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So one of the topics that come a lot in Gurbani is the idea of death.

and when we talk about death, death can sound quite scary to us

because we don't know what to expect

and the thing is that

death is when the Angels of death come and take us away

Bhagat Kabir Ji actually talks about this as well

and they say to us:

Bhagat Kabir Ji is saying to us,

Marta, Marta: that everyone is dying

Jag Mua: everyone in this world is experiencing this death.

But then they say to us afterwards

What does that mean?

That only a few people actually understand how to die.

Other people don't understand death.

Mar Bhe Na Jannai Koe: No one knows how to die

the true type of death.

So what does this mean?

There was this idea from before that, many people

When we die, for example, we're so scared to die that we hold on to life.

"I want to live, I want to live longer" and we hold on to life.

And because we're holding on to life,

death comes and takes us away.

But just understand this concept how can death take someone away who is not holding on to life?

They ready to go anyway.

In that case, they wait to go to Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

so Dharamraj or the Jamdoots do not come for that person.

Guru Gobind Singh Ji comes themselves

So this is a type of death that Guru Sahib Ji is telling us to experience

and that's the death of the ego,

of this I/me inside of us.

That "I don't want to die".

That mean, "don't let me go

I want to stay on earth."

Guru Sahib Ji is saying to us

"Don't die that type of death."

"Die this type of death where you kill that ego inside your mind."

and then it's like Guru Sahib Ji come and take me now.

There is only You, Guru Sahib Ji.

I want to go with You now.

Different way to look that we want to go with Guru Sahib Ji.

That's the type of death Guru Sahib Ji is talking about.

Then we don't experience that death that billions above millions have experienced,

we go straight to our Guru Ji.

This what Bhagat Kabir Ji is talking about in this Shabad.

So to get to that stage, it comes from building a relationship with our Guru.

So let's start to build our relationship now.

Please forgive all the mistakes made

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