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-I know you just came back from London.

You were filming something out in London.

-I was. I was filming "The Witches."

-Did you -- "The Witches"? -Mm-hmm.

Did you develop an accent while you were there?

-[British accent] Well, a bit of one. It's not great.

-[British accent] That's pretty good. It's better than what I do.

-Oh, no, yours is fabulous!

-You want to know where I'm from?

I'm from a different part. -I have no idea where I'm from.

-Oh, I like that. Yeah.

[Normal voice] How was the weather?

-[Normal voice] Uh, it was really beautiful

the first couple weeks, and then it rained every day

for like three weeks straight.

-Every day?

-[ Laughs ] Wow.

-And I thought, "These people should be grumpy,"

but they were the kindest, most polite.

-Aren't they just the best? I just --

Everything sounds better with a British accent.

-Yeah, we packed on a couple of pounds,

because every time we went to a restaurant,

they would just describe something

that I would not normally eat.

And I'm like, "Give me three, give me three."

[British accent] "This is Cheez-Its with boxed wine."

[Normal voice] And you go, "Sounds gourmet. I love it."

-"I'll have three, please." -"I love it."

-And I saw -- I follow you on Instagram.

It's a good follow, by the way. -Thanks.

-And I saw you did some sightseeing,

and you saw Stonehenge. -Yes.

-Look at this. -Yeah.

-What was that like? -Uh, it was short.

I thought it would -- I thought the stones would be bigger.

I loved it, though.

-Really? They're smaller? -I did.

-They're much smaller than you -- than you think.

-No. -Yeah, yeah.

-It was -- I'm sorry. -Really?!

-It was great. It was wonderful.

-Did you -- Did you get a vibe or something? Like a weird --

-It was really a very magical place,

but I just thought, "Wow.

I thought these stones were like stories high."

And they're not stories high. They're just like a ceiling.

[ Laughter ]

-How tall -- How tall am I compared to Stonehenge?

-Just -- Pfft. -Really?

-Yeah. Well -- -That?

-A little bit more, but like -- much --

I just thought -- -Yeah, 'cause you hear all these

things like, "How did it -- Did the aliens do it? Area 51?"

-It wouldn't take aliens. -Yeah, yeah.

-It wouldn't take aliens. -No.

And I -- And did Velma go with you?

-No, and she was so upset.

-She was bummed out. -Yeah.

-If you guys don't know, Octavia has a wig named Velma and --

[ Laughter ]

-She look like Velma from "Scooby-Doo."

-That's how she got the name Velma?

-That's how she got the name. See, look at her.

She gets so mad at me when she doesn't go places.

-And she did this.

She did this -- Velma did this to you?

-Yeah, I mean -- -This is unbelievable.

-It is unbelievable. She's so wicked.

'Cause normally she's just all together

and, you know, has a vibe.

But it rained, and then this is what I looked like.

And I had this.

-So Velma did not go on the trip?

-No. -Oh, I'm sorry to hear.

-'Cause you see how she did? She would have turned on me.

-Did she -- Did she go -- This is exciting news.

You're getting your own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


[ Cheers and applause ]


-How cool is that?!

-It is crazy and humbling and -- Oh, my God.

When you hear that, it just -- There's nothing that compares.

-And you're in a good group of people, too. A good class.

-A good class. The class of 2020.

I thought I would stop saying that,

but I'm in the class of 2020.

-"I'm graduating from the class of 2020."

See? That British accent comes back.

But it's, like, you -- I know Julia Roberts.

-Yeah, Spike Lee. -Spike Lee. I love Spike Lee.

-Me too. -That's amazing.

Do you know where the placement is gonna be, or not yet?

-I hope it's a good placement.

I hope it -- You know what? Let me shut up.

[ Laughter ]

-No, no, no, no. She appreciates it.

She loves it anywhere. Yeah.

I thought, like, we should do like a Hollywood Walk of Fame,

like a New York Hall of Fame here in New York City.

-You know what? Oh, my -- I think that's a great idea.

-There's so many tourists and a lot of walking.

-Yeah. -It's a very walkable city.

We should do something like that here.

-Well, you guys do a lot of walking here.

-We do. -Yeah, I drive

around the corner, which is bad.

You need to walk around the corner, people.

-No, no. That's L.A. That's California.

-We do. We do drive everywhere.

-In California, they're like, "Oh, my gosh.

I know, like, the best place to walk."

I go, "Where?"

And she goes, "Just take the 405 to the 1..."

I go, "I have to drive to walk?" -To walk. Yeah, exactly.

-"I'm asking you where to walk." "The best place to walk."

But look at that. That's amazing. I mean, gosh.

I used to walk up and down Hollywood Boulevard

and look at all the stars and be like, "Oh, my gosh."

And now you're on it, and you're gonna inspire

just thousands, millions of people

to follow their dreams.

Congrats on that. That's awesome.

-Thank you so much. Thank you.

[ Cheers and applause ]

-Let's talk about your movie. -Yes.

Let's talk about "Luce."

"Luce." L-U-C-E. "Luce." -Mm-hmm.

-I read somewhere that you said you chose the role

because it made you feel uncomfortable.

-Mm-hmm. Quite uncomfortable.

It's a psychological thriller. -Yeah.

-And it deals with power and privilege.

And my character doesn't realize that she also has privileges

because she's the educator.

And as a viewer, you become an active participant in the film,

because you have to decide which character you believe.

-Yeah. Yeah, you're right. -You know?

-And would I do that if I was that person?

-Exactly. -Yeah.

-And I was unnerved

by some of the things happening in the film,

and it made -- And I had to cast myself

in the role that Naomi plays.

I had to think in terms of her perspective,

in terms of Luce's perspective, in term of --

in terms of Harriet's perspective.

-Yeah. -And it was scary.

I mean, when you see the film, you'll understand.

-Yeah, it's great. It's a good job.

We have a clip from "Luce." Let's take a look at this.

-With the climate around school security

the way it is right now, you can understand my concern.


-Which is why I felt I needed to search his locker.

-I'm sorry?

-Amy -- -He wrote a paper.

-A paper in which he describes his belief that the solution

to a political problem is to gun down

those with whom you disagree.

-Right, but he was assuming a character.

The assignment called for this, and you...

-I found this in his locker.

-Uh, yeah. Octavia Spencer!

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