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Hello, this is the 3D pen artist


Is everyone having a good time this end of the year?

2019 is already almost over.

How time flies...

That's why today

I am making Sonic the Hedgehog.

He sure is super fast.

According to the lore, he can run at the speed of Mach 1 - 2.

Since Mach 1 is about 1,200 km/h

he should be pretty fast, for a hedgehog.

For guys like Quicksilver and Flash from the superhero town,

Mach 1 would be their everyday gonna-grab-some-snack speed.

The numbers don't lie.

Truth to be told, you shouldn't take the lores of such fictional characters seriously.

My cat Nago runs around every night at Mach 20,000 trillion.

Just roughly make out the positions for the facial features

and just draw out the flat outlines for the body as well.

It's the Sonic standing with his fists clenched.

I chose this pose because

it is from my favorite scene from the recent movie trailer.

Not sponsored, by the way.


Make the profile outline separately

and place it vertically, mind the eye and mouth height.

It just struck me,

his head is pretty well-shaped

just like my Nago

Lift the filament with tweezers

and give it some round curves, loosely.

There is no need to be super precise.

Like pouring ketchup on a corn dog,

just apply them in a loosely checkered manner.

Next up, the body.

It is the same as the head.

These early stage work can easily be fixed later

and it does get changed often later

So just do it like you're doing a rough sketch,

thinking about what to have for dinner while at it.

Ahh what to have for dinner

Oh! It's already done.

The back is equally simple.

Referencing photos taken from various angles,

sketch out the overall sizes.

Now, for the second part,

we are making a pose.

Apply heat and pose him.

Pose too, can be changed later

so it doesn't have to be perfect.

Easy work so far.

Now is time for a deep sigh

and filling the surface diligently,

thinking "Man, it would suck if an ant got inside this thing".

Is the deep sigh a part of the process, you ask?

Yes, it is.

Just as it is an essential step before going to school or work in the morning.

Now that we filled most of the front,

time for the backside.

Sonic, being a hedgehog, has spikes on his back of the head.

Put them on one by one.

Speaking of, hedgehogs look pretty wild.

As if they're some kind of living cactus

having spikes at their back of the head.

They won't have problem with people hitting them from the back, I suppose.

Give it one more sigh

work like mad and a Sonic shape would materialize in front of you.

Compared to my cats

it is a rather big-

what is Nago even eating

Cotton candy?

Fill the surface of the small ears, that look just like Nago's.

Spread the ketchup quickly like this

and press it with your finger to shape the ear.

and fill the rest.

Lady, you have such beautiful hands ...

Lady, you have such beautiful hands Get away!

This is an LED chip.

Solder it

and add one more into a series circuit

Make two oval shapes

that look like the feet of Mickey Mouse.

Flatten it smooth with a woodburning tool

for that satisfying feeling.

Fix it about 1cm above the LED previously soldered

and you have the irises.

Here are the irises of an super saiyan Sonic.

Temporarily remove the face with a grinder.

We'll have to put these together again later

so make it as clean as possible.

Now, we're making a hole for the iris.

Make the hole like this, smooth the back as well

to fit the iris from before.

oh the light isn't working

There are still many components to connect.

Here's an USB Type-C charging port.

I always use the same thing

because it's good

A thin, long battery.

It's damn expensive.

A boltage booster.

It doesn't shoot out jets of flame though.

I implanted the components into the legs

in order to put the center of gravity as low as possible.

Raise the 3.8V up to 6V using the voltage booster.

Put them all into the legs.

Make sure the lines are tucked in nicely.

Bury it completely, determined that you'll never have to work on it again.

Put a toggle switch in place of the tail.

This will become the tail later.

Light turns on when you flick the tail.

Charging port goes into the shoe

Not the foot you use to write, the other foot.

Re-attatch the face,

now's the time for filling all the surface.

Separating it for now to fill the tiny gaps.

Here is an LED

smaller than a grain of rice.

Word of advice for anyone who wants to use this

You shouldn't, if possible.

flip this tiny thing



Flippin' shi-

You gotta flip and solder it

made my eyes pop out


I don't recommend using one unless necessary.

What am I using this for?

Make small holes in the head,

plant the little LEDs out of view,

so you can make this look like electric sparks.

This process will be done last, after finishing.

Although you can't see in the video, I had to spend a lot of time

putting 20 tiny LEDs total into the head.

Put together the nasty lines

that look like guts spilling out, into the head

and fix the head firmly into place.

LED part is finished now.

You can watch me filling all the surfaces

and melting them smooth.

Honestly, there isn't much for me to say when smoothing.

Just, like, do it well.

You should put extra effort into the eyes.

Making shapes as well as forming the edges.

If there is any filament overflowing into the iris

grind it out,

and use a turbo lighter for 0.3 seconds to restore it.

Draw the mouth with the woodburning tool

and cut out the excess with a cutter.

Apply some heat to the corners of the mouth

and push in gently.

It makes the mouth look a lot more alive.

Make the nose too, roughly

polish and make holes.

It's really simple, there isn't much to explain.

Give it the finishing touch with a lighter.

Do you know what brand of shoes Sonic wears?

I would love to tell you, but shouldn't because it's a PPL

but you can find out if you watch the trailer a few times.

It's there for one second so it won't be easy to find

but it is there.

To give you a subtle hint, it is a brand with a puma on it.

Speaking of Puma shoes, that reminds me

probably about 3 years ago

I went to a store to buy shoes.

There was this pair of Puma shoes that went out of style.

It was on 50% sale so I bought them.

Yeah, reminds me of that time.

No, I'm not speaking whatever comes to my mind

just because I couldn't think of things to say while making the shoes.

Hey, have you ever wondered when shoes were first invented?

You don't?


Now, this is a battle against myself

I fight myself

every time I make something.

I'm not fighting a mirror, of course

it's just an expression for 'testing my limits'

but I almost fought myself for real this time.

this ratbag

I mean,

this hedgehog had a lot of hairs that I needed to draw

over the course of a day.

Recently, I've seen some challenges where you do something for hours

I'd like to recommend them getting a 3D pen.

Every day is a challenge for me.

Making a tail at Sonic's buttocks

is a challenge.

Mix up epoxy resin

pour them into the tail

and put back in before it hardens.

After the tail is done, now is the time for painting.

Roughly paint the base color first.

There will be several layers of paint anyway, so no need to be nervous.

Using my favorite, blue as well.

Poster paint is easy to use and dissolve into water well

so you can simply add color like this.

The downside is, it needs to be coated unless you want to get paint on your hands.

Carefully paint the eyes with a fine brush.

I painted the pupil with acrylic paint.

Now cover up the entire body

except the unpainted hands and shoes.

There are a lot of tiny dimples there

So I'm spraying white surfacer first.

It's been applied over 2 - 3 times.

Let me remove the plastic.

Feels like unboxing a new figure.

Do some extra painting for missing paint

as well as the iconic red shoes and it's almost done.

Coat the surface with matte finish.

Lastly, the electricity.

connect the LEDs with clear filament

to shape the sparks.

Sonic the hedgehog, made with a 3D pen

is finished.

I was born in '92

and first learned of Sonic from a game by SEGA.

I'm sure there are a lot of people with similar age and memories of him.

If you leave a comment down below sharing your fond memories of Sonic

I'll give away this sonic figure

to no one, it's too precious

But I'll give it a good read

Think 'Hmm, that's a story"

and that would be it.

I'll give your comment a heart instead.

Looks cooler when I turn the light off.

Might come in handy when I'm going to the restroom in the middle of the night.

The sparks came out better than I expected.

I thought it'd be a bust for sure.

The eyes are done well too, I think.

I'd love to show you the footage from the trailer

but I can't (copyright and all)

This cute little tail is the switch.

You can charge it with the left shoe.

I'll be back with a more entertaining video.

Thank you.

It's been Sanago.

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