Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Serena Williams MELTDOWN, PR0N Memes, & Kanye's Big Suit!

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Boy is it good to be back after roasting in the Florida Sun for a week straight while trying my best to stay as disconnected

as possible

having said that, after diving back into the world's greatest invention, the Internet. I was inundated with news that we had to pick apart and

make sense of because it's just so hard to keep track

Unless you're hooked in all the time like we usually are.

So we'll skip last week cause Elliott covered most of it

But let's take some time to talk about what happened over the weekend and try to break it all down for you

All right

let's start with this whole Serena Williams thing over at the US Open because it was hard to figure out just what went wrong when

You're just sifting through hundreds of headlines and news stories that dive deeper into the fallout of what happened instead of just laying out

Exactly what happened

So here you go as briefly as we can tell it before

you know diving into more of what the internet and real life had to offer this weekend the US Open Women's

Final saw Serena Williams faced off against Naomi Osaka at the sport of tennis.

Naomi Osaka she apparently idolized Williams growing up and it was really just this was her moment

It was now the headlines were basically filled with notes about how Serena Williams blew up at an official at this event calling her penalties

sexist and ultimately she ended up losing to Osaka which people indicated was entirely the result of her outbursts

So apparently, she was more than likely going to lose

anyway after Osaka proved herself to be a formidable foe by winning the first set

but this whole saga really started in the second set when Serena was given a violation for her coach who was

well, coaching her during the match which is apparently against the rules but also tends to happen very frequently

Her coach even admitted that he was coaching from the sidelines

But that everybody does it and he also said that he doesn't even think that she saw his coaching

So that's why she got so pissed at the violation again. We are nowhere close to tennis experts

So I'm sure that this whole thing will spur a ton of comments from all of you tennis experts out there in the comments

anyway, the first violation and

Williams protests of that violation it caused her to become upset and angry which resulted in her pulling a good old John McEnroe and smashing that raquet

He's tennis' bad boy. That gave her another violation, of course

She did started screaming at the umpire for stacking these violations which resulted in of course

you guessed it, another violation at that point with all those violations stacked up and with Osaka winning the

first set already, there was basically no way that Serena could win so despite the match continuing from there.

Williams, she


Apparently played poorly. I know what bad tennis looks like

Yeah, they're saying the tennis people are saying at Osaka, she would have won the the whole thing regardless

She did end up winning. So that's good. So from the second that Osaka won, she was in tears

During the match the audience was booing and screaming against the ruling and Osaka

So when she won, becoming the first tennis player from her country in history to win a Grand Slam Final

Yeah, she burst in tears again

It's reported that she couldn't even enjoy it because she wanted to win fair and square in a great match between two great competitors

During the trophy ceremony

The entire crowd was booing the result of the match causing Osaka to continue breaking down into tears

And once she got the mic she, through tears,

Apologized to everyone for something that wasn't her fault at all and saying that she was sorry it had to end like this

Not needed Osaka

But you know, good for her. Yeah kind of a shitty crowd. So finally during this speech,

She received the cheers that she deserved and to her credit, Williams did state during that ceremony that "Hey crowd, stop booing!"

Yeah bad don't

Don't be like me, a bad sportsman

that's so the supposedly sexist aspect of the whole thing apparently boiled down to

Williams statements that the umpire of the match only gave her the violation because she's a woman

It was more


it's more like

she was saying that the outburst she had if a male competitor had had the same outburst the punishment would not have been severe and

There's some pretty convincing arguments to support that

I don't know though that you would have been better off just not breaking your racket and getting mad and avoiding the whole thing

but it's a

Regardless bad sportsmanship is bad sportsmanship it happens on in every sport. It does. Men and women and

you know, there's

Repercussions for that. Yeah, there's another story that we have coming up right next that it's kind of the same thing. Yeah, so

Move over tennis. Yeah, you want something a little faster?

So let's move over to another sport and another bit of unsportsmanlike conduct because this next story is some real sinister shit


During a MotoGP race over the weekend the San Marino Grand Prix

Two drivers who were going back and forth in position will run off the track at some point and once they've gotten back to normal,

a driver named Romano Fenati decided to get some kind of weird retribution on the other racer named Stefano Manzi in

probably the most dangerous way possible

Dangerous way possible. It's a sports episode

So why I'm wearing my jersey that Elliott got me in the Philippines the old what what team is this, the beer team?

It's just a beer company. And they just make jerseys? They're like, you know, what fuck it people like sports

Yeah, Did they give this out a the cockfighting ring? No, I bought it at a

Totally legit store. No blood from chickens on the ground. Oh great

Anyways, back to the MotoGP story. It's motorcycles, by the way

Oh, that's what it is. As they're racing around the track at speeds around 125 miles an hour, no clue about the kilometers

Sorry, everyone else. Fenati got right up next to Manzi, reached over and grabbed hi front brakes

Which is fucking insane

some Tom Cruise shit

Tom Cruise is trying to call terrorists. This man was just racing. Do we know who's a terrorist? Could be a pedophile

You're a terrorist. I grabbed the brakes because obviously he's a pedophile. Have you investigated whether or not this man's a terrorist?

Well, we'll have to look into it. But I tried to stop him. That's what they'll say about me. Yeah

Anyways, yeah

So this case fucking motorcycle racer guy reached over grabbed the front brakes putting Manzi's motorcycle into a brief, yet

Incredibly dangerous wobble that could have resulted in catastrophe. Now luckily,

he recovered immediately

But anyone who's ever ridden a motorcycle,

In their lives, should know that tapping your front brake at any speed over, I don't know, five miles an hour

Yeah, it could result in a serious wreck, especially when it happens unexpectedly

So now this was done in an official race

And it's insane that the other driver even in a fit of rage, would think to do something that could severely injure someone like this

It's mind-boggling. It was like road rash in real life

Yeah, they should give you it would be a lot more entertaining if they gave everyone bats and chain

Yeah, stick it in their spokes. Yeah. Yeah, it's cool

I like it more like the Isle man where the track is the enemy, and it kills people all the time. Yeah

Well, anyways, the officials over at MotoGP, They took action immediately and banned Romano Fenati

from competition

For two races. Now, that'll show 'em. He's gonna learn his lesson

but anyways

the repercussions of this continue to be severe and rightfully so

because his future as a professional MotoGP rider is now in jeopardy, as it should be, because his team just

outright dropped his ass. Wow. How about that?

like people don't want to be associated with people who try to murder other racers on the track

on camera. Weird how that works. Well anyway now

With fucked up sports out of the way, Let's talk about the Emmys 'cos apparently the Emmys happened this weekend

it was a bit of a shock because uh

We don't even keep track of the dates of award shows anymore

we just assumed we'd miss the entire thing, but I apparently these were just the creative arts Emmys but

There were still some big winners that are definitely worth mentioning here first and foremost, John Legend achieved

true legendary status with the coveted EGOT

He won in the best variety category of Jesus Christ Superstar live in concert

An Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar and a Tony. EGOT. No small feat

Yeah, put them all up on the shelf in the right order. That's an EGOT, baby

Other notable wins at this year's Creative Arts Emmys were Anthony Bourdain who posthumously won six awards for the following categories

Best Informational Series, Writing for Nonfiction, Picture Editing for Nonfiction, Sound Editing for Nonfiction and Sound Mixing

Netflix' Wild Wild Country won for Best Documentary/Nonfiction Series

Well deserved

Last week tonight with John Oliver won for best writing in a variety series

Black Mirror won for Best TV Movie specifically the episode USS Callister

Starring Jesse Plemons aka meth Damon. So good for them. Game of Thrones won for Best Special Visual Effects, and now

Where's all those Rick and Morty fans? Where you guys hiding? Wubba lubba dub dub

Wubba lubba dub dub. Rick and Morty now have an Emmy because Rick and Morty won for Best Animated Programs. I just want Szechuan Sauce

Yeah, the full Primetime Emmy Awards will air on September 17th, but since you probably won't watch it

We'll be here to tell you all the winners that you probably actually care about after it airs

And any of those fun, live moments that could happen. Anything could happen

Yeah, speaking of things that should win awards though

It's been a while since one single music video has sparked such a hilarious discussion

But when little pump and Kanye West releases our Spike Jonze directed video featuring Adele Givens at the PornHub Awards

It was like a gift passed down to Twitter and every other social media platform because of just how simple yet hilarious and ridiculous it

was to see him and Lil Pump going full Roblox

that's a game the kids play with their costume design and

by now you've already seen the video or at least some animated gifs of it popping up but in the days that

followed, director Spike Jonze revealed the concept art for the video idea and it's honestly just as good as the real thing

There are some definite talking heads or Doug funny vibes going on here alongside the obvious Roblox look, but either way

It's awesome to see a video this ridiculous yet, so simple. Spike Jonze is one of the best music video directors. He is

It's great that he still comes back every once in a while to make one

I honor his whole catalog. Remember when they did that series in the early 2000s

Michel Gondry. You kids will never know what it's like to own a DVD full of music

Yeah, just yeah the Michel Gondry, Chris Cunningham. That's how into Aphex Twin

I don't know what Aphex Twin is, but these videos are fucking nuts. They need to rerelease that whole series in 4k, they should

They should. yeah, what the hell. Well anyway

Yeah, so this Kanye Lil Pump video, It's probably gonna result in the most

inconvenient couples Halloween costume of 2018

So if you throwing a party be sure to put away anything that might fall over as a result of two people

Shoving their way around and something similar to these outfits. Also sweating to death on the inside. Yeah

I don't know how they're gonna go to the bathroom. Probably gonna do it right there in the suit

Yeah, you could just like bring a bag and put it in there

You could store anything in there. If you're trying to sneak in, like liquor

booze, drugs

pee bags. People?

Other people. This is gonna be the new stacking people on top of each other to go to the movies

You just show up like Kanye and a Lil Pump and you know, it's fashion. Have you ever heard of it?

Yeah, it's the hot new style now. Let me into this fucking movie

So anyways, let's talk about memes

Memetime. Porn memes have apparently taken reddit by storm. More specifically, the "Oh fuck yeah spread it" meme

which started out as an image from a pornography film titled Blacked Petite Riley

Reid Tries Huge Black Cock in Her Ass

starring the previously mentioned Riley Reid with the audio from the scene spelled out below the image and it's yeah

It said, oh fuck yeah spread it. This has resulted

In other porn scenes with literal captions on them used with various headlines

Like the one that started the whole thing when someone asked me if they should spread the idea of communism

There's also more wholesome ones like when I see someone displaying positivity. Fuck yes, spread it

Then some people started adding their own words the basic meme as it continued to spread with more porn scenes being added to the growing

photo base like this one where an actress is shouting

"Oh fuck, put it back in" with a headline like when your hand accidentally slips out of the Wiimote wrist strap

Now according to Meme Economy,

a subreddit. A very valuable one. These memes are tired and stale already. Sell!

Some appearing far before the mainstream memes success of the "Oh fuck yeah, spread it" version. This has been around for a while guys

It's just the normies found out about it's true though

Nothing new here for most of you, I guess, but it was a nice break from the absolute

dominance of the various Elon Musk smoking weed memes flooding the market.

The four-panel Elon Musk smoking, it's a great four-panel. We haven't had a good 4 panel in a while. Here's what I'll say about that

Elon Musk

has a

hilarious face. The face that he did, he's like Jim Carrey

Yeah, he should get into comedic acting. He doesn't emote enough. No. Yeah, you know what Elon Musk?

You know what you can't do

be a star in a mainstream

A-List comedy. I bet you won't do it. I bet you won't do it

He actually did appear on The Big Bang Theory and he was fucking awful and he was in an episode of South Park

And yeah, not a good actor. It was his voice actually in South Park? Yes.

Well, fuck he beat me to everything. Yep. What what can't this man do?

apparently inhale. or just you know, put the phone down and not call people pedophiles.

So anyways, if you're holding on to any of those memes it's time to sell. Sell, baby

Yeah, these are about to dip. Well, damn

It's good to be back together. What a well-rounded episode

We went from covering sports drama in the real world to Roblox to porn memes with zero hesitation

It's like jazz

Yeah, we just go with the flow, baby

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Anyways, we'll talk about that and more over the rest of this week feels good to be back

My back is peeling like crazy

It's disgusting. Florida Sun. Check out our other episodes over here that Eliot did while I was gone and we will see you all

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