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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Live Lesson: Animal-Related Idioms

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hey hey all right I'm gonna give

everybody a second to hop on here

for the live lesson and also a big

announcement in this lesson if you're

watching this back we're going to talk

all about animal related idioms animal

related idioms so let's give everybody a

second to hop on and then we will jump

right in and so for these 15 animal

related idioms first of all we need to

remind ourselves everybody thanks for

joining we need to remind ourselves what

is an idiom if you are there watching

live and you want to say in the chat

what an idiom is IDI om just give me a

definition in the chat and we will talk

about what is an idiom tell me in the

chat what you think an idiom is let's

see if we have anybody here love chat ok

so if you know what an idiom is give me

that definition in the chat I'm gonna

give you 10 seconds and then I'll tell

you I'm not an idiot okay

an idiom okay I don't see any definition

so this is good this means we're

learning something new right okay so an

idiom is a collection of words that mean

something different than the individual

words so do you know what I mean so let

me give you some background every

language has these yeah josh says an

idiom is something that doesn't mean

what it sounds like right it has a

different meaning than what it sounds

like so every language has idioms

English has idioms French has idioms

Spanish Mandarin Japanese Mongolian you

name it every language has idioms they

are words that mean our collection of

words that means something different

than what you would think of if you just

heard those individual words so let me

give you some examples I'm actually

going to give you 15 animal related

idioms before I get started though I

want to say at the very end of this

video I'm making a big special

announcement so hang on to the end if

you're interested in that announcement

but before that let's talk about these

15 animal related idioms number one

monkey business okay so this is where we

start to say okay what is it idiom here

monkey of course is the animal and

business is like you know business an

office exchanging money for something

right a company so how do those two

words connect to each other

well monkey business actually means

silliness so like not being serious

doing things maybe that are silly or not

serious not appropriate even so to use

it in a sentence I might say to my kids

I'm tired of that monkey business

everybody settle down okay that would be

monkey business that is an animal

related idiom it has nothing to do with


it's just monkey business okay number

two I really like this one this one is

elephant in the room can anybody in the

chat make a guess about what elephant in

the room

means it does not mean I'll give you a

hint it does not mean that there is an

elephant in this room okay

it means something different what does

elephant in the room mean tell me in the

chat if you know what it means okay -

I'll wait for the chat but I'm gonna

give you some more hits so I want you to

imagine with me that you and I are in

the same room and in the room there is a

huge giant elephant who just walked in

the room and then I want you to imagine

that you and I don't say anything about

the elephant we're just ignoring the

elephant it's not happening there's not

an elephant but there really is an

elephant okay so what do you think that

means as an idiom it means there being

some big problem or issue and nobody is

talking about it so everybody knows that

there's a big problem but nobody wants

to say anything so let me use this in a

sentence so if you and I had a problem

of some sort and maybe we haven't talked

in a few days and finally we're together

I might say to you well it's time to

talk about the elephant in the room

let's fix our friendship right so it's

not really an elephant it's just a

really large problem that no one wants

to talk about alright number three we're

going to talk about rat race rat race

you know what a rat is like a big mouse

and a race is running fast against other

people well the rat race is considered

everyday life that's really really busy

especially as it relates to work

traveling to work going to work coming

home that everyday life that gets to be

very tiring well that's called the rat


let Oh fierce competition hey that's a

good guess there thanks for guessing

scissors fierce competition it's kind of

like that especially in business it can

be like that but it's also a layer of

something that makes it boring or not

enjoyable so I like competition but the

rat race is more like a boring version

of life where you're always competing so

it's not as not as exciting as fierce

competition but that's that's really

close actually so yeah we're gonna use

it in a sentence people who are tired of

the rat race like to vacation at the

beach people who are tired of the rat

race like to vacation at the beach ok so

that hopefully gives you a better idea

of that and if you still have questions

about any of these just ask me in the

chat and I will respond to you ok um

next one number four is cat burglar

first of all who knows what a burglar is

anybody burglar or burglary have you

heard of that a burglar is a person who

steals things illegally okay so a cat

burglar is a burglar a person who is

stealing from your house and they climb

in through the windows a cat burglar

kind of like a cat would you know how

cats can climb up everything well a cat

burglar is a person who climbs in the

windows to steal things it's not not a

great person right okay next one is top

dog top dog a top dog

think about that top which means like

first first place dog like a dog but in

this situation it means a person who is


leader or is the best at something so

the president of a company would be top

dog or the smartest person in the class

is top dog you get it hopefully you got

that all right we're gonna go into the

next one cash cow cash money cow cash

cow hmm what could that mean a cash cow

is something especially like a business

or some kind of investment that makes

you a lot of money it brings a lot of

income let me use it in a sentence our

new website is a cash cow we'll never

have to work again

okay it's a business or entity something

that makes you a lot of money okay next

one is eager beaver eager beaver an

eager beaver is a person who offers to

do a lot of things without being asked

they're excited to do some new tasks we

might say the new person at a job is an

eager beaver they're always excited to

do something new where maybe the people

who have been there for a long time

aren't that excited so that's an eager

beaver all right so we're about halfway

through our animal related idioms and

we're gonna go on to the next one now a

road hog does anybody know what a hog is

a choji road hog a hog is a large it's a

large Pig that's a hog okay so a road

hog is somebody who is on the road who's

taking up too much room so I want you to

think about how big and fat pigs are

well a road hog is like a car or a truck

something very big that's taking up too

much room too much space on the road

okay they might even be moving in and he

said oh what a road hog right and you

can also use hog to describe somebody

who takes too much of something okay

next one is black sheep okay hopefully

you know what a sheep is they're so cute

all right they say bad they're sheep you

know they're like round with a little

head and they live on a farm

most sheep are white at least the sheep

that I know of I'm not very I don't know

I don't live on a farm but most sheep

are white but every once in a while you

will see a black sheep and a black sheep

actually as an idiom describes a person

in a group or family who tends to do bad

things so let me use it in a sentence

Roger was always considered to be the

black sheep of the family

because of his time in jail so it's like

the person in a family who kind of does

the wrong things a lot and maybe gets in

trouble a lot or in a group even it can

be used seriously or it can also be used

as a joke you know you could make a joke

oh I'm the black sheep because I I

always asked to borrow dad's car too

much something like that black sheep

just means the person who's makes the

most mistakes in a group or family okay

the next animal related idiom is the

lion's share oh is Black Sheep similar

to rotten apple yeah rotten apple or we

might say bad apple mm-hmm yes that's

very similar yep a rot a bad apple or

yeah he's a bad apple or he's the black

sheep the difference is is that a bad

apple is

a person who's just bad in general but

the black sheep is related to usually a

family so I might say he's a bad apple

talking about just a random guy I know

at work or something like that but a

black sheep is related to family usually

or or maybe to just a group yeah good

question okay the lion's share the

lion's share is the biggest portion or

parts of something so let me give you it

in a sentence Beth is going to take the

lion's share of the winnings because she

was the one who bought the lottery

ticket for us all so she'll take the

lion's share it means she will take the

biggest part because think about it

lions are big right so they would take

the most food if they were sharing with

other animals which I'm sure they don't

share mm-hmm okay next one is hold your

horses I like this one to hold to tell

someone hold your horses means to tell

them to wait or stop so you might say to

your roommate hey hold your horses I'm

not ready to go yet hold your horses

that's a good one I like that one okay

we just have a few more just four more

the next one is pig-headed so before we

had road hog and now we have more pork

here we have pig headed I want you to

think about a pig and how they're not

very polite or nice they just want to

push their way in and get their food

right so to be pigheaded it's an

adjective that means you always want

your way and you don't really listen to

other people you're stubborn that's

being pig headed pigheaded let me give

you a sentence

stop being so pigheaded Joey we

need to compromise okay three more

number 13 is wild goose chase wild goose

chase a wild goose chase is when you are

looking for something or doing something

that probably won't turn out well

because the thing that you are trying to

achieve is very difficult okay it's it's

going after something that you are not

likely to get so think about a goose

flying in the air and it's wild and it's

just flying all over the sky it would be

very difficult to follow that goose

wherever it went so that's kind of like

what we're talking about here let me use

it in a sentence it's been like a wild

goose chase searching for the perfect

gift for mark it's like a wild goose

chase yeah it's like trying to find

something and you're probably not gonna

find that perfect thing all right two

more and then we have a big announcement


next one is like a fish out of water

like a fish out of water this is feeling

like you don't really belong this is

like your maybe new in a group or

situation and you don't feel like

yourself you feel very different than

everyone else you feel like a fish out

of water so think about a fish when

they're not in water it's very different

live very long right so the fish would

feel very weird being out of water

because water is the home so I know a

lot of people feel this way in new

situations and you can use this idiom

it's really common and let me use it in

a sentence I feel like a fish out of

water at my

new school everyone is so different from

me okay last one and then the big

announcement the next the last one

number 15 is let the cat out of the bag

let the cat out of the bag

this one's funny but I want you to think

about a cat inside a bag and that cat

would not be very happy right and would

be trying to get out of that bag over

and over well then if you let that cat

out of the bag do you think it's very

easy to put the cat back in the bag no

it's not easy so what do you think this

could mean let the cat out of the bag it

actually means to tell a secret tell

something you are not supposed to tell

some anybody right to let the cat out of

the bag that is to tell a secret let me

use it in a sentence I've got something

to tell you

Joni is pregnant but don't let the cat

out of the bag because her parents don't

know yet okay don't let the cat out of

the bag that's a good one

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