Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Europe - The Final Countdown (Parte 1/2) - Como Tocar no TVCIFRAS (Farofa)

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Hello my friends tuned to TV CIFRAS

peace and wellness to you all

and answering to several requests from our youtube channel

I'm bringing the song The Final Countdown to this video class

from the band Europe

so once again let's watch the execution of the whole song

and in a short while I'll discuss the song's sections ok

so let's get to it ..

this song is played in the F minor sharp key

where I like to point out two important observations

in relation to the whole song

there isn't too many difficulties in the rhythmic and melodic parts

since you're only going to use power chords the whole time

but the interesting in the rhythm is the picking known as cavalgada

a kind of nickname given by many guitarists

as it remind us the sound of running horses

and much utilized by Iron maiden and other heavy metal bands

so to start let's check the introduction's tablature

I've organized the introduction into two parts

you'll watch the first part followed by the second

where I've adapted the keyboards originally done in the first part ok

followed by the original guitar's arrangement done in the second ok

so let's watch it ...

when I'd prepared to do this introduction's video class

I've taken the initiative to adapt the keyboards to a guitar

since this is a well noted introduction

so imagine if you play in a band without a keyboardist

and you decide to do the introduction

I've prepared that small arrangement to you

so let's get to the details ...

we have the same phrases four times in the introduction

I've tried to do it twice without the G sharp in the guitar

detected in the original arrangement listen ...

I've jumped the G sharp ok

but for the third and fourth time I'll play it though

ok just in order to make it a bit more interesting

now at the end be careful with the left hand's fingers look

I make sure to go to the seventh house with finger two

because of the conclusive phrase listen ...

check it out ... to do it all right?

at this time we've got to the introduction's second part

which is a section well used in the song's refrain

so at this moment it is important the guitar's calling

you could make a slide at this high region

bringing with finger one look ...

and landing here at F minor sharp this chord's power chord

now this slide doesn't have a defined spot ok

you just can't miss the tempo look

all right?

now pay attention to this picking

to make it more interesting you need to alternate the picking

now let's get to the details

we have a quadruple meter look ...

one two three four , one two three four , one two three four

you may open the power chord sound as you begin every one ok

but for the remaining meter you'll mute it here

by the floyd

here on top of the string ok

where you'll encounter this type of sound

a bit darker of each note look

because if your hand is moved forward the sound would be dirtier

there wouldn't be a height definition so to speak

so the hand has to be well positioned at the Floyd

in the time you'll mute the strings look ...

now for the cavalgada type of sound for the remaining power chord

you don't need to do it with both strings in this power chord

just in the fundamental note look ...

all right?

I've added keyboard phrases on several guitar parts

in order to have more fun playing the guitar

and without compromising the arrangement

as you fall into the introduction's ending

we have exactly this sound here look ...

up to here no problem right?

but I've added this phrase here look

which is not present in the original arrangement

I've taken this from the keyboards ok

you could do it in case you don't have a keyboardist

and the song will be just like in the original arrangement

so right at this time we enter the verse one

and we have the presence of two verses

so I'll show you the verse one's tablature

there are few differences from verse one and two

and you'll notice it as we go along

now I find the most difficult to execute the first verse

which is not a technical aspect since it is an easy part ok

but it is to not get tempted to do something

doing these four quadruple meters

where you do just the F sharp power chord look

during this time look four meters

don't get too anxious to do any movement and or

throw something fancy there - be careful

as John Norum didn't do it right

so let's follow our great master's example

exactly to give the song a suspense climax

so the lyrics can get started and then the guitar

to grow in it as the song goes along

so at this time you've practically four meters

on top of this chord ok

and way later we fall in B look

throwing a muted sixth string look

going back look

after the passing notes

we start the cavalgada picking type again look

now when you get to A passage G sharp and F

only in A beginning you may open the power chord

not the rest

now you may open on D

here I've decided not to open the chord's rhythmic part

justly because it is a passing section and

in order to leave an organizational aspect to the arrangement

now we'll watch the video where I'll execute

the song's first refrain a short and easy one

let's get to know it ...

to be continued ..

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