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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The S'more, The S'merrier

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When is the movie gonna start?

The campers are getting restless.

I'm working on it, duh.

What does working on a bike have to do with the movie?

The bike is connected to the projector,

and my pedaling keeps it going.

What part of bike-powered movies don't you understand?

Every part?

Well, we were going to buy a new projector

that plugs into the wall,

but that idea went up in flames when

the camp went up in flames.

Well, when you're done with that,

could you fix the doorknob on our cabin?


How hard are you ladies slamming that door

that you keep breaking the knob off?

I'm not gonna name any names, but it was Destiny.

Remember last summer when Lou tried to pedal us a movie?

Yeah. We couldn't finish it

because she got that charlie horse.

I guess we'll never know if Columbus discovered that new world.

Yes. It's one of America's greatest mysteries.

You know, when summer's over,

I'm gonna miss all this.

We should do as much as we can together

before we go back home.


How about we roast s'mores later?


We need to do stuff like that while we can.

I mean, after last summer,

I really hated that we didn't see each other for a whole nine months.

What was what?

Um, what was what?

You two gave each other a weird look.

Uh, that's 'cause we're weird.

Yeah, you've met us.

It'd be weird if we weren't weird, right?

Oh. Okay.

And besides,

that's not even the weirdest thing I've done today.

Is it, Mr. Hand?

(HIGH-PITCHED) Not by a long shot.

Hey, Gwen. I'm teaching a dance class tomorrow

and I could use one more person.

And you're asking me?

Well, you were the first person I saw.

Oh, stop flattering me, I'll do it.

All right, everyone, I guess the movie isn't gonna happen tonight.

KIDS: Aww!


Who wants to see Finn's hand talk?

Lou, I'm not your puppet.


Kikiwaka, Kikiwaka

Kikiwaka, Kikiwaka

Kikiwaka, Kikiwaka

Hey, whatcha doing?

Finn and Matteo were acting a little weird

when I brought up spending time together during the school year.

What did they say when you asked them about it?

Ask them?

Oh, Gwen. You're so cute.

I couldn't let them know I was hurt.

So instead, I'm creeping on their parents' blogs

to find out what's up.

That all seems super-duper healthy.

Wait, look at this picture!


DESTINY: I can't believe it.

They spent Thanksgiving together and didn't invite me?


That really hurts my feelings.

I'm sorry, Destiny.

So, now are you going to talk to them about it?


Now, I'm going to make them feel left out

the way they made me feel left out.

Huh. I guess I don't know what healthy is.

Also, what's Thanksgiving?

Hi, Noah.

Reporting for dance duty.

Hey, Gwen. Thanks for coming

I think you're really gonna love this class.


Are your students behind the old people?

No, my students are the old people.

I just started teaching senior citizens.

It's so much fun and I love helping the community,

and the ladies find me irresistible.

Mostly because I can put apps on their phones.

Wow, I've never known anyone older than my parents.

I always assumed an avalanche or a moose attack

took everyone out by 45.

You'll be partners with Edna.

Oh, and don't read into the fact

she's the only one left without a partner.

She's super nice. Okay, bye!

(LOUDLY) Hi, I'm Gwen!

Easy, kiddo. I'm old, not far away.


So, I hear you don't have a partner.

No, I don't.

But you like to dance?

No, I don't.

But if I don't stay active, my joints stiffen up.

Well, at least you're outside with friends.

These people? No thanks.

Old folks are so annoying.

Always complaining. I hate it.

I know.

Complaining is the worst.


I mean, they're better than young people,

always on their phones.

I know.

I can't stand those things.

I definitely didn't need one growing up in the woods.

You lived in the woods?

I was a park ranger for 30 years

and an amateur butcher.



Most underrated meat on three.

One, two, three.

BOTH: Squirrel!

Are you what I become if there are no avalanches?

Thanks, Lou.

I don't know what this place would do without you.

It would spiral into utter chaos,

where no amount of prayers

could bring you back into the light.

Or, you know, we'd just have to jiggle some doorknobs.

Hey, I have an idea.

What if, next time, you fix the door.

Oh, I am terrible at fixing things.

At home, in my building we have a superintendent

and he fixes everything.

But what if your super's not around?

Jim's always around.

It's best to have a super who has no life.

And here, we have you.

And you're so great.

Okay, that settles it.

You are officially my apprentice.

Hand me the Phillips Head.

You got it.

Who's Phillip?


So, we're starting there, are we?

Oh, I am so sorry, but these two seats are taken.

Pfft, no, they're not.

You don't see two people sitting there, do you?

Actually, I'm saving them for my two new friends.

Oh, here they are now. Hi, new friends!


Who are these guys?

I don't know.

But wowzer, are they cool.

Five, six, seven, eight.


Left, right, rock step.

Left, right.

Very good.

Don't be shy, Clyde, get closer.

You've been married to that woman for 40 years.

And truck.

This is so fun.

And you're really good at that finger wagging.

I got a lot of practice with my son.

You're not getting another loan from me.

Stop buying those avocado toasts.



Terrific job, everybody.

You guys are so great.

So great, I think people need to see this.

So, in a couple days, we're gonna put on a recital for the camp!

ALL: Oh.

You can invite your grandkids.

ALL: Oh!

Should we be in the recital?

Nah, I got better things to do.

Oh, who am I kidding?

I'm taking a dance class at a summer camp. Count me in.

Hey, as your apprentice,

don't I get cool coveralls, too?

Ava, Ava, Ava,

you don't just get them.

You have to earn them.

You buy them at the Moose Rump thrift store?



That's why the back says "Smitty's Filling Station".

Oh, the dentist is in.

It looks like someone's got a whole lotta cavities.

And mama's got a whole lotta time.





That is not a toy.

Then how come I have so much fun when I do this...


Maybe because I did something wrong in a past life.

Now remember, in handiwork,

the number one rule of thumb is, "when all else fails,

use duct tape."

Got it?


I just have one question.

Okay, questions are good.

Have you been flossing, punk?


Hi, Destiny.

Oh, hi.

You remember my friends, Max and Joe.

Wanna make s'mores with us?

I like bananas.


I'm sorry, but I don't think you'd have a good time.

We already have so many inside jokes.

Tell them that one you told earlier, Max.

I didn't tell any jokes.

(LAUGHING) Hilarious.

You really had to be there.

You didn't invite us.

No. I didn't.

So, Max,

tell me more about bugs.

You said you like them,

and I find that so fascinating.

I definitely never said I liked bugs.

You're right,

you said you loved them. (CHUCKLES NERVOUSLY)

More inside jokes between close friends.

Anyway, s'mores is more of a three-friend thing,

and there's already three of us, so...

So, they're leaving?

I think she means we're leaving.




What was that all about?

I know. We've tried forever to get her into bugs.

What does she see in those two?


Wait a minute, I get it now.

They're charming, fun to hang around with,

super good-looking...

Those guys are us!

That guy is not me.

(GASPS) He is me.

Destiny is pretending to be friends with them

to make us jealous.


I don't know.

But there's only one thing to do.

Ask her about it?


Make her feel as left out as we do right now.

Right. Super healthy.

Hey, Noah.


Where's Edna? I hope she's not running late.

We've got to make sure our bug is extra jittery.

Um, Edna couldn't make it today.

She's not feeling well.

I told her not to drink the water here.

She hasn't built up a tolerance yet.

That's all it is, right?

Well, it's a little more serious than that.

Don't tell me she also ate the food.

No, we're still the only ones rolling those dice.

Edna's actually been sick for a while.

She told me at the first class

she has a lot of doctors' appointments.

And sometimes the treatments she gets at the hospital

make her tired,

so she can't always be here.


She seems so invincible.

Hey, you know what?

Val over there doesn't have a partner today.

Maybe you could pair up with her?


I think I'm just gonna go.

(GASPS) Wow.

So, this is where you store the smells, huh?

Look, there's a leak under the sink,

so I'm going to hold the loose pipe in place,

and you can tighten the screws

with the drill.

Oh, yes!

After four imaginary years

at my imaginary dental college.

Small dreams.

You know what? Give me the drill.

No, I wanna.



I did it!

You did it, all right.

You drilled my coveralls to the wall.

Nice and tight, like you taught me.


Just hit the reverse button on the drill

and get me loose.


What are you waiting for? Get me loose.


I know you're making that sound with your mouth.


For some reason, the battery is dead.

Oh, probably because you've been playing

"Creepy Dentist" with it for three days!

Well, it's your coveralls that are stuck,

so why don't you just shimmy out of them?

Because I am not taking my coveralls off

and walking back to my cabin with my alls uncovered!

So, what are we gonna do?



We better do something quick

because there's a mouse down here.


Oh, no, and it's having babies,

and my face is very close to the action.

So, do you need an exterminator

or tiny diapers?

If we don't have a drill, grab a half-inch socket.


Please tell me that was one of your teeth that just fell down that drain.

It was the socket. But I'll get it.

I'll get it.

Uh, my hand is stuck.


Maybe you should just call your super to help.

Oh, Jim wouldn't be any help.

He's afraid of mice and babies.


Hey, Edna, I'm glad you're feeling better.

I'm back

and I've got to make up for missing yesterday.

I know this isn't a contest,

but Gwen and I are gonna wipe the floor with these geezers.

Where is she?

I haven't seen her.

She really missed you yesterday.

I had to explain why you couldn't make it.

Oh, I see.

Kinda scared her a little, huh?

I'm sorry she's not here.

Oh, don't be.

Who can blame her? Heh.

Good kid, though.

She can dance and complain with the best of them.

We really bonded over how annoying your voice is.


Oh, hey, guys.

I didn't know we'd run into you in the Mess Hall.

Well, it is lunch.

I like bananas.

And Joe likes bananas.

A lot.

Max and Joe and I have had a great day so far.

So much fun. Right, guys?

(WHISPERS) She won't let us leave.

We're very happy for you.

Yes, new friends are a great thing to have.

In fact, we made a new friend today, too.

Oh, look. Here she comes now.

Oh, chocolate milk?

Thank you.

We don't deserve such a wonderful, blonde friend.

You're one of a kind.

Hold on a second!

Who the heck is this cute-as-a-button rando?

This is our new best friend...



That's right, our new best friend is...

Already forgot it.




Come in.

Hey, there.

Edna's been looking for you.

I just can't do it.

It's too sad and too scary to think of her being sick.

I get that, but Edna's feeling good today.

She's out there ready to dance

and would love to perform with you.

She's such a cool lady.

Did you know, as an amateur butcher,

she once gutted 30 fish in forty-five seconds?

And that's without piercing any of their intestines.

I did not know that.

And now I wish I could un-know it.

I've never had a friend like her.

I like her so much.

What if someday she just stops coming to class

for good?

Well, that might happen.

But it also might not.

You and Edna could have years of friendship.

There's just no way to know.

All we know is that she's here now.

And no matter what,

you should never waste a chance to have fun with a good friend.

I hope we see you out there.

(WEAKLY) Help.

I'm gonna die down here.

But at least these 12 baby mice will live on so,

I guess the circle of life continues.

Wait, I have an idea.

Six hours and 12 little miracles late,

but who's counting?



Was that you or the mouse?

It's soap. It should loosen my hand.

(GASPS) It worked!

Great! Now, grab that socket!

It's too far down the drain.

I know what I have to do.

Well, make it fast!

This mouse is still giving birth.

It's like a tiny clown car.

Earlier you said, "If all else fails, use duct tape."


(GASPS) I got it!

Great, now get me outta here.

Hey, lefty-tighty, righty-loosey, right?

Or is it tighty-whitey, loosey-goosey?

Righty-tighty, lefty-loosey!

Right, that makes sense.


LOU: Ow! Ow! Ow!

You learn anything today?


Maybe it's important to be self-sufficient.

I can't always count on other people to do things for me.


then I guess this whole experience today was worth it.



I have seen things, Ava.

Mouse things.

Matteo, why is your hair so on point?

Oh, this?

I let Desiree style it.

(GASPS) You let her give you a French Sweep?

I was begging you to let me do that.

What can I say? The time seemed right.

Finn, where's the stain

that's been on that shirt for two years?

Desiree bleached it out.

(GASPS) How could you?

That tartar sauce was mine to bleach!

Sorry. The shirt wants what it wants.

Well, then you both should know

Max and I

did math together!


You did?

We did?


And I enjoyed it.

It's fun to try new things with real friends.

Come on, Destiny,

just tell us why you're trying to make us jealous

with these two amazing dudes.

Because I found out you guys had Thanksgiving without me.


Can you give us a minute?


Thanks, Joe. I'll put this with the others.


we're so sorry we didn't tell you.

We just thought it would hurt your feelings.

Well, it would have.

But, not as much as finding out on my own later.

The truth is,

my mom and I were having our first Thanksgiving

since my parents split up.

It was going to be kind of tough without my dad so,

Matteo's family invited us to spend it with them.


I'm sorry. I didn't know.

We should have told you.

We didn't like keeping it a secret.

And we promise we won't keep any more from you.

So, I have to confess

Mr. Hand is really just my hand.

Phew, that feels so much better.


Wow, Norm is really showing off those new hips.

Were they the last couple?

Looks like Gwen really isn't coming.

I'll dance with you.

(CHUCKLES) No way, I'd snap you like a twig.

How hard are you and Gwen jittering your bugs?

Hey, look who's here.

I'm sorry I'm late.

Well, what can you expect from your generation?

But I'm glad you came.

And I'm sorry you're sick.

Oh, there's nothing to be sorry for.

I'm here and I'm making the most of it.

Let's dance!

For our final performers tonight,

let's give a big hand for two ladies

who can cut a rug and also a pig from tail to snout...

Edna and Gwen!



That was great.

I know.

I might not have Norm's new hips,

but I have a new friend.

Two new friends.

Nope. Just the one.

Okie dokie.



What am I looking at?

The doorknob fell off again.

Doesn't seem like something to be proud of,

but way to go?

Well, this time,

I fixed it myself. The way you taught me.

(GASPS) That's great.

With a Filberts head screwdriver.

Close enough!

I am so proud of you.

Care to do the honors?

Should I get the duct tape?


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