Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 【大食い】※通報しないでください※カニと戦いました[DANCING CRAB]ダンシングクラブ[3kg]推定5500kcal【木下ゆうか】

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hello, it's kinoshita yuka

sumi : and i'm sumi


jaaaan ! today...

sumi : it's dancing !

sumi : it's dancing !

it's dancing crab !

sumi : wow, it looks so appetizing

it's from the take-out menu and you eat it with hands

sumi : for me, i would eat it with my face !

that's right sumi-chan, it's tastier when you eat it with hands

it's dancing !


let's start first with this scallop


mmmm, and this sauce is a little bit spicy !


and shrimp

it's much more easy to eat it with hands

it's hard to use chopsticks with such type of food

it's good, i'll keep eating it with hands

amazing !

wow ! crab meat

aaah, tasty

Using my hands, I can continue to eat forever

crab claw

the crab is protecting himself with this hard shell, but it makes it much harder for me !

jajaaan, look at all this meat !

mmmm, tasty

and the used sauce is so creamy

ah, the bacon is very huge

it contains some vegetables too

dancing !

today's sumi dance was so cute

All of my cats have the same veterinarian, and she always tells me that sumi is so cute that she wants to take it with her !

Although she is used to seeing many animals and cats by the fact that she is a veterinarian, but she finds that sumi is the cutest cat !

sumi is the idol for everyone !

and the veterinarian of my cats loves cats more than any other animals

cats make you feel like you are in heaven because they are so kind and cute

and the doctor is helping me a lot in taking care of my cats

thank you doctor for taking care of my cats

the bacon is so tasty and it's full of fat

mmm, the potato is soft and flaky

its outside texture is so delicious

today's drink is nectar lumpy white peach

what they mean by lumpy ?

mmm, it's full of pulp

but the peach isn't lumpy, the lumpy one is mikan orange

aaah, what a nice octopus, octopus is easy to eat


it's hard to eat all this by yourself !

but food is more delicious when you put in effort for it

it's good when you do your best to open the shell to enjoy this meat !

You need a lot of force to cut it with scissors

I'm also afraid to make a mistake and hurt my fingers

Because it is hard and needs a lot of force, you may mistake and use a lot of force and injure your fingers

and this is so scary !

i'm going to eat this part later, i'm going to start with the easy parts first

this is good

Ragdolls cats have a really cute way of eating !

bacon is the most easy food here to eat

Okra (known as lady's fingers or gumbo)

it's okra !

amazing, it's hair crab

i should eat all this dancing crab with hands

I don't want the sauce to fly in my face, this is scary !

if anything remains i'll use it for soup stock or miso soup

or to make some hot pot, to make your body warm

in this hard shell there is a really delicious meat

Mankind spends a lot of effort for food

there are some parts that are soft and that you can cut it with scissors




i don't remember the bgm that well (it's the actual bgm)

i want to castrate sumi as soon as possible

and that's because lon is a female and sumi is a male after all

and she is always worrying about him

especially that sumi loves to play with lon

mel is already castrated, but lon has not interest in him

but he behave like an adult

and sumi is a little bit playful

but i want to see sumi's kids, maybe i'll make him marry a cat

bacon, bacon is my favorite


eating easy food makes it much more delicious !

it looks like a foreign crab, it's not a crab that you find in japan

it's my first time to cut it beautifully like this


The crab has a thick shell, although its meat is thin, maybe it use the shell to protect its meat rather than bone,

i love the soft shell crab a lot, and it's so popular in spring

but it's tasty !

mmmm, wild

hermit crab is hard to cut

i don't know what's cutting now, maybe the hand

i want one day to try king crab

Yesterday I saw a documentary about the bullhead shark

There are only 300 of this species left in the world

It is almost extinct


It would be nice to propose for marriage like in manga while eating food, especially this food, it's going to be a good memory to hold during all your life

the sauce is delicious !

i want to eat it with rice

i love when mel walks around me when I water the plant, he is so cute

mel is the most cat among my cats loves to play with water

he loves to play with water but he hates taking bath

This is confusing, when he likes to play with water and yet hates taking a shower

Maybe he doesn't like to get wet very much

wow, that's a lot of meat

i cut it beautifully which makes me happy

i'm like a giant from attack on titan

this is scary !

attack on crab !

Humans are really amazing, although the crab protects itself with this powerful shell, we can cut it

he doesn't want me to eat him

stop resisting, i want to eat crab, crab, crab !

mel is drinking water for a long time

this is good

this part is full of hair

the meat in this hairy part is very crispy

i want to be an octopus

I will have a lot of hands to eat and work at the same time

why humans have only two hands ?

Even cats have 4 legs, but we only have two legs, Why?

look at all this meat here

having many legs would be useful

you are easy to eat !

this dish is amazing, it has also beef, and even mushroom

this carb is truly hard to eat

using scissors is so scary

if you eat this dancing crab you should be careful


and once in a while you find octopus

Because my hands are dirty, I can't scratch my face

my right hand is so tired

But you will not get tired with just one serving of it, so don't worry

aah, it hurts !

I forgot myself because it was so delicious

it's so hard to cut !

let's find another way to eat it

i can't do much with my dirty hands

but i'm sure that its meat is so delicious

maybe it's not that tasty !

this crab is so fat, and i cut even cut it

i'm sure that aftering eating all these crabs, i would see a dream about crabs

welcome to kinoshita's table

let's eat the leg first

It's a plan based on getting some rest with eating something easy after getting tired of eating something difficult

it's my first time to deal with all of this crab

this really difficult this crab is making me really tired

recently i saw a news about a zookeeper that has been killed after two critically endangered Sumatran tigers escaped from a zoo on Borneo island.

I feel sorry for both the zookeeper and the tigers, the tigers acted by their instincts only after all

the crab meat is ready !

this looks like chocolate bar !

the last crab meat !

the last bite !



let's check my hands

mmmm, clean !

aah, but this one is so tired

jaaaan, today mel is here for playing

mel : was the dancing club delicious !

it was delicious but i'm so tired

mel : that's because you eat it all by yourself

aaah, mel !

thank you for wating to help me

mel : there are a lot of crab shells on the table, yuka-chan, are you the killer ?

Right, I am the criminal

mel : I am mel, the detective who reveals the truth

hay, it was so delicious

and as always thank you for watching !

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and I wish for everyone around the world a happy and delicious day

and for you safety and the safety of the others keep the social distance, wear the mask and let's do our best

bye nyaaaa !

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