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You've really broken my arm.

Hey, bro! Did you calm down a little bit? -Are you guys gossiping?

No, I only broke his arm.

Ah. Have fun with that.

So? -He doesn't have to make such a big deal of it.

Hey, chicken- it's just a friendly arm around you. -I'd rather you didn't.

Dinner at my place tomorrow- or are you to scared?

Only if we're not having eel. -Deal.

What are we having? I'm starving.

If you'd been on time, you could have eaten with us.

Don't act so tough. You would never let me starve.

Where were you, anyway?

I... -No, huh? You've been up to no good again.

Totally not. -Totally. And I can pay for it again.

No, dad. I'm just... love.

Really? How nice.

Can my new love come for dinner tomorrow? -Yes, of course. I'd love to meet her.

How nice.

Do you wanna grab some food? -No.

Do you need a hand? -No need.

Where does it need to go? -Just...

Leave me be.

Do you wanna do something this afternoon? -I'm busy.

Everything alright? -Yeah, everything under control.

Does she know that the only thing you know how to make is pasta?

But it's the best in the world.

Could you guys set the table?

Somebody seems a little nervous.

Do you want me to make a fruit cocktail? With raspberries?

Yeah, that sounds good. -Okay.

Could you help too, grumpyhead?

So, this is someone I really like...

Hey, Koen! -This is ... my ... my Koen.

Oh. Okay. Nice.

Yes, really nice.

Koen, aren't you a friend of Tobias? You've been here before, but not...

Have a seat. Nice.

Dude, that was really tough. I was acting all cool, but in the meantime I was sweating.

I was scared my dad would act all weird. I mean, bringing over normal friends can be scary.

But bringing Koen home was really scary. I didn't know how he would react.

He was actually quite cool about it. But when he put that music on I thought 'here we go again'.

Do you what he did when Luxor came around for the first time? Do you want to know?

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