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During 1942

There was a major flooding.

Houses in many areas were submerged.

Granny Golf, Tay and his nanny

had to inevitably leave their little house

and temporarily stay at with a friend of Granny Golf.

No one knows what will become of them.

Oh dear. The big floods in Bangkok this year is really bad.

We have to evacuate and live with my friend in the South.

Don't whine.

You actually forgot to turn off the water tap while washing your face and caused the flooding.

Give me a break.

Our land is not that low.

Sorry for accusing you.

Maybe, it's your ingratitude that makes the land lower and lower.

By the way, what did you two grab and bring along during the evacuation?

Yoi, what did you get?

I snatched this fabric bag, ma'am.

I could grab the most precious thing in my life.

I brought this brass pan from the kitchen.

She's got real gold and many valuable jewels

but she cares only that brass pan.

My grandma is so...

fond of culinary stuff.

At least, we can cook some food with this.

What about you? What did you get?


I know I will be exposed to the strong sun on this boat.

An after sun.

You got aloe vera plant for sun protection?

For after sun.

What a useless kid. You are no good.

Look who's talking. Instead of money, she grabbed a pan.

Don't ever ask me to cook something with that pan.

Finally, we arrive.

Where are we?

Nakorn Sri Thammarat (A southern province of Thailand)

We came really far.

Finally. Hey, Choley. How are you?


Hi. Sawasdee krab.

Sawasdee krab. Sawasdee krab, Granny Golf.

No, not her.


This way.

I'm here.

Oh, Granny Golf is here? Yes.

So you are Great Granny?

That's Nanny Yoi, our servant.

She's a mere servant.

Oh, I don't have to "Wai" her?

Then give my "Wai" back.

Well, what brings you here?

We just drift along the water.

The flooding in Bangkok is really severe

so we want to shelter here with you.

We haven't had anything yet. Are you hungry, kid?

It's been 3 months on this boat.

You have been drifting for 3 months already?

You should go a bit further. Why?

You will enter Malaysia.

You don't have to worry

the food in this house...


is abundant.

That's a relief.

We didn't bring anything that can fulfill our stomachs.

She has only a pan.

Just in case.

May I go up there?

Hold it firmly. I'm getting off this boat.

Just two, right? Bye.

Please let me stay too.

I almost forgot Nanny Yoi.

Okay. Come on. Sorry.

Let me stay.

When someone gives you shelter, make yourself useful.

You can make a buffalo and cow from clay to play with the owner's kids.

Nanny Yoi, get me clay.

Stop, Yoi. I already come with a buffalo here.

But you need a cow too.

What are we making today?

Shrimp Paste Curry with Duck Eggs

Shrimp Paste Curry with Duck Eggs (Kaeng Koey Khai Ped)

Kaeng Koey Khai Ped

Mai Koey (Never) [Note: Koey means "once / to be used to"]

Sorry. It's the name of the curry, right?

It's used to be chicken eggs but now duck eggs?


Ah, it's used to be chicken egg before.


I should go back to my room.

What is the story of Shrimp Paste Curry with Duck Eggs?

I have never heard of it. It's a southern dish?

It's a local dish here.

We usually make this curry for our meal.

It was called "Kaeng Koey Krueng" in the past.

We need just coconut milk and curry paste to make this dish.

And season it to taste. That's all.

And it's ready to serve.

Yes, but right now...

I have more money

so I buy duck eggs to add in my curry.

Your house is really big.

Ingredients for Shrimp Paste Curry with Duck EggsDuck Eggs ,12. Fresh Coconut Milk , 1 kg

Dried Chillis ,5-6. Fresh chilis (Green & Red), 5 Shallots ,3 Garlic - 5 cloves Shrimp Paste ,1 tbsp

Whole black pepper, Lemongrass, Turmeric Palm sugar, salt (for seasoning) Kaffir lime leaves Various kinds of vegetables to eat with the curry.

What do we start with?

With what I'm going to ask you all to help.

We have ingredients to make curry paste.

Most of them are herbs.

Like shallots which help you breathe better and treat flu.

In the south, we call Hua Hom.

How do you call this in Bangkok?

Red onion (Shallot)

Purple onion.

Say again?

Red onion. Red onion, right?

Red onion.

What is this called?

Kratiam (garlic) I see

Yes, Kratiem. We call it "Hua Tiam" in the south.

Hua Tiem? I call it Hua Tiam, then.

Nanny Yoi. Yes?

Nanny Yoi, get me the mortar.

Nanny Yoi. Yes?

Take it away.


Nanny Yoi. Yes?

Remove the chili stems for me, please.


We call it "Depree" here.

Very diligent.

You are a diligent boy.

Granny Golf taught me well.

Okay, we're going to use both dried and fresh chilis.

For the fresh Depree, we use small chillis.

Fresh Depree is fresh bird's eye chilis.


Now, let's make curry paste.

We firstly add


Dried chillis

Add dried chillis, depending on how spicy you like.

Follow with fresh chillis.



Add garlic


Black pepper

This is black pepper.

Nanny Yuai.


Bring me lemongrass.

Go stick it in the ground (A Thai belief that a virgin can ward off the rain when sticking lemongrass in the ground.)

You can ask Tay to chop it.

I should chop this part off first?


Yes, go ahead.

Make it a thin slice.


let me do it.

Please give me another chance.

Very good.

It's good, right?

Good to throw away.

Now watch.

Slice thinly for easier pounding.

The thinner, the better.


Don't we need to add salt now?

The mortar is pretty big so the ingredients won't bounce off.

If you use a smaller mortar, you may add salt to keep the ingredients from bouncing off.

The ingredients won't bounce off. Yes.

Don't we add salt for the taste?

Yes, for the taste too.

Yes, I remember the southern people use the word "bounce" for the curry paste.

When it splashes out of the mortar, you call it bouncing off.

We call it "Chood" (Chood = Bounce)


It can bounce off.

When the paste is finely pounded, add "Koey" (Shrimp paste)

We call this "Kapi" in the central region.

Ah, Kapi for shrimp paste, right?


Now, let's cook the curry.

Get all of this out including the mortar and bring the charcoal stove.

All of them? All by myself?

Do you still want to have the curry?

It's too much for you? Yeah...

Your grandson is a good boy.

He's very helpful, right?

We have the curry paste ready. Are we cooking the curry now?

Yes, when the fire is ready, put a pot on.

Then we pour in coconut milk.

Is this the coconut cream?


Pour all 1 kg of the milk in.

We use all of it? It's a lot.

We're going to add water later too.

But we make sure to have the oil separates from the milk first.

Add water.

Now as we are waiting for the coconut milk to separate.

May I ask you and Tay to crack the eggs?

Crack the duck eggs.

How many eggs do we use?

Can you crack 5 eggs?

Can you crack 5 eggs?

We can put them all in this bowl? Yes.

Uncle Choley, why do we use duck eggs?

Can we use chicken eggs?

Sure you can.

But chicken eggs are not as chewy as duck eggs.

Duck eggs are more chewy and taste better.

But chicken eggs are not chewy.

It's boiling now. The oil must have separated.

When the coconut milk is boiled, pour some into the mortar

to dissolve the curry paste.

When it's thoroughly dissolved, we pour it into the pot where the coconut is boiling.

Smell good? Yes.

But there's some paste left in the mortar.

In the central region, we call this as mortar cleaning water.

Ah, you call that?

It's a secret tip for flavorful cooking.

Yes, but actually we just don't want to waste it.

So, it's not the secret tip or anything.

The coconut milk may overflow when it's boiling. You need to keep stirring.

Even that, sometimes it still boils over.

What do you do when it's boiling over?

Turn off the heat?

Put the pot away.

Tay, can you lift the mortar? It's heavy...

but not to me. I can easily lift it.

Lift it.


When the curry is boiling, we season it.

We will season the curry base before adding the eggs.

If the curry tastes good,

when we pour in the eggs, the flavor will absorb into the eggs.

Season with salt.

Palm sugar.

We season this curry with just salt and palm sugar? No fish sauce?

It's up to you. Fish sauce is fine. But in the past, we had only salt.

Now we gently put in the eggs.

We must crack them beforehand.

You should not just crack it directly into the pot.

If you do that,

let me show you.

You crack an egg like this and you feel the heat on your hand.

Or if you crack it too high, the egg yolk may break.

So it's a bad idea to crack it directly into the pot

or you get the boiling water splashed on you.

You can scoop one egg like this.

Make sure to have both egg white and egg yolk in one scoop.

Then you gently pour it in. I call that one mine.

Now, your turn.

Include both egg white and egg yolk.

In one scoop, right?

1 2 3 I call this one mine too.

Very nice.

Now let Granny Golf try it.

I understand the meaning of Shrimp Paste Curry now.

It's the curry that has no meat.

So when you add duck eggs, it's called

Shrimp Paste Curry with Duck Eggs.

If you add other meat

like crab meat or shrimp, it's called just Shrimp Coconut Milk Curry.

or Crab Coconut Milk Curry.

Yes, if you add shrimp, it's Shrimp Coconut Milk Curry.

This Shrimp Paste Curry is believed to be a dish of poor people.

For people who don't have much money.

When I was a kid, my friends liked to tease me.

"You only eat Shrimp Paste Curry in your family."

So that's an insulting remark.

Yes, I used to be poor and struggling. So we cooked only Shrimp Paste Curry in the family.

I think it's cooked now.

Do you want to try the egg now?

Give me kaffir lime leaves.

Here you go.

You washed them already?

This is what you do when you add kaffir lime leaves.

Give me kaffir lime leaves.

to get its fragrance.

Just like when you take out the backbone of a mackerel.

Like removing the backbone out of the fish.

When you have spicy curry, you should have it with fresh veggies.

These are the veggies from my garden.

I had someone picked them for you.

Are they fresh?

Southern Thai dishes always come with a plate of fresh vegetables.

We must have fresh veggies when we eat curry. Yes.

How do you call it? Pak Noh?

Pak Nork.

It means vegetables for a side dish.

Is he a lefty?

He likes to use his left hand. But most of the time, he likes to do nothing at all.

Just like what you told us earlier.

The texture of duck eggs is chewable.

It's not like this if we use chicken eggs?

It's more crumbly?

Yes, crumbly.

The texture of it is powdery dry.

Is the egg chewy? Try it.


Is this dish good?

Yes, the texture of the duck egg here is chewy and gluey.

And the spiciness can erase the oily feel.

Yes, now I want you to eat it together with those fresh veggies.

So today, we show you how to cook this southern cuisine.

Shrimp Paste Curry with Duck Eggs.

Thank you so much for helping us during this difficult time.

We are truly grateful for your help.

The flooding has gone, I can go back to Bangkok.

But I leave my grandson here to help you.

Granny Golf. Yes?

Can't you take him back?


I can lift the mortar.

I can do any uphill tasks.

Don't you want this boy to run an errand for you?

I was kidding. He's a good boy.

He's very attentive and helping.

But it's your show. He's always with you.

Where are his parents? Did they ditch him?

Not just their parents, I want to ditch him every day.

So I thought I could leave him with you.

All right, then. See you.

Don't forget to take him with you.

No, I can leave him here.

My boat is here. Goodbye.

Goodbye. We will visit you again.

Nanny Yoi, they are leaving.

Goodbye, Granny Golf.

Why don't you go with her?

Ah, okay.

Just add sweetness. Let Tay taste it.

It's already delicious. It really is.

What, weve just begun.

If my job is done, will you still pay me fully?

Can I try again?

Do you want a plate of rice too?

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