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I would like to do a walkthrough of my Jamma arcade PC.

It consists of a 1.8ghz AMD processor.

768mb ram.

Nvidia GeForce 5900xt.

80gb harddrive.

And a J-Pac so that uhm...

it's plug and play for the arcade cabinet.

Let's turn it on.

I've mounted a button here to start the PC.

And turn on the machine.

And under startup the screen is scrambled because

the resolution is higher than 240p.

That means more than 15khz.

But as soon as Windows has booted it will display the correct resolution.

Along with this PC there's an original Windows XP Home license.

Which I think is Danish?

And I have set it to...

with uhm..

Instant Sheller, to skip

a lot of the Windows drivers and boot directly to the Maximus Arcade frontend.

As you can see the image needs adjusting so it fits the screen.

And here in the menu is like I have set it up but it won't be sold like this.

It will be sold without the frontend and without the games.

But I would like to help set it up and get everything on here again. It's pretty simple.

The J-Pac is made so that everything is controlled from the control panel.

Let me zoom in.

Let's see.

You can move up and down in the menu by moving up and down ofcourse.

And you can skip ahead in the list by pressing right.

You skip a whole page.

You can start the game by pressing the first button for player 1.

Then the game boots.

And the J-Pac has a selection of functions built in as well.

You can control the volume.

You can pause.

Insert a credit.

You do that by pressing and holding the player 1 button

and pressing the first button.

You can hear the coins drop.

Then ofcourse theres 1 player and 2 players.

And when you're done playing you can hold the player 1 button for 5 seconds to get back to the menu.

Oh wait!

The player 1 and player 2 button at the same time.

And I have made it so that you can make it shut down by holding the player 1 button for 5 seconds.










wtf is this not how you do it? Is it player 2?






Well, ok

It was the player 2 button you had to hold for 5 seconds. Then the machine automatically shuts down.

As you can see down here

the sound doesn't come out of the speakers in the cabinet.

What I did was buiy a set of usb speakers.

I've placed them inside the cabinet and as long as you turn up the volume

the sound can be heard just fine through the door.

The speakers come with the setup.You can make the sound go through

the J-Pac but then you would need an amplifier in between.

Between the PC and the J-Pac.

Or else you don't have any control over the volume.

That was a quick walkthrough.

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