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(Today I prepared Grilled cheese and Spicy chicken feet!)

(Red food with cheese is love)

Hello everyone! This is Nado :)

Today I'm gonna eat grilled cheese with spicy chicken feet!

When I ate this grilled cheese with beef, I thought this combination will be good!

So I'm gonna eat these today. And I will show you something!

I will show you how to make rice ball easy!

1.Put some rice in the bowl

1.Put some rice in the bowl. 2.Close it and shake it!

(Failed) Why can't I do it?

I will just eat this...!

I saw this the TV Show "Delicious Guys"! They did it very well!

I can't.... I will eat now!

Chicken feet!

(So yummy)

Dip in the condensed milk! Let's try this!

(So sweet and soft~ It's good!)

This is really tasty!

Guys... This is really good!

(It's fluffy and soft! So addictive~)

(Eat cheese like me and eat this spicy chicken foot right away!)

(So good~)

I'm so happy now!!

(Looks good)

This is so beautiful taste!

This spicy chicken feet and cheese are matching so well!

Spicy chicken feet + greasy cheese + sweet condensed milk = perfect!

How amazing combinations!

I really love spicy chicken feet

These are really good!

You have to eat this whole grilled cheese! This is so matching well with other foods and make me really happy!

(It feels like I eat fluffy cloud!)

If The grilled cheese is too oily, Eat this spicy chicken feet! Wow It looks so delicious!

I really really like chicken feet!

(The texture is so good!)

(How is it so delicious?)


I used this cheese this time(right one). And I used this cheese before(left one!

But The left one is more delicious than this! I thought all grilled cheese taste are same! But It's not!

Spicy chicken feet with grilled cheese is more matching well with beef with grilled cheese!

(Red food with cheese is the best!)

Making rice ball is good but Eating like this is also good!

It has its own mood.... You know what I mean right?

I mean... It's... charm of lazy.... LOL Anyway This is good tho!


It's not hot but spicy So I blow this before I eat...LOL


It looks like real cat's foot!

(She is out of her mind. It's too spicy)

Cheese can help me!

So good!

I'm really happy now!

Cut it in half...

Chicken foot on the top of cheese...


This spicy chicken feet taste so good!

(I ordered Charcoal Grilled Chicken feet! This is really good!)

So spicy!

High five!

Why is this so spicy...?

(Agin. She is out of her mind. Because It's too spicy)

(But This spicy chicken feet is so delicious with rice...! So She can't stop to eat this!)

When I ate this grilled cheese and beef, The grilled cheese was main of that video!

But Today main is this spicy chicken feet! This chicken feet is so- delicious!

(Time) These days, I can't eat spicy foods...


I was good at eating spicy food...I told you several times right?

Really! I was good at eating spicy food...! But now...

(Explaining How bad at eating spicy food these days...)

Spicy foods make my tongue hurts.....

The Description of 닭발과 구워먹는치즈 먹방 _ 빨간거와 치즈라면 난 세상 어디든 갈 수 있어❤? :D