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Welcome to the 5th season of #BEZVIZ

We're in the Canary Islands

And to be honest, these islands exceeded my expectations!

I've been traveling around the Canary Islands

with a good friend of mine - Sasha Buratynskyi

You might have seen him in the 3rd season about Portugal

We have visited 6 out of 7 islands in 2 weeks

including the least popular and the least famous

Now we are going to tell you why these small spots on the map MUST be visited!

As always, the season includes the itinerary of our journey

You can purchase the itinerary on our website -

The link is in the description

Let's roll! This episode is about the island with a

very beautiful yet complicated name - Fuerteventura


Just as with Lanzarote, I have a clear association with Fuerteventura.

Lanzarote is lava fields

And Fuerteventura is sand dunes,

very broad beaches

and yellow-brown flatlands

We started our trip on this island from the northern lighthouse

and drove to the very south

There is also a beautiful lighthouse in the south. I will show it later

Look at this white sand!

Isn't it amazing?

You will definitely see windmills on Fuerteventura

They are a symbol of the island

and some of them were built more than 100 years ago

I guess you have already paid attention to the

big waves near the coastline of Fuerteventura

Just as Lanzarote, Fuerteventura is very popular among surfers

The waves here are diverse, especially during the autumn-winter seasons

The most pleasant fact for me is that many beaches are wild

Pristine nature is always better than umbrellas,

sun loungers and bad music from the cafes

Of course, this island has ultra epic locations

Many people don't know these spots and it's not easy to find them

I will show you one of such places. Enjoy!

This coast features a very strong rip current

and extremely powerful waves hitting the ground with hundreds of pebbles

It's a bad idea to swim here, but you can watch this view and listen

to the orchestra of the wind and percussion of the ocean for ages

However, the main attribute of this location is a rock

A unique masterpiece of nature

Can you see a profile of a man?

You should definitely climb to the other side of the rock through this hole

There are few people in this location, but having climbed to the

other side of the rock you will isolate yourself from anyone else

Just the ocean and the setting sun

In the morning we arrived at another unusual beach

with an extrmely wide half-flooded coastline because of the low tide

In the afternoon there are crowds of people here and no

atmosphere at all. But at sunrise, the place is energizing

Remember my words from the previous episode and try to

see the sunrises in your journey as often as possible

Of course, in such a landscape, my drone Wilson got his hour of triumph

Look at the footage it shot here!

Then we've reached the lighthouse in the south of the island,

which I was talking about in the beginning of the episode

Which lighthouse is more beautiful? I still can't decide

More big waves, more endless yellow flatlands...

The episode is about to end and Fuerteventura has

nothing more to amaze us. That's what you might think

But there's something more

behind the last door

On our last evening on Fuerteventura we headed to the beaches that are hard to reach

The road was difficult and of poor quality, but it was so worth it!

I think we have filmed some of the best shots of our journey here

Some of them resembled the Knockin' on Heaven's

Door movie. The others resembled dark fantasy art

I'm really proud of the shots we made!

I can't wish for a better goodbye from Fuerteventura!

The Canary Islands itinerary

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