Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 자기 몸무게 듣고 깜짝 놀란 강아지ㅋㅋ ㅣ Dog Freaks Out After He Heard His Weight

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Hi? My name is 'Merry'

Cuteness cuteness

A chubby pupper has grown

to the chubbier doggo now~ ;P

Chubby paw

chubby belly

Owner : Just a few days ago he weighed 10kg(22 Ib) tho...

Chubby chubby / 3 months of dog life Merry weighs 11kg(24.25 Ib) now :D

As the youngest in this house

Gets a lot of love..♥

(Aww naive..♡)


My babies, lez eat up~♡

Sudden change of his eyes

Gimme food, gimme food!!!

What the..


A. Dogrisma(dog+charisma). suddenly..? Intimidated

Owner : Just looks like a Boss Baby

"Get lost when barking softly!"

"It's all Merry's!"

Chubby chubby (There's a reason for the belly fat)


'Cree', an older doggo Owner : There're even old dogs..but he's always the first

He tries to make it all to himself

With cute butts


and bad attitude.

'Ttungttaeng' is sad


The youngest is da best eater hehe

Dashes Dig in

(Bro&Sisters eating cold food ;()

"It was da best meal...☆"

Chubby stomach

(Yeah, I think so lol)

Toys everywhere

(Play well with toys, you guys~)

Nope I won't :P

This is Merry's~

Toys he kept are, one~




Give! me!

Owner : To Merry, stealing others' toys and

bothering them are more important than playing with (toys) hehe

(The worst rascal doggo ever)

During his siblings' fight, Got a dog bone

Toys everywhere

"Phew~I moved too much today" (Doubts my hearing)

(Gimme the toy)

(You give it to me)


(Guys.. Merry took all toys already..)

(It's awk..)

Merry~ Don't lie down alone

Lez go workout together~

(Without Merry) All siblings are excited~♬

Owner : Merry~C'mon~


Begins the hipsters' game

"Merry's gonna be an outsider.."

Chewing a stone

(H a ... why does it remind me of 'Vixy' the fat Husky)

Hey! Merry! What's that!!

Owner : You shouldn't eat this, stop eating!

You shouldn't eat a stone!!!

Shocked Owner : He ate a stone / LOLOLOL

Then I can eat grass huh? :P


Owner : I think he should go on a diet, but

I have a lot on my mind, what should I do..

Vet : Now (Merry) weighs 11kg. It's quite heavier than his physique

The problem must happen to him if you let him be

If he gets fat, he can get joint problems

Especially, (Bulldogs) have a weak heart

After finishing his meal 'Merry' is eating again

"Merry.. You have to go on a diet"

Who am I Where am I

(Here is Chanjong's fitness center :D)

Teacher Chanjong : (When eating, Merry) Feels anxious if someone is always next to him

He devours because he thinks his food can be stolen by someone

Whenever he eats food

With worries that someone may take his food (Get away!)

Merry watches out and eats too quickly

I don't eat yours

Letting him feel relieved that no one steals his food~

Not to have an upset stomach from eating quickly, Floating a ball instead of a willow leaf...☆

(Merry, you should eat slowly~)


(Teacher Chanjong) (is da best)

Teacher Chanjong : As you see

The right leg is very unbalanced than the left leg

Merry with unbalanced legs

Lez do workout for keeping balance of the body

A small amount of snacks that removes repulsion to the exercise

Teach him home training

that he can easily follow at home..! (for. Merry)

Teacher Chanjong : He tries to keep balance himself like this~

The difficulty level a bit goes UP!

It'd be better not work too hard in the first place


Sweet Teacher Chanjong : It's okay, come up again~

Decided to help Merry adapt to it step by step..!

Doing great

Oh~good job~

Teacher Chanjong : Oh good! He's keeping his balance~

Compliments a lot so he could feel achieved~♡

So proud

Since that day

'Merry' is doing home workout steadily

Owner : Teaching him how to exercise and eat well

I'll raise him healthily~

"Merry~ Don't get hurt and plz grow to a healthy doggo♡"


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