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Soha.. Where is Soha?

Soha went with Vicky.

She'll stay there with Golu. She'll feel good.

Fine, she will get a change.

Kids..- Hi. - Yes. - Have you brought gifts for kids?

Shopping is no less than a therapy.

When we are stressed mind gets distracted.

Ayush, this is for you. You'll like it.

Thank you, Aunt. - Welcome.- Ayush.

She is not your aunt but mom.

Call her mom.- Madam, let it be.

He will say when he will want.

'He will say when he will want.'

What is that? Mothers these days

don't know to create bond in relationships. Neither they try.

It is good that Soha went with Vicky to home.

Now, Ayush will get a chance

to bond with Sonakshi.

They will get to know each other.

That is how they will come close.

I will handle the rest of it.

Whoa! Skates! Who gave you these?

Ms. Sonakshi.- 'Thank God, she is trying'

'to bond with him.'

There's silence at home. Where's Sohana? - At Golu's.

Do you like to watch cartoons? Or video games? Will you play?

Anyway, I will freshen up. - Uncle.- Yes?

When will Sohana come?

Are you missing her?- No. I asked casually.

If you want you can share secrets with me.

I am good at keeping secrets.

It is not so. Sohana

said that grandma

does not like her anymore as I

am here.

Ayush, it is not so. Grandma loves you both equally.

She loves you both a lot. You are new here

that is why she felt so. You know what, I have three sisters.

We used to have a lot of fun as kids. We used to fight a lot.

And when we became friends, we became best friends.

Okay?- We are not friends.

Sohana and I.

I'll admit you in the same school. You'll be in same class.

You will become friends.

'Finally I got time to relax today. I posted a picture'

'and got 50K like on that.'

I went to a cafe, the coffee there, you must try.

It is amazing.

Sonakshi.- Yes? - You look worried.

Did Dev give you stress again or is it something else?

'Sonakshi, I am almost done with today's work'

'shall we meet at our favourite cafe?'

'Okay, see you there. Bye.'

No, Dad. - I am not saying anything wrong.

All problems in your life.. Okay. Take any one problem

the spelling is D-E-V.


There's a saying, we took dot dot dot's name and he's here.

Mr. Bose, do you miss me?

Hi, Dev. How are you?

Hi. - Hello, Dev. Why is Sonakshi upset?

She shares everything with you

even those that she doesn't with me.

So ask her. - Sonakshi

I will talk to you later. Okay? Take care.

Bye.- Okay.

Bye.- Bye, Elina.- Bye.

So this was your way of sending information to your parents?

Your modus operandi.- Why? Is it a crime to talk to family?

If we talk and share with family

brings closeness. You should also try.

'I am almost done with work. Shall we go'

'at our favourite cafe?- Okay. See you at 3.'


Sonakshi, I am sorry. I got some work

and when I saw the phone it was very late. I though you left.

What was so urgent?


What? What kind of a timeline is that?

No, it cannot be done in that time.

Talk to him. Jatin, this..

I get it..

No. Negotiate if.. I just read, we had given them a date

it cannot be done. If they do not agree? There's no option.

Sort it out. Okay. Thank you.

Whoa! This is a big news.

Maybe this is what Dev was wanting to say and I..

Yes, it is okay. Yes, we will see that. I'll talk to you.

Okay. - Congratulations.

Thank you.

I am sorry.

Dad, I don't think that Dev will be able

to come for Ayush's admission. Can you take some time out

and come for it?- Of course. I will come where you

will say. But why are you tense?

Sonakshi, do not let Dev's behaviour affect you.

If you will be so tense how will you take care of the kids?

No, Dad. It is about Ayush's admission..

I saw in Elina's phone.

Sohana is having fun with Golu.

Very good. And yes, Sonakshi

come to home for a few days. You'll feel good.

Yes, Dad, I'll feel good. Actually I am a bit tense

for Ayush's admission. So meet me tomorrow near school

at 9 o'clock. Bye, Dad.- Bye.

Take care.

I also did not believe it before that ghosts exist.

But my friend saw it on her home's window.

It was a ghost. He was in white clothes.

Need not be he was a ghost. He might be a man.

My friend stays on eighth floor.

How will someone climb that height?

It was a ghost, floating in air.

Golu.. Ghosts don't exist.

But, Aunt, who was that on eighth floor?

Sohana, someone might be repairing the window.

Or maybe a cleaner.

'Where are you busy? I am missing you.'

'Okay.' Golu, ghosts do not exist.

Soha, tell him a nice story. No ghost stories.

Okay. Come, Golu.

'And you cafe pics.. Oh my God! The pics are very pretty.'

'You came to meet me, right? I'm sorry, I could not make it.'

'But I am happy that at least you came there for me.'

'I did not come to the cafe to meet you, one of my friends.'

'I don't meet random people.'

'And by the way, I am married.'

'So what if you are married? Can't you enjoy life?'

'I mean, I don't care if you are married.'

'For me, you are queen.'

'So beautiful. And your husband is a fool.'

'Who does not know your value.'

'He does not know how lucky he is.- Else'

'which girl would come out in the sun and'

'turn pink?- How do you know?'

Mom, why will repairman work so late at night?

Who is messaging you so much? - That..

Golu.. Bad manners. Give me the phone..

Baby.. She is my school friend. I'm talking to her after ages.

Do not believe on Soha's stories.

What should we do when we are scared?

We must close our eyes and pray. Come on. Close your eyes now.

Come, Golu. I will tell you a nice story.

'Enough about me. Now, it is your turn.'

'Upload your pics. I will see'

'whom I am talking to.'

'When I will upload my pics you will feel shy.'

'I wish to watch that personally.'

Racket... Kids, come on enough of stories now.

Get up...

Hey, this one?

That's a dangerous gift by your mother.

If you fall off this you may break your bones.

Not mom but Ms. Sona got it for me.

Sonakshi is your mother.

She is a kind woman but my mother was someone else.


No, Sonakshi is your biological mother.

I am your grandma.

I am your dad's mom. - I have a grandma

and grandpa too. They live somewhere else.

You're not my grandma. Bye!

I need to leave with Ms. Sona.

Good morning.

What has got you so worried early in the morning?

Nothing feels right, Dev.

What? - My grandson addresses me as ma'am.

He even addresses his own mother as Ms. Sona.

He addreses you as Mr. Dev.

All this is wrong.

That way, he will never accept our family.

Gradually, everything will fall in place.

Don't take stress.


Every relationship needs to know

where it stands or it may go haywire.

You just don't get it.

A child ends up in your lap after a wait of 9 months.

But you accept it as yours in no time.

And the child recognises his mother in no time.

Whatever happens, happens in no time or takes forever.

I used to address my mother as sister-in-law.

Though I wanted to

I couldn't get to calling her mom till she died.

It didn't make a difference to me

because I knew the bond I shared with my mother.

This child has no idea.

We must do something about it... - Mom

sit down. - You don't get it. - Hold on.

What is this?

Ginger tea, your favourite!

I just had some. I don't want any.

Then drink again.

Have it. - What will this change?

When I am stressed in office about business

then I take tiny breaks.

We have tea and relax. You do the same too.

Have tea.

I shall get Ayush admitted in Suhana's school.

My first step to make him connect to our family.

That's a good thing.

You thought about the right thing.

May God bless you with sucess in every effort of yours.

See you. - Bless you.

Wait! The principal will be here soon.

Yes, thank you.

You brought father-in-law along?

Because I didn't know that you'd stand by your words.

Like you will come after you promise that you will.

So nice to see you Dixits. - Same here.

Have you come to admit your child?

Yes. - Yes.


I thought you wanted to admit your son in the kindergarten.

Why didn't you cross-check over the phone?

No, Ayush is our son too.

We need to admit him in the school.

Please come here, dear.

What is your name?

Ayushman Rohit Verma.

And your mother's name?

Meenal Verma.


Please go out. We need to talk to ma'am.

Father-in-law.. - Yes.

I asked you to hire a good lawyer

and get everything done legally.

This wouldn't have happened.



babies were interchanged after their birth.

Oh, no! - Yes!


Golu, I wish

we lock that grumpy Ayush

and send him away from our house.

But Soha, why are you getting worried?

He will return to his house.

The way grandma and others pamper him

I don't think so he will go.

He will stay in my house and my room.

And he will share my toys

like forever.

Then he will become your brother and friend.

Soha, will you forget me? - Never.

He is so boring. And he doesn't speak at all.

Golu, you are my best friend.

Ayush is very irritating and I hate him.

That's great!

Look, Mr. and Mrs. Dixit. I can understand your emotions.

But our school has some rules and regulations.

For a student's admission

it's necessary that his legal parents are present here.

You don't have proper documents.

Nor does he consider you as his parents.

It can be confusing for him.

You better get the legal documents done first.

I understand.

I will get the documents done first.

After that, I will come here.


Thank you.


I am going to meet Mr. and Mrs. Verma.

If I take Ayush with me, they will understand

how important the papers are for him.


Oh, God!

I am getting late. I need to go to office but..

When you will meet them, please tell them clearly

that we want to adopt Ayush with our names.

Don't worry about that. Leave it to me.


Ayush! - Ayush!

Ayush, my dear child! - Grandma!

How are you? - I am all right, Grandma.

Grandma. - Yes. - Look.

Ms. Sonakshi bought skates for me. They are so good!

I love them!

I have made your favourite 'Tikki'.

Come on.

Grandma, did you take the medicine?

Grandma, you should tell me a story tonight.

I haven't heard one for a long time.

Of course, dear. Come with me.

I missed you a lot. - Really?

Ayush's grandmothers and you must be loving him very much.

But there was only one thing missing in his life.

A mother's love.

And I am very happy that

your wife is providing him the same.


She is always thinking about

what is good for Ayush

and how to make him feel comfortable in the house.

That is how a mother's heart is.

Her emotions as a mother makes her restless.

She wants the love her child as much as she can.

Ayush must have also started

to consider you as his family.

He will get used to it as the time goes by.


I want to tell you something. - Go ahead.

We could not get Ayush admitted to Suhana's school.

If you could sign the adoption documents..


You are right.

But we think that

Ayush changing school in the middle of they year

will not be a good idea.

It will affect his studies.

Let it go on as it is right now.

Listen, you are good people.

And you have the right over him.

But other than Ayush, we don't have anyone else

who would continue our lineage.

To be honest, I do not wish

to sign those adoption documents.

Once we sign them, we will lose the remaining right

that we have over him.

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