Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 남자ASMR | 천둥소리에 떠는 여자친구 꼬옥 안아주기 (심장소리)

Difficulty: 0


did you come in?

You told me youre not sleeping with me.

I am unhappy

because you got so angry

with no reason.

You told me youre going to sleep in another room.

Why did you come in?

Youre scared of


Im not going to sleep

with person who got mad at me.

Youre not going to get mad again?



youre the good girl?

Youre not upset anymore?



come into czy blanket baby.

Youre scared of thunder?

Come in let me cuddle you.

Youre scared of thunder?

Why did

you get upset so suddenly

while you still want to sleep with me?

Im not pissed.

So next time sit beside me when were having meal with other people.

People wont know.

Don't worry.

That women just helped me

to get my food

because Im not used to using chopstick.

I was surprised too.

Youre the only one

who helps me?


I will only eat that food when Im with you.

Next time

I will say

I am allergic to that food.

Im not eating that again


You were pissed off because of that right?

If you

dont like it,

then I shouldnt do it.

So thats why

you had this mad face the whole day.


come out early for lunch.

Youre boss gave you more work

during lunch time?

Why would he do that?

Are you afraid of thuder?

Its fine.

You are like a baby.

You are cuddling me so hard.

Youre going to sleep with me

because you are scared?


I will cuddle you

and help you fall asleep.


Relax and


I wont be scary anymore.


My heartbeat is too loud?

Dont listen it too carefuly.

Im getting nervous

because I m in the same bed with you.

Im getting nervous

You can hear weird sound in my stomach?

Thats embarrassing.

It's ok?

Now youre getting relaxed

because you feel my hearth beat?

Thats great.


lets go to sleep together.

Good night


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