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City & Guild's is a charity, we've been around for over 140 years and we're all

about giving people and organizations the skills to develop in society. We

often talk about getting people into a job, giving them the skills they need for

their job, and then helping them progress on to their next job. We use ProdPad as a

sort of hub, if you like, for all of our product management activities. So we

capture new ideas, we capture feedback from centers and learners, feedback from

support teams, we share roadmaps, we vote on ideas, we prioritize tickets through ProdPad.

It gives us an opportunity to capture all of the ideas in one place

and share them, both internally with development teams, and externally to our

customers as well, so they know what we're working on what we're planning to

release. And I think that visibility for development teams of, not just the what

we're working on, but the why we're working on it is really valuable.

ProdPad has been a real game-changer actually for the way teams have

visibility of a kind of common goal, so development teams can see why we're

working on this thing, they're not just locked in a darkened room working on

some code, they really understand the value of that feature - who's going to use

it and the difference it will make, and I think that's that's driven a real

improvement in deliverables as well.

Being able to pull in insight that we capturing PodPod has been really

valuable, so instead of it being me saying we should build something, I'm

able to say - this customer at this Center has asked us to work on this feature for

this reason - and there's so much more power in that than just me

saying this is my opinion that we should do something.

So I've loved ProdPad from the minute I got my hands on it, and luckily every

other product manager in the business that I've shown it to has wanted to come

on board with it as well, so I think the fact that we've got a common tool set

within the business has been really useful.

I think the biggest change ProdPad has brought to the company is

us getting much better at capturing insight

from our customers and the end users and, after all, if we're not developing new

features for them, who are we developing for? So I think just in terms of bringing

the outside in, I would say that's probably the biggest benefit.

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