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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Best Of Season 5 Moments ft. Mac Miller, French Montana & More ? Wild 'N Out

Difficulty: 0

- [DJ D-Wrek] Things old people say.

- Thanks god I married Nick Cannon.

- Oh! - Oh!

(audience oohs) (digital beep)

(audience cheers) - You mother (beep)!

Woo ♪ (upbeat hip hop music)






- Okay, here we go, you don't pissed Droppa off.

Okay, I want acapella, cut the beat for me.

- Stop the beat! - Yeah!

- Stop the beat for me.

I want acapella 'cause I'm real,

okay? (audience laughs)

Nick Cannon, when I come here, I get mad.

Looking at your face is like looking at a dirty plastic bag.

(audience oohs) I hate your lip,

I hate your face.

What you doing in this world is almost a disgrace.

(yells) Mariah Carey should be with me!

(audience laughs) (audience applause)

I love Mariah!

I love Mariah!

I want Mariah!

Wild Out

(upbeat hip hop music)

Hold up, girl

Wait a minute

You know how this works ♪ (audience laughs)

If you want to meet ASAP Rocky tonight

You got to do me first

(audience cheers)

- Body guard. (bell dings)

- That's what I'm saying.

Wild Out

Oh, (beep), boo hoo

The last raps you kicked

They was doo doo ♪ (audience laughs)

I got more views than you on YouTube

Plus, I hear Mariah made more money than you do

(audience oohs) - She does!

(bell dings) - Hold up, hold up,

hold up, hold up, hold up.

Yo, yeah I'm Jewish, get my Hanukkah on

So let me beat you with a mother (beep) yarmulke on

(audience laughs) (bell dings)

(audience cheers) (mellow hip hop music)

Wild Out

Oh, oh, oh, come on, hey, hey

Do you know the muffin man

Hell yeah, everybody know the muffin man

Do you know the muffin man

Hell yeah, everybody know the muffin man

Hey yo, E, how you know the muffin man

He stole everything I had, that's my cousin man

(audience laughs) ♪ Hey yo, Tim

How you know the muffin man

He hit my chick, put a muffin in her oven, man

(audience laughs) ♪ DeRay

How you know the muffin man

I'm scared, so I ain't saying nothing, man

(audience laughs) ♪ Hey yo, Nick

How you know the muffin man

Man, that mother (beep) owe me 'bout 35 grand

(audience laughs) ♪ Hey

Do you know the muffin man

Hell yeah, everybody know the muffin man

Do you know the muffin man

Hell yeah, everybody know the muffin man

Where he at

Point him out

Where he at

Point him out

Where he at

Point him out

Where he at

Point him out

(audience laughs) ♪ Where he at

Point him out

(audience cheers) ♪ Where he at

Point him out

Do you know the muffin man

Hell yeah, everybody know the muffin man

Do you know the muffin man

Hell yeah, everybody know the muffin man

(audience cheers)

Wild Out

- My man, Nick Cannon is so fly.

- [Audience] How fly is he?

- He got Mariah pregnant once, and had two babies.

- Damn right!

Damn right! (bell dings)

(audience cheers)

Damn right!

(audience laughs)

True story. (audience laughs)

Wild Out

- I tried to several my secret weapon.

- Yeah! (record scratches)

- Next up, Conceited. (air horns blow)

- Nick, when you was rapping, I was snatching at my ears.

The only reason you relevant

is because Mariah carries your career.

- Oh! (audience grumbles)

(bell dings) - That'll do it.

- I mean, he went from rapping to acting,

of course the people gonna doubt him.

You did Love Don't Cost a Thing, and neither did you album.

(audience oohs) (audience cheers)

Wild Out

(bass heavy hip hop music) (audience applause)

(man laughs) - Ladies and gentlemen,

give it up for Miss Luck.

(audience cheers)

- Ladies and gentlemen, make some noise

for Real Life in here. (bell dings)

(audience laughs) - Everybody,

it is our Wild 'N Out girl's mama!

(audience cheers) - Wait, hold up,

hold up, whoa, whoa.

You know you ain't got to do this, right?

(audience laughs)

Let me get you out this environment.

(audience cheers) ♪ Wild Out

- Uh oh, Jacob. (laughs)

Hey Nick, I saw your last special of comedy

And I have a question

How expensive was it to edit all the laughs in

(audience oohs)

(bell dings) (audience cheers)

(audience applause)

Jacob, Jacob, you brand new, so we don't even know stuff

Only thing that we assume is that you road on a short bus

(bell dings) (audience laughs)

Being married to Mariah, that's a lot of clout

But do you ever get lonely when she puts you in timeout

(audience cheers) (bell dinging)

Wild Out

(Black Squad oohs) (audience cheers)

- I'm 2 Chainz. (bell dings)

(audience laughs)

(bell dings) (audience cheers)

Wild Out

(audience cheers)

(Charlamagne sighs) - Life in prison, man.

- Hey man, I'm not gay neither, but we got life, dog.

- What that mouth do, though? (audience laughs)

(bell dings)

Wild Out

- I hope this done prohibit me

from being in any future movies with you, Kevin,

but bring it on up. (audience laughs)

Congratulations on your success

I want to see you prevail

But you only at the top of comedy

♪ 'Cause Katt Williams is in jail

(audience grumbles)

(Teams grumble) (audience applause)

Wild Out

- Alright, your next answer is also defined

as a complete fantasy. - Ooh.

(buzzer beeps) - Nick Cannon going platinum!

(audience cheers)

- But that's the captain, man!

That's the captain! (audience applause)

- Go around the back. (buzzer beeps)

- Chico being on this show again.

(audience laughs) (bell dings)

(audience applause)

(buzzer beeps) - (beep).

- That's alright, Nick, Joe Budden going platinum.

- Yeah! (audience laughs)

(bell dings) (audience grumbles)

(buzzer beeps)

- Me visiting the baby I made last year in New York.

(audience laughs) (bell dings)

Wild Out

Set this cup down for battling Nick

I'm folding him

I ain't losing to a guy that came from Nickelodeon

(audience grumbles) (bell dings)

If each punchline is a bullet

I'm shooting them all

You dead, he dead, he dead

Man, face it

This team is like the cable in my crib, basic

(audience cheers) (bell dings)

(rhythmic hip hop music)

Hold up hold up hold up, hold up.

Uh, and I know you all hate it

Yeah y'all comedians who never made it

(audience grumbles) (bell dings)

D-Wrek, D-Wrek, cut the beat, man,

cut the beat, cut the beat.

Alright, check it out, check it out.

We got David Banner, we got Bruce Lee,

but while I got the mic, allow me to introduce y'all

to Napoleon Dynamite.

(audience cheers) (bell dings)

Lace up, man, Black Team!

Wild Out

- [DJ D-Wrek] Mariah Carey.

(audience laughs) - I guess this one

would be me, huh? - Who else gonna do it?

(audience cheers)

- Mariah Mother (beep) Carey.

(audience woos)

I got to get some (beep) off my chest, alright?

How dare you marry me and upgrade my life?

(audience laughs) How you just gonna marry me

and whisk me and my family down to the Bahamas

for an amazing wedding, huh?

I'm just saying.

And then, when we was at the wedding,

you just, just went all out.

I'm just saying, just gonna come out there,

have the most beautiful reception,

then you gonna come out with the microphone

and start singing live and hitting high notes?

You could've lip sync that (beep) like Beyonce did

at the inauguration! (audience cheers)

(bell dinging)

- Mariah Carey, what?

It's okay, Nick!

(audience cheers)

Wild Out

- Come on up here, Chico.

We gonna start it off like this.

Uh, uh, your Instagram be lying

You ain't really fine

When I finally met you in person

I wish that I was blind ♪ (audience laughs)

Look girl, you making me my maddest

When I looked at all your pictures

And they do not match your status

Talking 'bout you look good

Girl, I wish you could

Do not message me again

Ooh, girl I wish you would ♪ (audience laughs)

Give it up, stop trying

Your Instagram be lying

When you instant message me

I instantly get offline ♪ (audience laughs)

♪ 'Cause your Instagram be lying

You ain't really fine, no, no, no

When I finally met you in person, ooh yeah

I wish that I was blind

Now, Stevie Wonder with it

Now, Stevie Wonder with it

Now, Stevie Wonder with it ♪ (audience laughs)

Now, Stevie Wonder with it ♪ (bell dinging)

Now, Stevie Wonder with it

(audience cheers)

Wild Out

- My man, Nick Cannon, is so fly.

- [Audience] How fly is he?

- He gets Mariah's menstrual cycle to call before it come.

(audience cheers) (bell dings)

- Oh, (beep)! - Just so I know.

I didn't know where she was going with that.

Wild Out

- Hey yo, Rasika, you know I get it crazy forever.

You look like Kumar and Mr. Ed had a baby together.

(audience laughs) (bell dings)

Lous, when will you cats really learn?

This (beep) beard look like Katt Williams permanent.

(audience laughs) (bell dings)

(audience applause) - Man up!

- Chico, you know I'm the one for real.

You the one I kill.

This ain't Fresh Prince, why am I battling Uncle Phil?

(audience laughs) (audience grumbles)

(bell dings) (audience cheers)

- Yeah, yeah! (all laugh)

Wild Out

- [DJ D-Wrek] Alright, Hansel and Gretel

in the witch's house. - Okay. (laughs)

- This about to be sexy, I'm sitting up here.

(Mac laughs) (audience laughs)

- Hansel.

- Yes, Gretel? - The witch,

she's putting us in the oven now.

- Oh, no!

- No! - No!

- Uh oh. - Oh!

(women moaning)

Now, it's getting hot in here.

- So take off all your clothes.

(audience laughs)

- I will only do it, sister, if you do it, too,

so I am not uncomfortable.

- Okay, brother. - Okay.

(audience laughs) - Oh, to be German.

- Oh!

(all cheer)

- I feel alive! - I loved it!

(all applaud) This is mine!

Wild Out

- Let's talk about Kevin's whips.

He got the Maclaren, the Ferrari, the G Wagon, and the Six.

- What? - But he can't drive

none of them (beep) without this!

(audience cheers) (bell dinging)

Sit your ass it in!

(audience cheers)

- It's okay, do you want sit in your car seat?

You want to sit in here?

Sit right in here, sweetie. - Have a seat.

(audience cheers)

Platinum Squad, that's how we do!

All y'all yo loaders, clearly we won!

Wild Out

- Seeing this on your wedding day is considered back luck.

(buzzer beeps) - Who is Christina Milian?

- Oh! (audience oohs)

(bell dings) (audience laughs)

Wild Out

- Hey Jacob, hey Jacob, it's a white boy battle!

(audience cheers) D-Wrek, stop the beat!

(record scratches) Drop a white boy beat,

we getting white up in here. (audience laughs)

(playful high pitched music) White boy beat.

(audience laughs) ♪ I'm gonna get you

You know that I would

My credit score's awesome

Yours is just really good

(audience cheers) (bell dings)

Look man, you got me, I'm really tore up

But my stock portfolio is about to blow up

(audience laughs) - Oh!

- Oh, one more.

I watch smart shows on PBS

Your Lexus doesn't even have a GPS

(audience oohs) (bell dings)

You're a real smarty

But guess what

You're not longer invited to my birthday party

(audience laughs) - Hey!

(bell dinging)

- White boys going in! (audience cheers)

Wild Out

Miss Patty got the cake, cake, cake, cake, cake

Miss Patty got the cake, cake, cake, cake, cake

Miss Patty got the cake, cake, cake, cake, cake

Who, Miss Patty

Who, Miss Patty

I'm the baker man and I got a booty collection

But when it come to patty, she the best of my selection

She got cakes so big that they don't fit inside your hand

And if you was a man, you'd (beep) her fast as you can

(audience laughs) ♪ Hey

Cake, cake, cake, cake, cake

Miss Patty got the cake, cake, cake, cake, cake

(audience laughs) ♪ Miss Patty got the cake, oh

Hey, hey, hey

Miss Patty got the cake ♪ ♪ Who, Miss Patty

Who, Miss Patty

They call me Miss Patty because I got that cake

And boys give me money just to shake it in they face

I shake it in their face with so much style and grace

Make 'em scream so loud they get evicted from their place

Uh huh ♪ (audience laughs)

Miss Patty got the cake, cake, cake, cake, cake

Miss Patty got the cake, cake, cake, cake, cake

Miss Patty got the cake, cake, cake, cake, cake

Who, Miss Patty

Who, Miss Patty

Player remix

(audience cheers)

Wild Out

- When I get the mic, y'all know I'm flowing hot.

I should piss in his dreads

so y'all can call him Goldilocks.

(audience laughs) (bell dings)

Now, this is the truth, you hate it,

why the hell everything you like got to be food related?

(audience laughs)

Why don't you just sit here and tell the public,

his favorite basketball team is the Denver Nuggets.

(audience laughs) (bell dings)

Now, that's what I do, I'm killing 'em in here.

This (beep) feminine, he's scared,

he's horrified of vending machines

'cause he heard Eminem's in there.

(audience oohs) - Oh, oh!

(bell dinging) Oh!

(audience cheers)

Wild Out

(audience cheers) (upbeat house music)

- I told y'all we was gonna have Trinidad James here today.

(all laugh) (bell dings)

- (laughing) I can't, I can't, I can't!

- She dressed like she been making biscuits all morning.

(audience laughs) (bell dings)

Wild Out

Right, check this, look

Nick could get it for free

This ain't even for the money

I have his whole team on tilt

Like your Gumby ♪ (audience oohs)

(bell dings) ♪ Uh

Sell the jokes, just retire that

I put a whole different cannon on Mariah back

(audience oohs) (bell dings)

(audience cheers) - Alright!

Hold on, dammit, that's my wife!

(audience laughs)

Alright, you on the Mariah jokes, okay.

- How you gonna call

them back? - Alright, yo, yo.

I got the game on lock like it's in a slip knot

♪ (beep), we all see you crying on Love & Hip Hop

(audience laughs) (bell dings)

Wild Out

(audience applause)

- What that mouth do, though?

(audience laughs) (bell dings)

- [Nick] There it is.

Wild Out

- Being Nick Cannon. - Oh!

(audience cheers)

- Yo (laughs), who the hell wants to be Nick Cannon?

(audience laughs) Like, why would I want

to marry Mariah Carey, and sleep on some soft silk sheets

that smell like roses, and feel Mariah's hair,

(laughs) oh, my god. (audience laughs)

(laughs) Why do I want to make so much money,

and literally get a check from everybody?

Why do I love white girls? (audience laughs)

I don't know!

Who wants hair that's not really hair,

but it's a Gumby, but nobody wears it, I don't know.

(audience laughs) (bell dings)

Wild Out

♪ (beep) Lauren, you a ugly white girl I never hit on

She look like a teenage boy with a dirty wig on

(audience grumbles) ♪ I know that thing stank

I got dirty (beep) vision

Smell like cigarettes, chlamydia, and horrible decisions

(bell dings) (audience cheers)

- Hold on, hold on, okay, I respect that!

But here's what I have to say to that.

Yo, let me tell you something

It's sad but true

DoBoy, you're so fat, diabetes has you

(audience cheers) (bell dings)


Wild Out

(audience applause)

(audience laughs)

(chair slams) (actress laughs)

- What's up, girl?

Hey, you know I'm the hardest dude out here, right?

(audience laughs)

And I need a chick like you to hold me down.

A gangster like myself, I need somebody like you to hold,

and you the only one for me. - Uh, Chico?

(audience laughs) (audience cheers)

(bell dinging)

Wild Out

(audience cheers) - Okay, fine Nick Cannon,

go ahead. - We gonna do it like this.

- He's so smart. - I'm a fan of yours, dog,

and you really quite dapper.

But don't make me have to smash another white rapper.

(audience oohs) (bell dings)

(audience cheers) - Hold on, hold on,

hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on.

You could talk all your (beep), man, I ain't gonna stop you.

I don't got to say anything, Eminem already got you.

(audience oohs) (bell dings)

(audience cheers)

(bell dinging)

(bell dinging)

Wild Out

- Okay, your next hashtag is things you say in prison.

- Oh!

(audience applause)

- I'm throwing it back to make you hurry up.

(audience laughs) (bell dings)

(all laugh)

Wild Out

- Give it up for Kevin, and the Hart Beats.

(audience cheers) (smooth R&B music)

It kills me sometimes a woman can gain this weight

and think that it's not a consequence.

(audience laughs)

I just don't like the spillage.

(audience laughs)

I want to talk about muffin tops.

Muffin tops, muffin tops, muffin tops, muffin tops

Here we go, here we go

You're eating more, woo

Doritos, hey

And Cheetos, hey

Your belly hanging over your belt

Belly big

♪ (beep) small

Your stomach looks

Like a yoga ball

She got rolls all in here neck, what

Rolls all in her side, who

She tried to get on top, what

I suffocated and died, let's go

She stay looking pregnant when she not

But she's not, muffin top

She got a top belly, hey hey

A middle belly, hey hey

A bottom belly, hey hey

And that (beep) is heavy ♪ - I don't got that much.

Muffin top ♪ ♪ I said she's super sized

- That's a lot of belly. ♪ Hella swole, hey

And she stay in the snack aisle of the grocery store

Let's go

Muffin top, she's got that muffin top

Lift that shirt up and her stomach drop

Don't you worry baby

♪ 'Cause you know

We can Photoshop

(audience cheers) (bell dings)

Wild Out

- Woo! ♪ At the end of the day

We really don't give a damn

We did this whole show

Just to post that bitch on Instagram

Come on. - Hey!

(bell dings) (audience cheers)

- We need you in there, too, so they could know

this is really Wild 'N Out. (audience laughs)

(group chatters) Back up, back up.

(bell dings)

(audience laughs)

Wild Out

- Hey yo, Chico

(bouncy hip hop music)

I said, Chico B, you must be a fool

You don't want to battle me like they did the old school

You must be out of your got dang mind

I'ma Sucker MC but it okay ♪ (audience laughs)

I said hold on, stop the beat

Because Chico, I'm what you can't beat

You a Sucker MC, and I'm so cool

I just made you look like a straight fool

(audience oohs) (bell dings)

You crazy, homes

I dissed myself 'cause you can't go to your home

♪ 'Cause you live with yo mama

(audience laughs) (bell dings)

That's okay ♪ (audience laughs)

It's my mama's crib

At least I got a cool place I can live

My daddy coming back when he get out of jail

And me and him gonna run the streets and raise some hell

(bell dings) ♪ You think your daddy

Is really your pop

But I got some bad news

I'm really your pop ♪ (audience oohs)

I stroked your mom in the back of the club

And every time I see her

She asks me for a hug ♪ (bell dings)

(audience laughs) ♪ I'm on the Black Team

I'm wearing a bandana

Say something else about my daddy

I'ma tell French Montana ♪ (audience oohs)

(audience laughs) - Ooh!

(bouncy hip hop music)

- Tell him what you said!

Tell him what you said! ♪ Hold on, wait a second

I don't got no patience for Sucker MCs

You think you can beat a team like these

With these suckers

You crazy

(audience laughs) (bell dings)

I'ma say one thing

I don't mean to be rude

But who was that girl that looks like a dude

(audience laughs) (bell dings)

She came here with you

(audience laughs) (bell dings)

I don't care what you say

Everybody knows

I'm on this show so I'm getting some (beep) ♪

(audience laughs) (bell dings)

You sharing with me

Share 'em with me

(audience laughs) (bell dings)

Okay, cool, but let's keep rapping

Aw yeah, okay now ♪ ♪ Oh, you Sucker MC

Turn up, we done turn up ♪ (audience cheers)

Come on, turn up, we done turn up

(bell dinging) ♪ I said turn up

We done turn up

Turn up, we done turn up ♪ - This that real hip hop

right there. ♪ Turn up

- That was real hip hop. (audience applause)

- Man, we brought old school back, that's right.

(audience cheers) ♪ Wild Out

(audience cheers) - Yeah Nick.

- The captain. - Bring it home, Nick.

- Bring it home. - Oh, yeah.

(audience chuckles) - Bring it home, Nick.

- What's happening, baby girl?

- (shrieks) Oh, my god! (audience cheers)

- I will shut all this (beep) down, okay?

(audience laughs)

I will shut all this (beep) down.

- I know, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

But we'll be right back with more Wild 'N Out.

(bell dings) - And Nick, by the way--

(audience cheers)

(upbeat hip hop music)



The Description of Best Of Season 5 Moments ft. Mac Miller, French Montana & More ? Wild 'N Out