Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 1969 Dodge Coronet HEMI Super Bee

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I'm a big MOPAR guy, been a Chrysler guy my entire life. I've restored four or

five cars. I got into it I guess from my very first car. Just one of those guys

that just has a passion for cars. This car that I have here is a 1969 Dodge

Super Bee has a 426 Hemi it's a four-speed car and it's called a super

Track Pack which is a Dana 410 positraction

or sure-grip. It is a white car with white interior, it's very rare color

combination and it may be only white on white HEMI four speed known to exist. This

thing kind of dropped down from heaven on me actually. The car had already been

sold. Months later the guy with that car he said are you still interested in that

white Hemi car? and I said of course. He said well my friend couldn't come up

with the money to buy it. The day I found the car my wife was with me I knew where

all the numbers were to verify if it was an original car or not and I was having

to write these numbers down as I was going through the car. The last thing was

the engine and I told my wife you don't have to write it down

it matches. From that point it was a nine year nut and bolt rotisserie restoration

project. The car was dipped, e coated painted with single stage paint, is still

the original block, heads intake manifold, has original carburetors on it. All these

parts on this car are either restored or we found new old stock parts. The

preservation of the car is more important to me than anything. I think

it's time to find another home where more people can enjoy the car. There are

people out there that I'm sure that would appreciate the fact that it's a

Hemi car, it's a numbers-matching car, and it's got just a unique color combination.

Us MOPAR guys, it's almost like a cult. I don't know if it's bred into us or we

learned it, whatever that case is we're just MOPAR fanatics.

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