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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: ?DIY Pizza Balloons ? - Man Vs Corinne Vs Pin

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Hey, what's going on everybody? Rob here and you are watching yourself another episode of Man vs. Corinne vs Pin.

And it is the first of many Man vs Corinne's vs Pins, right here, in the new kitchen.

Well, hopefully it's the first of many.... we are dealing with fire today... 'au flambe' as they may say.

Do we have a fire extinguisher? I don't know if I got one of those. We're gonna need one of those.



We don't have one down here underneath the sink. We don't have a fire extinguisher in here? We're just moving in we're getting all the things together. So what are we doing today?

We are making pizza balloons. What? I know! This sounds crazy.

It is a little nuts, somebody suggested it and it is glorious.

I saw it and I was like, "This is right up your alley!"

Right up my alley? Right up your.... demonetized already in the first couple seconds. You get a regular pizza,

you put a like a dough covering on top and then you blow it up with some straws and apparently....boom! Pizza Balloon.

You don't say. I went to the store, I picked up my supplies, hopefully you got your supplies.

Yeah, I went to the store, I know how to shop! Whoa, Okay. All right. Well then what's the tagline here? So let's get started. Shall we?

Where did where did you go? Oh, into the side cam. Oh, there's a side camera! Hey everybody. Now, I myself, being a, uhh, I don't know.

An asshole?

Uh, someone who looks for the easy way out

An asshole.

I got myself some pre-made circular pizza doughs.


What are you shaking your head for? What are you doing? I spent three days making my dough.

What are you talking about? I let it rise mine's all by hand,

It was a long arduous process and it's gonna be delicious. Well, I bought mine from the store. So it's probably the same thing.

I have more pride in my pizza dough.

Okay? I don't know about that.

So part one. I have my balloon pizza dough. Boom. Already done. Already made. What? You're just going to use that tiny little piece?

Yeah, there's no...

Significant size that you got to make! Size matters kids.

Well, I'll be taking my beautiful handmade dough and knead it a little bit. I don't *knead* any

hand-made dough. Well you *knead* something. I'm on the top of my pizza already. See but you won't have the pleasure

of this which is really fun. Fun is winning this thing.

Oh hey, Pizza Joe over here. Put a little pizza sauce down here.

That's how you do it kids, like a freakin boss!

"Hey mambo, my circle is perfecto!"


Mozzarella cheese this bitch up.

Time to get saucy.

Yes Queen!

The key here kids is that you don't go all the way to the edge with your sauce like Rob did.

What? You can do whatever you want with the sauce. Okay now. Don't go to the edge. Corrine probably knows what she's talking about.

No, just kidding. You're supposed to go to the edge with your sauce. What? God damn it.

I'm gonna use my store-bought pizza dough here. Cause that was a f*ck ton easier.

Mine is made with love


artistry. Rob's is made with

poop. What?

Throw on some pepperoni on here cause that's how you do a pizza.


Oh god. Yeah, that's gross.

Olives or Pepperonis,

comment below you sons of bitches. That's a delicious looking pie right there. Yours looks like crap.

Yours looks like s**** on a pizza. That's what that looks like.

Let's cut some onions!

And while she does that I'm gonna take my store bought dough right over here and roll that out.

It got to my, it got to my eye balls

Pizza balloons. #emotional. Okay.

You gotta knead the dough. That is not how they do it. This is my favorite thing to have on pizza, red onion and olives. Myuah (Kiss)

Belicimo. Do we need to turn the oven on? That's probably important. Lets just do straight up 400 and we'll start.

Mine is looking pretty delicious


She made a joke. Hey, what are you doing?

Come on.

Just cut a little circle here. There it is!

You cover the pizza like that, take these straws and you just insert them now.

You got your straws on there, tuck this underneath the pizza.. kind of looks like a little stingray and that's it. Here we go!

Don't blow it!

She's good. Wow, look at that.


You have a leakage in the back too.

You have a leak so that's what your real problem is. So stupid!

Maybe you should exercise more if you're really that out of breath.

You okay?

All right, let's see a very pivotal thing that I saw within the video

So you definitely needed to make sure to clamp the sides together really? Well, make sure there's no little holes like that

Basically the opposite of what Rob did. You just wait until you try to blow it up?

It's impossible. And I'll be using paper straws. These are compostable and they won't be getting stuck in any turtles noses.

It's not the first time I've blown something today. What? Demonitized.

What the f*ck! Your first goddamn attempt!

Now you should already be voting down in the comments for who's doing a better job. Time stamp. It's just the beginning just the beginning

Oh damn, you know what? Do you know about the Cabbage Patch? They don't know about the Cabbage Patch. They know this dance. Hold on

Wow, what dance is that that a new f*cking dance everybody's doing out there?

Okay oven's ready

*Humming* (and Rob being salty)

Timer's set for 15 minutes. Now I just chill. All right now I get back to making my second attempt.

F*ck this, uhh, apparently the pre-made route. That was the wrong way to go

So I'm just gonna take the top off of this here and I'm just gonna use this as the pizza bottom.

Add some pasta sauce here just scrape all this stuff up. Boom. Do not waste the food

We're moving on I got some more dough left, don't you f*ckin worry about it.

Countertop buddy, here we go. Oh

Definitely not taking enough time for that. Let's just see how mine's doing over here. Seven minutes left. Whoa, look at that

Okay, hold on here we go attempt number two. Oop hole. Where?

Just roll another peice of dough

You put it over the hole cover up all your little dough holes a

You're a little dough hole. I think you have a hole right here. Right in the head

Are you aggress-- F*CK YOU. You definitely have a hole somewhere else

I see that

Okay you're getting cheese everywhere. Stop.

Don't get mad at me.Here we have Rob's version of the pizza balloon, it's called it's a little arty here

Look looks very very nice. We have about two minutes left


And a very fine example of a pizza balloon. Don't ruin mine be very careful. Look at that comparison

You can go ahead and vote on the winner in the comments down below

Right about now I say

Hey, here we go. Oh, wow. Yours looks good. Okay. Don't fail me now god damnit

Wipe that f*cking grin off your face.

It's hard, it's soo pretty.

Hey don't touch my pizza balloon!

Don't you dare touch it ever again? Here's a OH. Well here we are. The shell is actually pretty hard.

I thought it would be a lot more fragile,

and now I have confidence for the next step which is pouring a shot of cognac on top of it.

Then lighting the bitch on fire. Have you had a drink cognac before? I actually have not either.

Apparently suppose it tastes like sh*t. Alright down the hatch


Oh, I can feel it burning the inside. Oh, it's terrible just dump it in the middle. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, that's good

That's good. That's good. That's good we go

Sh*t, what a peice of f*cking sh*t lighter

Oh it's too dry now. Oh I got it. No, I got it! No, I get to do it. You don't get to do it.

Oh my god

See, it's still burning over here. So Oh you think there is a flame? Oh, he's burning the holes in paper

No, it just smells like burning

But now I'm supposed to take a serrated knife and then you cut it open pull the bowl. Here's the big reveal. Oh

God, damn it it even looks good inside son of a bitch. It's a balloon drop. Where's your pizza balloon?

Oh my pizza balloon still in the oven

How's it goin over there

Awesome this I could say I would definitely do again. It's fun

I feel like we should have a piece of balloon party or something. You can try it

Would you like some of my olive and onion? Oh

Oh God, that's the worst! Here, just sit here while I eat it.

Oh. Look at this! Yum!

Yeah, who needs culinary school, when you have culinary fools!

Hot and delicious, oh you can wear it like a little cap.

Thank you. Now you have a pizza hat!

DIY Pizza Hat, thats the name of this episode.

Mmm, well I think that just about does it for this video. Oh does it... Please leave a comment down below telling us who you

think won this challenge, and of course, make sure to subscribe like up this video we'll see you later. Bye.

Mmm, The pizza balloon. It's delicious. Ah, I

think we should start a restaurant that just serves pizza balloons. Like different types of pizza....

Obviously, you can create your own pizza balloon. I can turn off the camera. Okay, bye! We love you!

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