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- Hey guys, Cam here and today I bring you the case

of 59-year-old Gale Paxton

who was found in her daughter's bedroom

on May 7th, 2017 with her eyes,

ears, and mouth completely removed.

Gale was a stay-at-home mom for 18 years,

loving nothing more than to spoil her daughter Sarah

in their suburban neighborhood of Bethesda, Maryland.

Gale had a thriving online bakery shop,

so she could work from home

and always be available for Sarah.

She loved doing her laundry, tutoring her,

and driving her to clarinet lessons,

but Gale had a protective streak.

According to her husband Richard,

Gale wouldn't allow Sarah to get her driver's license

because she couldn't take the risk

of her being on the road with other drivers.

She wouldn't let Sarah play any sports

for fear of her getting injured

and limited her social time on weekends with friends.

When Sarah decided to go to college in California,

many assumed it was because Sarah needed

some space from Gale.

- Guess who's going to California!

This girl!

Right here.

- She quickly became obsessed

with monitoring Sarah's every move.

Gale's phone records show her calling Sarah

an average of 20 times a day.

Richard says Gale had spreadsheets

filled with personal information

of Sarah's friends from stalking them online.

Things got worse when Gale began

the same routines as if Sarah were home.

For months, she drove to music lessons

and set their dinner table for three.

The final straw came in late April

when Sarah announced she was accepting

a summer internship in California

and begged her mom to leave her alone.

Gale had a mental breakdown.

But did Gale gouge her own eyes out

because she couldn't take seeing her daughter

living a full life without her?

Police initially thought this death

was a case of self harm until an elderly neighbor

reporting seeing a balding man

around five foot 11 entering Gale's house

around the time of death.

In another bizarre link to previous cases,

Gale was found phone in hand

with a dozen notes all around her

that read, if you yourself cannot release

then it will come to take a piece.

This was the same note that was found

on gambling dad Billy Davis.

This could be the same note

that former football star Johnny Wells

and social media-obsessed Stephanie Lewis

mentioned receiving before their deaths.

I think this note was a warning

to each of our victims.

To release something means to let it go.

All of them had something they needed to let go.

Both Johnny and Stephanie became obsessed

with a life they couldn't have

and Billy ruined everything

because he couldn't give up gambling.

Once again I ask you, is this a serial killer

or is it some kind of monster

that stalks its victims

and delves deep into their personal lives?

Maybe it offers them a chance at redemption

before brutally murdering them

if they are unable to let go.

I know what I think, what about you?

Till next time, keep your eyes out,

your heads down and

your ears open.

(ominous music)

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