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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Villalpando vs. Price

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male narrator: Tonight on "Wife Swap,"

two women, worlds apart. A subservient wife.

- Men work. Women clean, take care of the kids.

narrator: Whose biker husband rules the roost.

- Women are supposed to support our men.

- Say it louder for those in the back.

narrator: And a take-charge businesswoman

and social media influencer.

- Today, we are going to be doing a workout.

narrator: Who brings home the bacon

while her modern-minded husband tends the house.

- He'll cook, clean, and he'll make sure the girls

are ready for bed on time, which I'm horrible at,

but he does great. - Easy, baby.

narrator: They swap lives for one week.

- The chef is here.

- I never ate a man's cooking before.

The guy cooks and cleans. You're not a real man.

- What? - Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

- That's women's work.

- Women need to be seen and not heard.

- Can you get me another one? - What?

- I expect no talking back.

narrator: But when the rules change...

- The kitchen is a woman's place.

- Can't even go in the fridge to get a drink of water?

- No one goes into my kitchen. - What?

- You are gonna be stay-at-home dad.

- No. - It's my rules.

narrator: It proves too much for the families to handle.

- This is your egg replacement.

- It looks like it came out of one end of the chicken.

- I can't even feed my own kids.

I don't like nobody telling me what I can and can't do.

- That's part of "pussification" of America.

- Ow. - Men are not men anymore.

narrator: In a trailer park on the outskirts of town

live the motorcycle-loving Villalpando family.

Traditional homemaker Keri,

her rough-and-tumble husband Tombstone,

and 11-year-old son Daniel.

- I've always said, "I wasn't born in the right generation."

I am old-fashioned. I believe men work.

Women clean, take care of the kids,

and if they choose to work,

you still have those responsibilities.

- You know, we tend to be

a little bit of rough and gruff,

and we ride motorcycles that are real loud.

[engine revving]

In motorcycle world, life is built on respect,

and that's the same way that I control my household.

You get my boots.

It's each man's responsibility to keep his woman in line.

- The women are not heard in the motorcycle community

because we're only there to support our men.

- Say it louder for those in the back.

What I do is I ride bitch.

I ride on the back part of the motorcycle.

If someone has a problem with the word riding bitch,

they can grow a backbone.

- I work security, so it all comes back down to,

you know, me being a protector.

- What can I get for you? - I already got a drink, right?

- Yes, it's in your chair. Tombstone is definitely

not allowed to step foot into my kitchen.

It is not a man's place to be in a kitchen.

If they're hungry or thirsty, we serve them.

We're females. That's what we do.

- What we eating? - Pizza. It's your favorite.

- I'm a meat and potatoes guy. What's it, dinnertime?

- It is dinnertime.

- The problem with green foods is I'm not a rabbit.

Yeah. - We met on a dating site.

- I was like, "Man, she's hot."

- Couple days after that Tombstone

learned that I had a son.

- I'm like, oh, here we go.

- What's fun about me spending time with Tombstone

is that we can sit down and watch TV.

We can be lazy, all that.

- Yep. Good to go.

Dude, I'm scared as hell this week.

I've become really accustomed

to everything being taken care of for me.

Hurry back.

narrator: And in an upscale, big-city suburb

live the modern-minded Price family.

Queen of the castle Keaira, her supportive husband KP,

and their daughters Peja and Amari.

- I'm a YouTube sensation, and a dance-fitness guru.

I have over 150 million views online.

Today, we are gonna be doing a workout.

I help people lose weight, gain confidence.

I teach them how to move and groove.

Two. And one.

And I am a singer-songwriter.

Do some bad things to ya whenever I'm around

And I'm also a dance choreographer.

I do a lot.

- I'm her husband. - And he's my husband.

We're high school sweethearts.

We've held onto that for 21 years

because we're meant to be, right?

Welcome to my page.

- She put up a-- - How to body roll.

- Yes, that was it. - One, two.

- It took off. - Shot up.

- And people kept asking for more and more videos.

- 16 million views.

Once we saw the potential of it,

he asked me if he could manage me.

- At that point, and she said no.

- I said no because I didn't--

- We didn't know how well we worked together.

- I didn't know--yeah--if we would argue, you know,

but it's all about respect.

We have a lot of respect for each other.

Although I am the boss, you know.

- She is challenging to work with.

- Yeah. - Because she is headstrong.

She wants to do what she wants to do when she wants to do it.

- We have two daughters.

Peja, she's 5. And Amari, she's 16 months.

Peja's a princess.

She wears a crown all the time.

A lot of times, I'm busy, so he'll clean,

he'll cook, he helps with Peja and homework.

- Easy, baby.

- He'll make sure everything is taken care of.

- So we just share all the responsibilities.

It makes it much easier for us.

- The colors of the rainbow

is what you're supposed to eat.

I became vegan five years ago to be more health-conscious.

And so now, we are a vegan household.

There is absolutely no meat in the house.

- I've been vegan for almost a year.

I've enjoyed it. It's been good.

It's been good. Extra of that.

- [laughing]

I'm a very strong woman. I'm a boss.

With the new husband,

I'm nervous that he will think

that he can tell me what to do.

Like, I can't. I cannot. Freaks me out.

narrator: It's the morning of the swap,

and the wives are preparing to leave home.

- I'm really gonna miss you. - You'll be all right.

I'm worried about him.

I feel like I'm abandoning my family.

-I think Mommy packed too much stuff, but I gotta be fly.

If the new wife is gonna be me,

she's gonna have to work out every morning.

It's gonna be very hectic, I think.

- Don't party too much about me.

- I won't. - I don't want you to leave.


- She'll be back soon, sweetheart.

narrator: The wives have no idea where they're going

or who they'll be living with.

- It's nerve-wracking 'cause Tombstone

is a unique individual.

It takes a special woman to tolerate him.

- There's a washer back there in the backyard.

I see trailer homes.

What the heck? Oh, boy.

narrator: Before they meet their new families,

Keri and Keaira have a chance

to look around their new homes.

- See the motorcycle, okay.

This is definitely not heel-friendly.

This suitcase might be too big to take in there.

I see some rusty weights,

which means they probably don't work out.

- Oh, workout stuff.

No idea what this is or what it's used for.

- Ew, stinks in here.

Definitely love motorcycles.

I'm nervous that he will be the stereotypical biker thug.


- Dirty dishes in the sink.

I wanna do them so bad.

Doing the dishes, that is a woman's place.

- What? Oh, no.

Are these cigarettes in the freezer?

Uh, they got tons of ramen noodles. No.

- I see some spinach, cheese. 100% vegan cheese.

Vegan. Oh, no, they don't eat meat.

narrator: Keri and Keaira

have each written a manual to guide the new wife

with the running of their home.

- "My husband KP and I are high school sweethearts."


- "My biker husband Tombstone

"is the love of my life,

"and I am his ride-or-die 'Biker Bitch,'

so I ride bitch on Tombstone's."

What does that mean?

What does "I ride bitch on Tombstone" mean?

- "I am a singer, dancer, fitness guru, and influencer.

"Luckily, KP is not only my husband, but my manager.

But I'm the boss."

- "I believe in old-fashioned family values.

"Women need to be seen and not heard.

"There is a 'pussification'--

"'pussification' of America.

Men don't know how to be men anymore."

Oh, boy.

"Don't get me or Tombstone started at stay-at-home dads."

Uh, excuse me, my husband is a stay-at-home dad,

and he's definitely a man, okay?

There's no "pussification" in my house.

- "KP and I basically share chores in the household."

So the king of the house cleans his home.

I think the king of the house should be able to

enjoy his home, not clean it.

- Tombstone not gonna bury me.

He needs to tell me what he wants on his tombstone.

He playing with me.

He playing with me, I'm gonna be burying Tombstone.

For sure.

narrator: It's now time for the wives

to meet their new husbands and families.

- Hey. - Hi. Keaira.

- I'm Tombstone. - Nice to meet you. Hi.

- Nice to meet you as well. I'm gonna have a seat.

First, coming into my castle, my throne, and of course,

you gotta live our way first, right?

- So you believe in women not being heard?

Being seen and not heard?

- I mean, that's more or less the rules of the house.

- Hi.

- Say hi. - What's your name?

- Peja. - Hey.

- Pop a squat right here, baby.

- So you're big on the whole helping with the children?

- Oh yeah, every day.

- I am the main child care. - Oh, okay.

- And housecleaner. And person in the kitchen.

Because that is a woman's place.

- No. - What's your favorite food?

- We eat vegan. - Yeah, I saw that.

- And you're not vegan?

I've only been vegan since February.

- And what was your deciding factor?

- My wife asked me to.

- His wife asked him to.

- So you don't do any chores? - No.

- You don't cook or clean or? - No.

- And you don't--you don't eat healthy?

- No. - Hmm. I'm vegan.

Did you know that? - Hmm.

When Keaira says that she's a vegan, it scares me.

- Would you be willing to try healthy food?

- Mm-mm.

People over the years,

they've tried to change me.

Nobody's been able to change me yet.

Good luck.

narrator: Coming up...

- Keep going. - That's only the third move.

You've got seven more to go.

- Whiskey down.

Can you get me another one? - Like, I'm over it.

- She doesn't look too happy.

narrator: As the swap begins at the Price house...

- You ready? - No.

- I have an example for you.

You can watch just while I finish setting up.

narrator: Traditional wife Keri struggles

to do Keaira's many jobs,

which includes recording a workout video.

- Today, we're going to be doing a mobility warm-up.

Pick them knees up. Okay, that's enough for me.

- I think you can go a little bit bigger.

- Oh, man. Feel that burn.

narrator: And then, another workout video.

- Move around. - Turn that back leg.

You gotta move those hips.

- [bleep].

narrator: And another workout video.

- Next move is burpees.

- Okay.

I can't do these. - It's all about positivity.

Anybody that's watching, you gotta encourage them

to keep going, don't stop.

- Don't stop.

Whatever you do, don't stop. You got this.

- That's only the third move. You got seven more to go.

- What?

narrator: As she begins her swap

in the Villalpando household...

- You haven't ridden a motorcycle before?

- No, that's scary to me.

narrator: Usually in-charge Keaira

is forced to take a back seat to Tombstone

and ride bitch to the local biker bar.

- I love everything about riding a motorcycle.

It's a part of who I am.

I'm able to ride my motorcycle and say that I truly live.

So this is bike night.

I'm gonna walk around, do my thing.

- Okay.

We walked in, and then he disappeared.

- How's work?

- Long. - And I had to fend for myself.

Hello, I'm Keaira. - Hi.

- I went to tables to introduce myself,

maybe like Keri would, I guess.

- Boom. - And then I found him.

Hey, guys. I'm gonna sit down.

- Okay, if you need anything, let me know.

- I'm gonna sit down with you.

- Keri was saying to be seen and not heard.

- Yeah, and I was always way more old school

as far as rules, if you will, even though I always say,

"[bleep] rules."

- Oh, really? - It's, "Nah, you better

get out of the kitchen."

That's a woman's spot. - Oh, wow.

- Keri doesn't make Tombstone help,

and he's gonna feel like,

"Oh, I don't ever need to get up and do anything."

You gotta do something about that.

narrator: As a new day begins at the Price house,

Keri must write and sing a song

for Keaira's music producer.

- ♪ Going somewhere new

Not knowing what to find

narrator: But perhaps the most difficult part

of the swap for Keri

is relinquishing all household duties to dad, KP,

including cooking meals.

- The chef is here. - Vegan mac and cheese.

No dairy. No [inaudible].

Try it. It's like an imitation, plant-based meat.

- Not gonna lie.

I've never ate a man's cooking before.

- Keri's never eaten food cooked by a man.

If you eat at a restaurant, who's cooking your food?

A male? Female? It's extremely weird.

- Okay, hot dog time.

Oh, God, gross. It's dry.

I don't know how they do this.

It's horrible. Horrible.

- So you don't like vegan food. - KP is not a real man.

The guy cooks and cleans and takes care of the kids.

The wife works, so to speak.

I'm gonna do this as long as I can, and then I'm done.

I need my alcohol.

narrator: Back at the Villalpando house,

boss wife Keaira takes on all the traditional wifely chores.

- All right, so right here, course is laundry.

That's woman's work. - Okay.

Oh, all right.

- Have fun. - I do not do laundry.

[laughing] Is this the washer or the dryer?


Y'all playing a game?

- Mm-hmm. - [sighs]

- This is what we do every day.

- While she cleans. - Yes.

- Wow.

Showing Daniel

that a woman cleans and cooks and caters

is prepping him for some bad things in the world

because that's not how life goes.

You just be chilling in your throne, hey? Okay.

- At the end of the day, it's my house.

The two men in the house are sitting in our thrones.

- Can we have some fish sticks? - Some what?

- Fish sticks. They're in the freezer.

She usually cooks it in the microwave.

- Is this even real fish? - I have no idea.

- I know it's not tofu.

- Keaira is not like my mom.

I bet you she's not used to making fish sticks.

- So you guys don't put any type of vegetables

on the side or anything?

- I don't do vegetables.

- Like, okay.

Tombstone said he does not eat vegetables.

That man don't even drink water.

At all. And you guys just eat

right here or do you eat at the table?

- We eat right here. - Yeah, we eat right here.

- Just, okay.

- When I wanna have fish sticks,

I expect I get fish sticks. No talking back.

[crickets chirping]

narrator: At the more modern-minded Price house,

Dad KP introduces Keri

to how household duties are shared in his home.

- You wanna help me clean up the kitchen?

- I'll clean it up.

- You'll clean it up? - Yes.

- You can help me clean it up.

- This is so hard. - I gotta find some Tupperware.

- You're--[laughs] in my home,

Tombstone is not allowed in my kitchen.

- Oh, yeah, I'm always in the kitchen.

- He is not allowed past the island whatsoever.

- If Keri says I'm not allowed in the kitchen,

it's not gonna end well.

I'm a grown man.

I'm gonna do what I want to do.

I gotta help clean up. Like, it's my mess.

- How does that work? Like--

- Easy, 'cause see I don't argue,

so we don't--I don't engage in arguments.

- I have to argue.

- Mm-mm. - I have to argue.

- Once it starts, I'm the first one to back out.

Like, you got it. You win.

- The meaning "pussification" of America,

that stems from men

being afraid to say what they want to say.

They don't stand up for what they believe in,

'cause no one knows how to debate anymore.

- I--I just don't like drama.

- KP needs to grow a backbone.

narrator: Back at the Villalpondo house,

Keaira continues her long list of chores

under Tombstone's supervision.

- This week, it's her week to cut the grass.

- What? - Yeah. So come on,

I'm gonna get you acquainted with the lawnmower.

- [laughing]

KP, first of all,

he would never let me touch the lawnmower.

- You just pop those on.

There's even plenty of room for the eyelashes.

- I can't. I cannot. I cannot. No.

- Why don't you get started? - Thanks.

- We'll be over here if you need anything, though.

- Sitting down, right? - Yup.

- Bye. All right. Oh, God.

[mower engine chugging]

I don't even know if I'm doing this right.

- Here. Clink, clink. There we go.

- I do not know what I'm doing.

- Hey, there's a--you go back down that way.

- Oh, man. - Watch your feet.

- Oh, this sucks.

- She seems like she's getting the hang of things,

but I think Keaira's definitely no Keri.

Oh. Whiskey down.

- Okay. - Can you get me another one?

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

- So Keri does the lawn and then she also

gets you something to drink while you're--

- Be careful. - Cheers.

I can't believe that this is what Keri does.

That's an old, dinosaur way of thinking.

Like, I'm over it.

- She doesn't look too happy.

♪ ♪

narrator: After struggling for days

under the old house rules,

the new wives are ready to take control

and lay down their new rules.

- Things are way out of balance in this home.

Things are going to change a lot.

- I'm so ready for the new rules.

I cannot wait.

I feel there are a few things I need to address.

The gender roles around here are very old-fashioned.

My new rule: You are gonna be stay-at-home dad,

cleaning, cooking, and doing more chores.

- Doing what? - Rule number one--

the kitchen is a woman's place.

- Can't even go in the fridge to get a drink of water?

- No one, and I mean no one goes into my kitchen.

♪ ♪

If the children need anything, they can ask me.

- What? - That's a little difficult.

I'm an involved father.

- No. But I will make sure that you are well taken care of.

- I think Keri might have some serious control issues.

I don't like nobody telling me what I can and can't do.

- Not taking good care of yourselves

health-wise is an issue.

So new rule: I'm gonna cook a vegan meal.

- Mm-mm.

He doesn't eat greens at all. - It's my rules.

So it's time to instill some healthy habits

by the way you eat and physically.

- I like my diet.

I mean, you know, this is body by nugget.

- One more thing. That throne is now mine.

- Ugh. I'm getting kicked out. - Get on up.

- Oh, man. - Get on up.

- The roles in this house normally involve a woman

having her place and a man having his.

And right now, seems like things are kinda crisscrossed.

- Would you mind getting me some water?

- Oh, man.

- Do you need help where the cups are?

- Probably.

- And here is your water. - Thank you.

- You wanna bottle? - It's just, like, you know,

if you thirsty, I don't wanna wait.

- Uh, you won't wait. - There's extra steps involved.

- You won't wait.

- It's a little ridiculous to get catered to for everything.

I don't need nobody to get me anything to drink.

My mom didn't even do this much stuff for me.

- Sometimes, my mommy, if she needs something

from the pantry, I just grab it.

- No, no, no. Not anymore.

- Peja likes to do stuff with me in the kitchen.

She definitely likes to cook with me.

I don't think Peja likes these rules at all.

- That's a rule too? I can't even dress my own kids?

- Nope. - I don't like being waited

on for everything.

- Why? - Because I can do it myself.

- But you do enough for the family.

- That may be true,

but there's other things I can do for myself.

Like, I enjoy making my own meals.

It's enjoyable.

♪ ♪

- [laughs] My God. - We gonna start off with this.

- Yeah? - Yep.

I'm just gonna sit in my throne here.

[playful music]

♪ ♪

Gotta probably move this.

- Whew.

- Gotta move this.

- [groans]

Giving me [bleep] over here.

- Gotta move that trash can.

- I been running around,

kinda busting my butt. Dang, how does Keri push this?

Keaira's just been kinda sitting around,

and that doesn't feel too good, not sitting in my throne.

- Takes some arm strength, huh? - Yeah, it does.

I gotta stay in shape.

Like, you can call me a carbon copy of my dad.

- Mm-hmm.

- And you know, he's had a couple of heart attacks,

and you know, that stuff scares me,

'cause you know I want-- I want him to be around.

- Yeah. - But then, more than anything,

for Keri and Daniel. - Yep.

Tombstone's father is not healthy,

and he's following in those same footsteps.

Tombstone's lifestyle needs to change for his family.

- I'm dying over here. - Uh, yeah.

narrator: Coming up...

- How the hell are seeds gonna replace eggs?

This could turn into a disaster.

narrator: Implementing her new rules,

submissive wife Keri

assumes all the domestic duties

in the Price household.

- I'm so excited.

I get to show him

how things really need to be cleaned.

I'm a woman. You are a male.

You shouldn't have to do all of these things.

narrator: Leaving usually hands-on dad KP

with nothing to do but waste time shooting hoops.

- Thirsty?

- I don't know how this happens all the time.

It's a little awkward being brought water.

I mean, usually I come out here, you know, with my water.

It would've saved you a trip.

- No, you wouldn't've. - Why?

- 'Cause I would've come out here to replenish you.

- It's a little ridiculous having a woman

as more of a servant than a wife.

I'm--that's not--I don't like that.

I could go crazy out here.

[upbeat music]

- What did I get myself into?

narrator: Keaira brings Tombstone and Daniel

to a dance studio to push them to be more active.

- Ready to learn how to dance? - No.

- I'm gonna try to put in an effort today,

but if I have to get fitted for a tutu,

I'm gonna lose my [bleep].

- We gonna be twerking today. - Girl, I ain't got no butt.

- [laughing]

You don't need a booty to twerk.

One, two, three, four. Walk it back.

One. We just practicing. Ready, go.

Ha, roll. ha, roll.

- Whoa, hey, hey, whoa, yeah.

We're going down. - Out.

- We're out. We're in.

- Ha. Ha. - Ha.

That was the warm-up.

- Medic! - They're not dancers.

I gotta figure out how they may do some type

of physical activity

because it's really important. This'll help you get--you know

a lot of football players take dance class?

- Oh yeah? - What?

- They do. - Why?

- Time to man up. - Because it helps them

to be more flexible.

It helps with their stamina and their energy, you know?

So when we do this move.

- That chest muscle. - This is a full body.

Everything is being worked.

So you're getting stronger and stronger.

A lot of your favorite football players,

I've taught them how to dance.

- Okay. - Come on.

Okay, so we're gonna do our steps to the right

and then to the left.

Daniel, come on. Step it, come on.

- We're stepping. - Good.

- I feel like I'm gonna get stuck.

It was a lot of fun doing this with Daniel because, I mean,

this gave us a different activity

that would keep us a little active,

and at the end of the day, it's all about my family.

I wanna be around a little bit more,

so I probably need to do more of this.

- I popped my shoulder. - Man down.

- What is going on? - Man down.

- Man all the way down.

narrator: Back at the Price house,

homemaker Keri continues her new rules by doing

all of the so-called "women's work."

- I need a little help with the other one.

- You need what, baby?

- You can go sit back down. - Oh.

[dramatic music]

- And what do two Os sound like?

- Oh.

- No.

- Now, you sure you don't need help back there?

- Oh, I'm positive. - I hate doing this,

but she don't want nobody in her kitchen.

- No, two Os.

- Yeah, B-O-O spells boo. So--

- Hey, Keri. - Ooh. What?

- This whole sitting around doing nothing

is, like, horrible for me.

- If you would like-- - Mm-hmm.

- You may help Peja with her homework.

- All right, I can do that.

Give me something productive to do.

- I just thought that he was always moving around

because he had to be, not because he wanted to be.

I was like, "Oh, I just made you

do something that you really, really hate."

And I kinda felt bad.

narrator: Back at the Villalpando residence,

macho husband Tombstone

must continue to follow Keaira's new rules

and attempt something he'd never consider

before the swap--preparing a vegan meal for the family.

- We're cooking a vegan Salisbury steak,

macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, and string beans.

All right, can you do me a favor and open up

the chia seeds for me? - Yup.

- Chee--the what'd you call 'em?

- The chia seeds. They're gonna be our egg replacement.

♪ ♪

- How in the hell are seeds gonna replace eggs?

- It's a binding agent. - Okay, open mind.

- Open mind. - Open mind. Happy thoughts.

- This may look weird, but this is your egg replacement.


- That looks like it came out of one end of the chicken.

I have never seen a plant that looked like that.

I'm not so much of a cook.

I can throw something in the microwave,

but other than that, this could turn into a disaster.

- Oh, this is fun.

- Then we're gonna put a little garlic in there. Yaw.

- How'd that go again? - Ready? One, two, three.

all: Yaw. [both laughing]

- All right, perfect.

- All right, so you gotta understand something

about me real quick.

My parents didn't eat anything green. Nothing.

Green stuff, that is a line in the sand with me.

Almost like an anxiety-level fear, so.

[dramatic music]

It ain't my favorite thing.

- Mm-hmm. But it works? It's okay?

- I didn't spit it out. So like, 'cause normally,

I mean, it'd just be, like--

[both laughing] Exactly.

[sighs] [both laugh]

- Go ahead. Come on now. - I'm not gonna--I'm worried

about the mystery meat, like, I'm not gonna like--

- It's plant-based. Try it.

- I know, like-- - Just try it.

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

That ain't bad.

- Really? - That tastes like meat.

- And we cooked it together. - Like, for real.

- Yay. - I'm completely shocked.

I thought that this meal was gonna be absolutely disgusting,

and I thought that vegans miss out a lot on flavor.

I could see me eating this again.

Go ahead and-- - I already had some.

It's amazing. - You had some of this?

- Yes. - It's good.

- Amazing. - I don't get to spend time

with him like I want to, and, like, I had fun.

- Did you have a good time? Yeah?

Me too. - This is worth it.

- I genuinely like this meal.

- Yay. - So it's, like,

way eye-opening to me. - Thank you. Thank you so much.

- I'm already almost finished.

[all laugh]

- I hope that Tombstone finally gets it.

Eating vegan is a lifestyle

that'll help him to live longer,

and he can be with his family longer.

I think the way to get to Keri is definitely through the boys

because she loves them so much.

- So as you can tell, clean plate, full stomach.

- Yeah. Hey!

narrator: Coming up...

- I don't believe that a man

should cook or clean. - Ow.

- They need a backbone. If they don't stand up

for what they believe in, what do they stand for?

- I'm a grown man.

I can do whatever I need to do on my own.

narrator: The swap is over,

and the wives are preparing to reunite

with their loved ones.

- Peja, can I have a hug?

- You wanna go give a hug?

Come on. Go give a hug.

- I'm getting ready to go. - Bye.

- Bye, honey. Thank you so much for having me.

- No problem. - You ready to go?

- Yeah.

- I'm pretty sure my wife was cooking up a storm, so.

- He's stuck is his ways when it comes to his food.

I can see him throwing

a two-year-old temper tantrum over that.

- There are some things that definitely need to change.

I'm nervous to see how Keri reacts to some of that.

- Same.

- [inaudible] - I see new heels.

Hey. Did you miss me?

- [laughing]

- [sniffling]

- Man, oh, man, what a week I've had.

narrator: The wives and husbands meet each other

for the first time to discuss

their experiences before returning home.

- It's been an interesting week.

- Yup.

- When I rode through the neighborhood,

I saw a lot of mobile homes. I was a little nervous.

The stereotypical biker is thug.

Automatically, I was just, like, "Oh, God, what did I do?"

- When I got into your home, I got into the kitchen,

and I saw vegan meat.

[dramatic music]

Like, it was so bad.

♪ ♪

I like real food.

- Our food's real. - No, it's not.

♪ ♪

I got down to some of the activities that y'all do,

and one of 'em was working out.

Everything you do in a day, it's all about you.

- Mm, not. Definitely not. - He's a stay-at-home dad.

- He's not a stay-at-home dad.

He is a dad that works

from home that also takes care of the house.

- That's part of "pussification" of America.

- Ow. - Men are not men anymore.

They need a backbone. If they don't stand up

for what they believe in, what do they stand for?

- A man can still be a man and still take care of you.

I don't need to be taken care of.

I'm a grown man. I can do whatever I need to do

on my own, but that don't make me soft.

- Right. - At all.

- I don't believe that a man should cook or clean.

We've been together eight and a half years.

I've never tasted his cooking.

- Hm. That's interesting. - Isn't it?

- You guys eat crazy to me, so I was, like,

"We're gonna eat some vegan food."

Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes, and string beans.

- You ate string beans?

♪ ♪

- I cooked 'em.

- You don't eat vegetables. - So--so wait.

So they helped me in the kitchen.

- Yeah, we helped.

I'ma strong-arm this one, but it was the best meal

I've ever eaten. Ever.

That stuff was good.

- I'm not going vegan.

- We really need to look at some stuff

'cause I wanna be around for you, and I wanna be around

for Daniel. - I get that but I don't--

- I wanna be around for my family.

- I don't want to take away real meat.

- No, what I'm asking is a specific day

that we will try doing, like, a vegan meal.

♪ ♪

- I also saw where you said that--[sighs]--

women should be seen and not heard.

Yo, what's she talking about?

I'm thinking this is a childish, chauvinistic dude,

but you want him to sit down. You wait on him hand and foot.

I was, like, "No, he's not the problem."

I said, "Keri's the problem."

- When he comes home, I want him to relax.

I want to do it.

- It's time for--for me

to be happy in--inside of my home as well.

[tense music]

If I want to help clean up the kitchen, it's an act of love.

♪ ♪

- I don't ever wanna make you unhappy in your home.

- Okay.

- That's a lotta change. I don't do good with change.

- I know.

- [crying] Little at a time. - We'll do a little at a time.

I don't care. We got the rest of our lives.

[sentimental music]

- But you'll try? - I--I will try.

♪ ♪

Partly the reason I am the way that I am today

is because I didn't have a childhood.

My mom left. She didn't come back.

- Really? - Mm-hmm.

- My dad took care of three girls,

and he didn't have anyone to help him.

I've been trying to avoid my childhood so much

that it's affecting our home in a negative matter.

- Sure. I can see that, for sure.

- I want to implement change. I want to be like you.

- Oh. - I do. I want to be like you.

- That's nice of you.

- I don't wanna do three workouts a day.

- Right. Nobody does. Nobody does.

- But I want to be a better wife.

- Thank you. Thank you for taking care of my babies.

- Oh, man, you can drop them off at my house any time.

- Change is okay sometimes.

I also learned not to judge a book by its cover for sure.

Tombstone and Daniel were very open-minded.

They danced with me. They twerked with me.

They cooked with me. So it was crazy.

- Thank you. - It was a pleasure.

- It was--thank you for having me.

- Oh, yeah.

- From the time that I entered the Price family to now,

I would most definitely say that I am a changed woman.

- Thank you so much. - Thank you.

- For this experience.

- I never did give you the chance to really cook.

- Peace. - Good one.

Nope, but you're gonna love it when you do.

- We'll get there.

- Hi! - Mommy!

[shrieks] - Mommy, Mommy!

- We're gonna be a team.

A real team.

It's not gonna be all me anymore.

- I'm happy.

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