.

- Okay, so it says 10 steps,

this is where the deck meets the house.

- [Matt] That's exactly the spot.

- One, two, three, four, five, six, seven,

eight, oh no.

- [Matt] It's down there.

- I think I have to get down there now.

I've gotta do this.

- [Matt] Wait, you're going down right now?

- Yeah, I wanna see where it lays out.

- [Matt] How do you get down there, though?

- I don't know, there's all these wires.

- [Matt] There's a ladder over there.

The old pool ladder - Yeah, from the pool.

- [Matt] Somebody's really doing some work back here.

- Oh my gosh, ahhh.

- [Matt] You're doing great.

- Okay, Zam Fam, you guys know I am not good at this stuff.

- [Matt] Here, I'll switch you out.

Right down this way.

- [Rebecca] Oh my gosh, I hope this works.

It doesn't seem sturdy.

Oh, Matt, is that your phone?

Oh, switch you.

Daniel. - It is Daniel.

Hey Daniel, have you seen our backyard?

- That's what I'm calling about.

It looks like all of the Quadrants

are traveling to an emergency ninja training session.

- Wait, is that why they left this?

I mean, it's completely destroyed.

- I think so.

They've been looking for something that you guys

have to find first.

- We're working on it, but we only have part of the map.

What about RZ Twin, we didn't see her here.

- I've been tracking her.

She's not at the cabin, but she is in the area.

You need to protect the site for 48 hours.

- Okay, well we need to go get supplies.

Like, there's no way we can just stay out here

with what we have.

We're gonna need shovels to dig.

I mean we don't know where it is yet.

- Okay, just keep a look out for RZ Twin.

- Okay, yeah, Daniel I gotta go.

I have an idea.

We'll call you back.

We have to go get supplies, but like Daniel said,

we don't want the Quadrant to think anything is going on.

So Matt, let's do that challenge.

Letting the person in front of us

decide what we eat for 24 hours.

But in the meantime we'll be picking up supplies

at different stores.

- [Matt] So smart.

- This is perfect, because if the RZ Twin does see us,

she's just going to think we're doing another

trendy YouTube challenge.

- [Matt] She won't suspect that we're actually trying

to find exactly what's in there.

Well, you know what that means.

- What?

- Time for some breakfast.

- Okay, Zam Fam, so we are heading over to that breakfast.

Now on the Matt and Rebecca channel we did this challenge,

but we had you guys decide on Instagram stories.

And you guys picked to have McDonald's for breakfast,

which I didn't know about.

So it's technically a prank. - [Matt] Yep.

- But I decided that we would do one

that we haven't done yet, so we are going to Starbucks.

Also, I want to shout out,

you guys that have joined the Game Master Network,


If you haven't signed up yet, you guys definitely

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I will link it in the description.

What is your normal order at Starbucks, Matt?

- I get a venti iced coffee with vanilla sweet cream.

- And then what about for food.

'Cause we have to eat.

- I don't know, it's all over the place.

- I always usually get, like a two pump vanilla latte,

with almond milk.

And then I'll get like a blueberry muffin.

I'm all over the place, too.

I just really hope the person in front of us orders food.

Or we're gonna be very hungry before we get to lunch.

- True.

- There's a chance we might not get food.

Also, Daniel said that RZ Twin was around here somewhere.

So if you see her, comment below.

We just want to pretend like we're going a normal challenge.

And that we're actually trying to find the device

that the Game Master left.

Okay, here we are at Starbucks.

It looks like we have, like one car in front of us.

It's just one person, though, Matt.

Oh my gosh - [Matt] Oh, no.

- [Rebecca] I hope we get enough.

- [Matt] That was super fast.

- [Rebecca] Oh, no.

- Yeah, um,

I wanted to see if I can get what the last person got?

- [Starbucks Employee] So just coffee with cream?

- Yeah.

- [Starbucks Employee] Okay, anything else?

- That's it.

- This is probably the worst situation right now.

Because there's two of us, and we are hungry for breakfast.

I never miss breakfast.

And we have to share, just like a plain coffee.

Matt, you know what the means, though.

We're just gonna have to have an early lunch.

It's only a $2 breakfast, so that's not bad.

- That's true, we're saving money.

- Matt wants to go back through the drive thru again,

but you guys comment

if you think we should go through again.

I don't think we can.

I think it's not part of the challenge.

I think we just have to deal with it,

and then we'll get an early lunch.

And to think that we are doing all of this,

just to make sure that the Quadrant doesn't know

that we're actually on to them,

and that we're trying to figure out

what the Game Master left.

All right, so we decided to park to enjoy our breakfast.

- Whose gonna have the first sip?

- I don't know, but you know what?

It's actually nice out, Matt.

Feel the weather.

- Oh yeah, it's not bad.

- It sometimes gets cold, but right now it's not bad.

- It's not bad at all. - It's just gloomy.

That's hot.

- Is it?

- Oh, I like sweet coffee.

You try it.

It's really hot, though.

I don't know, you guys.

I'm hungry, but I'm honestly okay

with just waiting for lunch.

Do you guys drink coffee?

And if you do go to Starbucks, what is your Starbucks order?

Look, look, look in the view

- I can't really see what it is.

- Do you guys see that?

It's RZ Twin.

- Is it? - I think it's RZ Twin.

We need her to know that we're just doing a challenge.

She's supposed to be watching us.

Just uh, we just let the person in front of us

decide what we order for 24 hours.

- Yep, just another 24 hour challenge.

- Yeah, 24 hour challenge.

I hope this doesn't go over night,

but we'll just probably be around here all day.

Going to get more food, all day.

- She's gone, she's gone.

- Okay.

Zam Fam, I think she bought that.

So right now, she's supposed to be here,

keeping an eye on us, like Daniel said.

I think we tricked her

and made her think we're just doing a challenge.

I wonder where she's gonna go next.

- I mean, Daniel's tracking her, so he'll let us know.

- Okay, I think now that we tricked her, though,

we need to go and get supplies,

so that we're ready for this 24 or 48 hr challenge,

depending on what we have to do.

- Yes, definitely. - Okay.

Well, we're here.

- [Matt] Do we need jackets or anything?

- Maybe a jacket or something.

But we need tents. - [Matt] Yeah.

- I have a sleeping bag.

- [Matt] Lantern, look at the lantern.

Oh, is that like a electric one?

- And it's on sale.

It's a hot price of $7.86.

- [Matt] That's awesome. - What about this one?

It's on sale.

- [Matt] Okay, Rebecca, you can't do this on sale.

- This sleeps up to four people.

- [Matt] Oooo, okay.

- I need something that's easy to set up.

Because I don't deal well.

Is there anything super easy set up in here?

That might be it.

You want the green, or the blue?

I think we go with the blue,

it's a little smaller. Got it.

- Rope. - [Matt] Okay.

- We can use this for spy ninja training.

- [Matt] Whoa.

- So fascinating. - [Matt] That was bright.

- Zam Fam, Have you guys ever been camping?

Because I feel like we're going to be camping

for this overnight challenge.

I think we're set here with everything we need.

I say we go grab lunch now,

because we want to make sure

we stay on this 24 hour challenge.

And then we go to another store to get,

like shovels and all of that.

We had Starbucks for breakfast,

and now we are moving to lunch, and I think,

there's not a lot of fast food around here,

but there's definitely a McDonald's,

so we're gonna have McDonald's for lunch.

And I just hope they order something really big,

'cause I'm hungry.

- The last thing you need is like a McGriddle again.

- So we didn't see RZ Twin at all in there,

which means she isn't spying on us.

I just hope she isn't at our cabin.

I'm gonna just quickly call Daniel

to see where she's at.

Hey Daniel.

Hey, so, uh, we saw RZ Twin earlier,

but we haven't seen her since.

You've been tracking her, right?

- Yeah, but she's still not at the cabin.

- Well, we have to pick up a few more things,

but we're gonna grab lunch first.

Yeah, we'll talk to you soon.

- [Matt] McDonald's, golden arches.

Wait, nobody's in line right now.

- [Rebecca] Right, it's like abandoned.

What do we do, you guys?

What do we do?

I guess just pull over and wait.

- [Matt] Drive thru's over there,

and now we just have to wait to see if anybody comes.

- Oh my gosh, it's just one person.

Hopefully it's for more people,

because it's just one person.

I'm hungry.

Come on, let's get in line.

- Okay, what do you think they're getting?

He's been ordering for a while,

so hopefully it's a big order.

What if he's ordering two meals?

- Oh my gosh, I'd be happy.

You guys, let me know what your McDonald's order is

in the comment section, I guess.

I like to switch it up.

I get the chicken sandwich a lot here, fries,

sometimes chicken nuggets.

Oh yeah, chicken mcnuggets, yeah.

- Yeah, could I just get whatever that last car got?

- [McDonald's Employee] What?

- Could I get the same order as the person in front of us?

- [McDonald's Employee] Okay. - What was it?

- [McDonald's Employee] It was a ten piece,

medium and a large fry.

- All right.

- [Rebecca] Sounds good.

- We'll be there.

- Okay what exactly was that?

It was like a chicken sandwich.

- Ten piece chicken nugget, a medium and a large fry.

- I'm kind of excited about the chicken nuggets.

So this could have been a lot worse, $12 is not that bad.

It could have been like, $10,000.

I don't know if you can even get

$10,000 worth of McDonald's.

Wait, tell me.

- It's a ten piece chicken.

- [Rebecca] Okay.

- And then it's 2 creamy ranch cups.

Why did it take them so long to order that?

- Are you guys doing that challenge?

- [Rebecca] Yeah - We're doing the challenge.

- We're waiting on some fresh fries.

Can you guys pull into that number one spot right there?

- You got it.

- [McDonald's Employee] We'll bring it out to you.

- Awesome, thanks.

Okay, so that is hilarious.

She knew we were doing the challenge.

- Yep. - I guess we're not

the first people to go to this McDonald's.

- Just another trending challenge.

- Awesome, thank you.

Thanks so much.

Ohh, we got two sets of fries.

I'm so excited.

McDonald's fries are good.

Ohh, chicken nuggets.

I usually like the sweet and sour sauce, but you know what?

I guess I've never tried the ranch.

I like ranch for other things, so

- This is one of the best things about this challenge,

is that you're kind of forced to try new things.

- Even though I like my basic foods.

Here we go, I'm gonna try it.


It's good.

I like the sweet and sour better.

I dip my fries in ranch.

- No, no.

- What? - No one does that.

- Have you dipped your fries in ranch, you guys?

That's not weird.

That's pretty normal.

Okay, so we have some supplies,

but we still need to go to the hardware store.

We don't have any shovels,

and I think we're gonna need to dig.

What if it's like a giant treasure box?

- That would be amazing.

- I know, you guys,

let us know what you think the Game Master hid.

Maybe that's why he chose us,

when we moved into our cabin.

'Cause whatever he had hidden was there.

- Mhmm, so we have to think about it.

It's something that the Game Master wanted to keep hidden.

He wants us to find it now.

But it's something that the Quadrant wants,

and they're trying to find it.

And he's trying to hide if from them.

What could that be?

- And, how did they figure out

it was at our cabin in the first place?

Also, thanks to all of you guys that joined

the Game Master Network at

And also, those of you that tagged us and got our

Zam Fam merch shout out right here.

I mean, I might as well do it

while we're eating McDonald's, you know?

- [Matt] Hardware store, aka DIY Home Center.

- Yes.

Getting supplies at the DIY.

I'm not really good at these types of stores.

- [Matt] I can see some shovels through here.

- Comment below your favorite store to go to.

Mine might be Target.

At least those shopping kind of stores.

- [Matt] What if there was some country music

playing right now.

I don't even know what we're digging up,

but to be honest the spaces are not that big.

- No, you're right, they're little.

So we might need to get a little shovel.

Like maybe something like this.

- [Matt] How do you do that again?

- You just like go in, 'cause there's like

the little squares, the little grids.

- Okay, what about something like a tarp or something.

Like to go over the top? - Yes,

because I want to make, like a giant tent.

We have our tent, but I want something to protect it,

so it looks flat and you can't see that it's a hole.

- We need a big tarp.

Rebecca in a hardware store.

Yeah, we need it to be giant.

There's some blue ones down there, 20 by 30.

That might be too big.

- Why?

- [Matt] That's really giant.

- We're going giant.

It's a giant hole that we have to stay in.

- [Matt] Okay, we got it all?

- All right, so since we have it all,

we need to get back to our place, ASAP.

Let's drop this off before dinner.

I don't hear anything.

Okay, so we have all of our supplies ready to go.

- [Matt] What was that? - Do you hear that?

Zam Fam,

do you guys hear that noise?

Daniel's calling.

Daniel, what's up.

We hear something outside.

I thought you said the Quadrant was gone.

- The RZ Twin is out there.

- Okay, well we need to confront her.

- [Matt] Yes. - Just don't go out there.

I need more time to figure out the right mixture.

- Okay, well I don't feel comfortable leaving

to go have dinner for this challenge,

when she's out there digging.

What if she finds what the Game Master

doesn't want her to find?

- She can't.

She doesn't have the map.

- Yeah, you're right, unless she

- [Matt] Yeah, go see if it's under the couch.

Okay, here's the map.

- Okay, keep it hidden.

Okay, so we have the part of the map

that we found under the closet,

but we don't have the whole thing.

- Well, does it say anything?

- It has words on it,

and I know that it's near where they're digging,

but I don't know exact because it's not complete.

- Well, how many tarps were there?

- I found three.

And they have words on it, but that's it.

- And were they inside something?

- They were tucked in the insulation in a ziploc bag.

- Well was there anything in or out of the bag?

- In the bag?

We didn't really even check the actual bags they were in.

- [Matt] No, they're still over there.

- Daniel, we gotta go.

We gotta check out and see if it's RZ Twin.

You have till tomorrow morning,

but if not, we are going after RZ Twin,

and we are gonna trap her.

Okay, you better figure it out fast.

- Right, okay.

- Come on. - [Matt] Grab the bags.

- All right, let's look.

- [Matt] I don't see her out there.

- I think she's over there, but we promised Daniel

that we would give him until the morning

and we wouldn't trap her.

So we need to stay inside here.

- [Matt] We need to make sure that it's her, though.

What if it's somebody from the Quadrant?

- You're right.

I mean they're supposed to be at ninja training.

Okay, look, a window.

- [Matt] Yes. - The shower window.

- [Matt] Okay, let me check, let me check.

- [Rebecca] It's RZ Twin.

She's looking for whatever it is the Game Master hid.

But she doesn't have the map.

We have the map.

Okay, Zam Fam, so we promised Daniel

that we would not trap RZ Twin,

because she is hypnotized until tomorrow morning.

He said he's going to come up with a plan.

I'm not sure what that is.

Also, we need to figure out if these bags

have any kind of clues to figure out

where the rest of the treasure map is.

I want to shout out to these people

that have joined the Game Master Network.

If you haven't already, go to

Answer all of the questions from this video,

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Make sure you have subscribed, you have notifications on,

and check out the video right here.

All I know is that we need to defend our cabin,

and our backyard,

and whatever the Game Master hid back there.

I think I am going to be doing a 48 hour challenge.

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