Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Aaron (Nebraska)

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Hi, my name is Aaron Hurt from Omaha, Nebraska, originally from Sydney,

which used to be the headquarters of Cabela's and a town that Trump

received 80% of the vote in 2016.

In my first presidential election, I helped elect George W.

Bush because in Nebraska, not only do we wear red and bleed red, we also vote red.

As a father of two young boys.

I tried to raise them to care and respect others and instill in them moral

values that any dad could be proud of.

However, President Trump has no morals and only cares for himself.

He may fight for some of the issues that I believe in, but he does

not represent any of my values.

On November 3rd I will be voting for Joe Biden because he, we need somebody

in the White House who actually cares for the people in this country, who

will lead it instead of dividing it.

Thank you.

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