Practice English Speaking&Listening with: ไม่เสียชื่อ “เต ตะวัน” ชวนหนุ่มหล่อจุฬาฯ มาเดทกับ “เจนนี่ ปาหนัน” | Hungry Sister พี่สาวฉันหิว EP.5

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Ladies and Gentlem en.

Please welcome Jennie Panhan, Miss Hat Yai.

Jennie Panhan

A giant from Hat Yai

What giant?

Shrug (In Thai, shrug rhymes with giant)

Oh, shoulder shrug.

She is 100% confident even though her friends dont agree with her.

Im 19.

Fahsaiyasart Paweena Dootookdooklaen

Im a con artist.

Are you crowning me?

A beauty worthy of the crown

Wow. Youre so worthy of that crown.

I give you 10 out of 20. Youre below the mean.


I cant.

Youre supposed to find me a boyfriend.

I found you one but hes on personal leave today.

He went home.

No. You must find someone who has time for me.

Let me be honest here. You need to find one quickly

because theyre running out of stock.

I brought you the top four but you didnt get any of them.

There are only 2 left

so you need to step up your game.

OK. That wont be a problem.

No matter how hard finding you a boyfriend is, I must do it

because this is Hungry Sister.

Have you eaten? ♪

If not, do you want to eat with me? ♪

Ive sung, Ive danced, Ive done everything, even rapping but I havent found anyone.

So today Im going to be a beauty pageant.

Maybe this is your calling.

Will I do?

Like I said, there are only 2 men left.

So I want you to give it your best shot. Bring out your charisma.

Ive always given my 100%.

If your charisma wont work, bring out your snake side.



Im just kidding.

Im ready!

Im just kidding.

I want you to bring out your charisma

because I think this guy would be a great match for you.


Hes the right guy because he used to be a photographer for pageant events.


Yes. Hes an expert on all things pageant.

Hes a close friend of mine.

He has a contradicting personality.


He is stern but cute.


Modest but naughty.



Are you ready to meet him?

Of course, I am.

Meet Pop.


Pop Thatchathon Subanun

Whats your name?

My name is Pop.

How old are you, Pop?


Were you Tays junior in university?

Yes, at Chula.

Did you just turn 25?


25 is the toughest and youre starting it with me.

Playing with fire!

I heard youre stern but cute. How?

He looks stern but he actually has a cute side.


So you look stern when youre not moving.

He looks modest but hes actually naughty.

How naughty?

Do you climb a tree at home?


Hes polite but sadistic.

Just what Jennie wants!

Hes polite. Hes warm.

Are you?

Warm but hot.


Can you heat a cendol for me?

How did you and Tay become friends?

Oh, I met him at...

He drove me home often.


Another person who drives you home?

If they dont give you a ride home,

I will stop being friends with them.

Wow. Why dont you become friends with the no. 8 bus?

The 8 or the 44. (Bus routes in Bangkok)

You were a photographer for a pageant group?

Yes. I helped out a little

but I wasnt the main photographer.

Was that for your internship?

Yes. My teacher asked me to help retouch their photos

and I was free so they asked me to be a video photographer.

You can retouch photos?

So talented!

Hes very good.


Can I have your LINE ID?

Jennie couldnt resist!

Youre a good photographer. What do you think of her?

How will you present her?

As a confident girl.

Confident girl!

Isnt she a little too confident?

A little overconfident!

I know that Im normally confident but today I want to...

Change your look?


I want to do a different style of photoshoot.

What style are we thinking?

A sweet girl look?


Lets try that.

Were going to shoot somewhere else. Lets go.



That corner.

Can you turn your face that way?

Like this?

Wow. A princess.

OK. Thats it. Make the leaves look clear.

Make me look clear!

What? Why do I look like that?

I want to be naked.

Thats obscene!

I cant do that?

Bare concrete is better? OK.

Come with me to this room.



Isnt this like the movie The Siam Renaissance?


The concept isTake a Look”.

Meaning I should look at peoples Facebook?

You should look at yourself in the mirror.

This is me, Jen.

I have an idea.

Try wiping the mirror.


Shall we go outside for the natural light?

Here? This pole?


Can I see the photos?

The name of the concept is

Miss Siam, the woman who can be killed but not insulted.

Youre sweating.

Are you tired? Are you hot?

She cares.

A little bit.

Wait a second.

Wait here.


Here. This will make you feel refreshed.

Thank you.

Your character has changed from a modest girl to a cool girl.

Yo! Drink it!

Cool girl!

Are you feeling cool after drinking it?



Give me the camera.


Dont get too wild.

Are you hungry?

Yes. Im a little bit hungry.

What kind of food do you like?

Tay and I always eat Somtum (papaya salad) together.


Something spicy.

Ill take you to eat something spicy.


Yes. Yes.

Yes what? I didnt invite you.

Its me, Tay!

Im his keeper.

Is he a fish? Why does he need a keeper?

Lets go. Lead the way, Tay.

Take us there.

Lets hurry. My wings are flying me up.

Im up in the air. What do I do now?

I cant fly. Im stuck.

Im stuck.

Your wings are too big.

Im going to turn this way.

Im blocking your face, Tay.

I can make your wings smaller.

I cant fly. These are too small.

I cant move.

Lets go, Pop.


Did you fly down?

I flew here with the chair. Its with me.

Its attached to you?

Here we are at Baan Somtum, Bang Rak.

Despite looking like a gentleman, he loves something spicy.

Really? You like to get spicy with people?


No. He loves spicy food.

I like Pla Ra (fermented fish).

You like Pla Ra. Do you like (Jennie) Panhan?



Its the name of the mushroom dish.

Look. Its Panhan mushroom soup.

Is there any food you dont like?

I dont usually eat spicy food but...

What? You like something spicy but you dont eat spicy food?

What do you mean?


I can eat spicy food thats not too spicy.

He wont add any seasoning to his fermented fish.

PTay loves super spicy food?

Does he?

You love spicy food.

Lets order some food.

One of their dishes is made for you, PJennie.

What is it?

I saw it in the menu and thought of you. Its Tum Luang Prabang.

Tum Luang Prabang (Papaya Salad)

I was afraid it was going to be a chicken feet soup.

I prayed it wasnt because Id feel bad for PJen.

So well get Tum Luang Prabang?


Tum Luang Prabang.

Do you eat pork?

I do eat pork. I dont eat beef.

No beef.

Ill give you two choices of food: Pork or me?

Theyre both interesting.


But Im a rat.

While were waiting for the food...

You should get to know each other.

Thats important for people who want to date.


So if you dont get this right, you go home.


Youll take the food home.

I dont like when were waiting for food.

Why not?

Its discouraging.

Its discouraging to wait for a long time (Thai song lyrics)

Its discouraging to wait for food for a long time (singing made up lyrics)

How about

we play a game?

Lets. The questions are in my hands.


The rules for this game are complicated.

You must pay attention.

Ill read the questions. There are two choices for each question.


You will answer at the same time.

There are only two choices.

So the chance of picking the same answer is 50/50.



So if you pick the same answer at the same time, it means you think alike.


How many questions are there?

5 in total.

5 questions.

Are you ready for speedy quiz: do you think alike?


First question: Whats Pops type of girl,

sexy or playful?

On the count of three. Youll answer at the same time.

You cant cheat.

Dont even think of it.

One, two, three.

Pop: Playful / Jennie: Sexy

Its only the first question and I got it wrong already.

Why do you like playful girls? Tay said you have a contradicting personality.


Why do you like playful girls?

I think theyre fun to be with. They can cheer you up.

Lets consider that a test question.

Dont worry. There are 5 questions.

If I get more than one question right, I pass.

Lets try the second question.

If Pop were to give PJennie a first kiss,

which part of her body would Pop kiss,

cheek or forehead?

For this one, Ill count to 100

because it might take Pop a long time to choose.

One, two, three.

Pop: Forehead / Jennie: Cheek

PJen, you have 3 questions left.

I really want to help you.

Ill change the rules for you.

Can you get 2 out of 3 right?

2 out of 3.


2 out of 3.



if you and Pop were to marry,

where would you go for your honeymoon,

the Amazon Jungle or the Kongka river?

I think I have the answer.

If youre ready.

Have you decided, Pop?



If youre ready.


God bless you.

Two, three.

Pop: The Amazon / Jennie: The Kongka

Last two questions. Do I need to get them right?

Im running of out questions and my guy friends

and you havent got anyone yet.

There are only two questions left.

You cant get them wrong, PJen.


What do you want your first child to be,

a girl or a boy?




Did you get the ultrasound?



One, two, three.

Pop: Boy / Jennie: Boy

Last question.


I dont know.

Lets hear the last question.

The question is,

what do you call a sliced chili fish sauce,

Nam Pla Prik or Prik Nam Pla?

This is the deciding question.

If you dont agree with each other, you cant live together.

Ready to answer?


Im excited.

What do you call the condiment?




Pop: Nam Pla Prik / Jennie: Nam Pla Prik

Jennie won!


This is not about you.

Lets say you think alike,

even though you only got 2 out of 5 right and thats less than half.

The first three questions dont count.

OK. You won.

You get a chance to eat together today.

Well eat rice with Nam Pla Prik.

Thats your award.


Ma Kwaan Chicken

Grilled Pork Neck

Spicy Minced Duck Salad

Fish Cake

Tum Luang Prabang

Spicy Neem Tree Flower with Prawns Salad

Puff Ball Mushroom Soup with Snake-head Fish

Wow. These look so good.

The food?


Shall we eat?

Not yet. We need a cool drink to go with our spicy food.


Pop maybe the hero of your life

but Est Cola is the hero of yummy food.

I have two heroes today.

Lets start.

What should I eat?

This one?


You have your own!

Oh, I do?



A caring guy

Thank you.

Beautiful Thai Greeting

He is my number one.

Like the rain in the dry season.

Like the rainbow in the sunshine.

I dont think thats possible.

See? I told you.

Try it, PJennie.

My heart is full already.

She hasnt even chewed it yet.

It has my vote already.




*Small girl blushing*

Lets find something to cover PJennie. (Tays joke)

The grilled pork neck is good.


The texture is good. I think they chose the right part.

Just the right amount of fat and meat.

And its grilled just enough to burn for a good smell.


The texture.

Grilled just a little bit.

Guess what we cant eat spicy food without?

Dont say chili.

I cant say spoons because I can eat with my hands just fine.

Im going to show you instead of telling you.

Wheres the eating sound?

Est Cola.


When you eat something spicy like somtum,

you need this kind of drink.

Ive been too focused on eating that I havent been talking to Pop.

If you could go back in time, would you want to befriend Tay?

PTay is a good brother.

If I could go back in time, I would still want to become friends with him.

What do you do for work?

Im an actor

and a graphic designer.

Any upcoming project you want to share with us?

I have a GMMTV show that already aired.

Sleepless Society the Series.

Its on Netflix now.

I also have an upcoming movie.

Wow. I cant wait to watch it.

Hes multitalented, right?

Hes a graphic designer, a photographer,...

Everything about him is good

except one of his friend.

This person he hangs out with.

How do I say this? His subject is not really good.

Correct her! Say Im good!

Hes good.

I was waiting for him to correct me but he didnt.

Is it good?

Its OK.

Its the best

but itll taste even better than best with Est Cola.

The food hero.


Eating is not enough, right?

What do you want me to do?

Love Shot.

Im going to be honest with you.

Its our tradition.

You cant just look into each others eyes because youre not fighting fish.

You must do something else.

I want you to drink a love shot with PJen.

Everyone else has done it. Dont be afraid. Its safe.

The other guys have done it and they have a story to tell their children and grandchildren.

Due to COVID-19, you cant be too close to each other

but I still want you to have your relationship

so I prepared you these.


They are the straws for the love shot.

Wait. Im from Yala. Pop is from Chiang Mai.

These will work for us.

What do I do? Arm in arm with him?


Arm in arm, then what?

Youre good at making easy things difficult.

How was today?

Hows your first date?

Im impressed.

Did you feel nervous around PJennie at first?

No, because PJennie was friendly.

OK. Lets do this later.

But how can I talk to you?

Tell PJennie where she can find you social media so she can follow you.

Give me your Instagram.

Im asking for myself.

Everyone else cant follow him.

But I guess you can.


Again please?


and three Ps?



Thats right.

Thank you for taking the time to date with me.

Of course.

Now I wont meddle in your growing relationship

because Ive done enough.

This saying is for PJennie,

the one who always misses her opportunity.

Nothing beats the good time you have together.

Its the best time in my life even though its short.

Thats a song. Sing it with the melody.

Add the melody and sing the whole song.

OK, I got it from here. Dont worry guys.

Tay didnt sabotage me much in this episode.

Turn off your phone. Airplane mode.

Why cant I reach Pop? Is he on airplane mode?

Youre trying to bother him on the plane?

The food was so yummy today.

If anyone wants to come check out the food here,

tell us what dish you love having with Est Cola, and why,

by commenting on GMMTVs YouTube channel or Facebook.

Tay and I will pick our favorite comment

and the comment owner will get 2 vouchers to eat at Baan Somtum Bangrak

valued at 1,000 baht each.

You can comment until 14 July 2020.

The lucky winner will be announced in the next episode.

Heres the lucky winner from episode 4

who gets free meal at Charm Donburi and Ramen by Oranjii.

OK. Its time to say goodbye.

Thank you so much for today.

Thanks, Pop.

Thank you Yelo House

and Baan Somtum Bangrak for the location.

Tune in the next episode to find out

whos the unlucky guy.

See you in the next episode of Hungry Sister.

Not yet.

Tune in to find out who is sacrificing himself.

No, who gets to date me!

Every other Tuesday at 8 pm on GMMTVs YouTube Channel and Facebook.

This is Hungry Sister.

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