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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: World’s Largest YOUTUBE Takeover In REAL LIFE at ViDCON! | Rebecca Zamolo

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- Did we just discover the Red Hood's master plan?

Oh my gosh!


- Is it true that we could lose all of our subscribers?

- It's about to be the world's biggest YouTube takeover.

Hey, Zam Fam, we are about to rescue RZ Twin

so we can stop the Red Hood at VidCon.

Okay, ready? Three.

- [Daniel, Matt, And Rebecca] Two, one.

- [Rebecca] RZ Twin!

- [RZ Twin] You guys found me.

I think they gave me the sleep cloud

before they went to VidCon.

- She's handcuffed.

- I'll get her out. - Okay.

- Is there a key?

- [RZ Twin] I think they put it in a drawer over there.

- [Daniel] Oh, let me look.

Oh yeah, right here.

- Perfect, thank you.

- [Rebecca] Hurry, Matt, hurry!

- [RZ Twin] The Red Hood has a supercomputer.

- [Daniel] Okay, I'm gonna put the camera down.

- Okay, so RZ Twin, you need to get down to VidCon.

Daniel, Matt, you guys, let's go pack

and meet back here in an hour so we can come up with a plan.

- [RZ Twin] Thank you for rescuing me.

I'll see you at VidCon.

- [Daniel] Okay, wait, guys, wait, wait, wait.

- Whoa. - What is this?

Look at this. - What?

- Anaheim Convention Center.

This is definitely VidCon.

This says four digit code in media room.

- YouTubers lose all subscribers?

Smiley face emoji? - Hold on, look.

There's all these notes.

Did we just discover the Red Hood's master plan?

- What? - This is how

it's going to go down with this super computer.

- This is it! - This is.

- It's a huge advantage having all this information.

- [Daniel] But look how big this place is.

Can we cover this whole area?

- There is no way, you know what?

I think I need to make some calls

to some of my YouTuber friends.

I think we need a lot more help in this.

This is gonna be a giant heist in real life,

and hopefully we an get a ton of YouTubers

to help us out and stop the Red Hood.

- So what are you saying?

Should we go pack and then come back

and like figure out a plan?

- Yeah. - Yeah, that's a great idea.

- Let's meet back in our Game Master gear.

Okay, so we're packed and we are ready to go to Vidcon.

You guys, I made some phone calls.

Do you wanna see what YouTubers I got to help us?

- Yeah! - Yeah!

- Okay, I got Sofie Dossi, who's a contortionist.

Nia Sioux said she would help, and she was on Dance Moms.

The Merrell Twins, which you guys know

have amazing twin telepathy skills.

Kyle Hanagami, who is a professional choreographer,

Kurt Hugo Schnider who you guys know

can sometimes be hypnotized, but he's great at lock picking,

and he's doing a big performance at VidCon.

Matt Steffanina who is a professional dancer,

Ro Pancino, who you know might have a clone,

but also is an amazing baker.

CloeCouture, which I have done hide and seek at Cloetopia.

- Guys, we almost forgot Rocky.

- Oh yeah! - Rocky is gonna be there.

- Yeah, part of the Game Master network.

We can't forget him.

I wonder if Flip's going too.

- I don't know. - I don't know

if they allow dogs there.

Okay, well, let's keep going.

Of course, there's me, Matt, and Daniel.

So I think with all of us, all of us YouTubers here,

we can defeat the Red Hood.

ZamFam, smash the thumbs-up button if you think

with all of the YouTubers help we can defeat the Red Hood.

Okay, so this is the Red Hood's master plan

and this is what we know, there's a four digit code

in the media room and we need a blacklight.

- And they need to hide a microchip in a black box backstage

with the four digit code.

- The Red Hood's room is guarded at all times

with the Quadrant.

- There's a super computer that they're building

and only the Red Hood has access

and it's a fingerprint and a code.

- [Daniel] Oh my gosh.

- It's says get the microchip to the super computer.

You guys, the bracelets that the Game Master sent

might be able to hide the chip

if we can actually intercept it.

- Okay, and don't forget about this,

we have to coordinate a drum line

on Jumbotron with glasses retrieved in locked case.

- [Daniel] So, that drum line's gonna be really important

to this whole plan for some reason.

- Yeah, and we have to intercept it

or YouTubers will lose all of their subscribers.

- Wait what is that, there's something there.

- [Both] Quadrant has spare key.

- Daniel, remember on the note outside

when we came into the safe house,

there was a note to the Quadrant.

- The Quadrant's hotel room equals laser room.

- ZamFam, you guys said that was 703,

so if that's the Quadrant's room we can go

and get the spare key. - The room number.

- To get into the Red Hood's room.

- So, that's probably where we should start.

- Exactly. - Okay, let's finish

the plan with the YouTubers we have.

- Okay, great.

- So, the first thing we need to do

is get into the Quadrant's room,

so we can get the Red Hood's key.

How do we do that?

Well, we get a bellman and we get someone

that's really flexible, aka a contortionist,

aka Sophie Dossi.

So, Matt is gonna be in disguise as a bellman

and he has to deliver the suitcase

that Sophie's inside into the room,

so that Sophie can get the keycard to the Red Hood's room.

- Once we have the spare key of the Red Hood's room,

we now need to get into it.

How do we get in there, 'cause it's guarded at all times?

Ro Pancino is gonna bake a cake

with the sleep cloud inside.

- And then, the Merrell Twins are going to go

and deliver that to the Quadrant.

Once the Quadrant falls asleep, I'm gonna sneak

into the Red Hood's room and try to find

a fingerprint of hers.

- Which is gonna be difficult, because she wears gloves.

- But not when she's alone by herself.

- All right, so we know that we need

to shut down the super computer.

The only way that we can do that is to grab the microchip,

put it in the super computer, and shut it down completely

and foil all of her plans. - Whoa.

- So, we need to get backstage.

We're gonna use CloeCouture to distract

while Matt sneaks backstage to find the black box.

- [Daniel] Oh right, 'cause that's where they're

keeping the microchip.

- Now that I have the blackbox,

I need the four digit code to get inside.

- That's where Nia Sioux comes in,

she's gonna be in the media room on a com device with Matt,

so she can figure out the code

and let him know what that is.

- Speaking of com devices, I have some new ones right here.

- [Daniel] Whoa, look how small that is.

- They're fully hidden right in here, look at that.

- Oh my God. - Tiny.

- That's the tiniest spy gadget I have ever seen.

- I have one for each of us, here's one for you,

and then you just put it right in here.

- Whoa. - Can you see it?

- Where is it? - Exactly.

- Okay. - Wow, no one's

even gonna know. - So cool.

- Hold on, hold on, testing?

- Yeah, I gotcha. - Really?

- [Daniel] Loud and clear.

Rebecca? - This is crazy.

- Whoa. - These have

a five mile range.

- Five miles? - Yep.

- That's great. - Whoa.

- [Daniel] It sounds like you're in the room with me.

- I know, well I am. - Well, you are.

- Actually I'm in the room. - Okay, yeah, you're right,

you're right, okay.

- While Matt is getting the microchip,

Daniel is gonna be passing these out to everyone

in the ZamFam, so that when we get the microchip,

we can hide it under the bracelet,

and then Red Hood won't know who has it.

And Kurt will be performing at the Jumbotron.

I think Daniel, you and I need to go

and look with the glasses while he performs

to see what's on the Jumbotron.

- Yeah, the Jumbotron's actually at the arena.

It's the big screen. - Oh, okay.

Oh, gotcha, okay. - Yes.

- But, how are you gonna be here,

you're supposed to perform at the same exact time.

- Okay, with Kyle Hanagami, you're right.

And that's where I think RZ Twin might have to come in

and we might have to switch places

and I think RZ Twin's gonna have to do the dance,

it's the only way.

- [Daniel] It's a good thing you guys practiced

those dance moves.

- I think she can handle it.

- All right, it seems like a pretty good plan.

- Are you guys ready? - Yeah.

- VidCon on three.

One, two, three

- [All] VidCon!

- So, we just arrived at VidCon and RZ Twin was able

to look at the Red Hood's schedule.

Looks like she's gonna be gone tomorrow morning,

so what we need to do tonight is get the key card,

which is in the Quadrant's room,

so then we can sneak inside tomorrow

and get the Red Hood's fingerprint.

So, all the YouTubers know what's going on,

we need to stop the Red Hood at VidCon,

so we don't lose our subscribers.

- All right. - We gotta get

this control room set up.

- All right, I'm hacking in.

Ha! Great, so I hacked in to all the security cameras

here at the hotel and at the convention center.

- What? - We are wired in,

we can see everything from here now.

I'll send this up to the TV screen,

so we can all see it, now.

- Whoa. - There it is,

so Rebecca is on here way to see Sophie and Matt.

- Okay, so I'm here at the hotel, with Sophie Dossi,

who is a contortionist, like I told you guys.

She is going to fit in to a suitcase

and to help Sophie get into the room,

I have Matt Steffaninia here.

- Why am a wearing this costume though?

- Because, you have to be a bellman, that's the only way.

Okay so, do we have the plan,

you get the suitcase, bring it over, Sophie climbs in,

and she gets the keycard, got it?

- Got it. - You got it.

- Matt, Matt, that's the suitcase right there.


He's not that good as a bellman.

Climb in.

What? Are you good?

- Yeah. - Okay.

Just follow him into his hotel room.

- Okay, it worked, you guys.

So now, Sophie has to get up there

and get the keycard in the hotel room.

- He is room 703.

- What? - Yeah.

- That was what they said, the ZamFam said

that it was from the laser room, 703.

- That was the clue, great.

This confirms that was are now following

the right Quadrant member.

- [Quadrant] You can just put them on the bed, thanks.

Yep, I'm up.

Perfect, all right, thank you.

- I'm sorry, do you like to dance?

Check out some of these moves.

You know what?

I actually think they look so much better

in the hallway, out this way, right here.

Yep, yep.

Yeah, perfect, glide and glide

Whoa, whoa, nice.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Good work today.

See you next week, same time, same place, this hallway.

- Okay you guys, so Sophie got me the keycard

that was close.

This is about the be the world's biggest

YouTube takeover at VidCon.

- All right, so we have everything that we need, right?

- Yeah. - Yeah, we're set

for tomorrow morning when the Red Hood leaves her room.

- So, I guess we'll see you guys tomorrow.

So, it's the next day and I have the keycard

that Sophie got last night in the Quadrant's room

and I'm about the meet up with Ro Pancino,

who is baking some cupcakes with the sleep cloud inside.

Okay, those look great.

So, they're completely ready?

- Don't they?

Oh my gosh, they're so cute

and they've got the sleeping cloud inside

and guess what flavor.

- Um, peanut butter.

- They love it.

- Oh my gosh this is perfect.

- Is it true that we could lose all of our subscribers?

Are the Red Hoods gonna do that?

- Yeah, but we're gonna stop her, Ro,

with these, it's gonna help, okay?

- I hope so.

- This is going to put the Quadrant to sleep.

By the way, has your clone come back anymore?

- No, I saw her in the kitchen with you over

and that's the last time I saw her.

- She must be scared or something.

- Wonder where she is,

Clone Ro. - I know I--

- Maybe she's at VidCon.

- I hope not. - Can you imagine if she tried

to go to one of my panels as me,

but I'd catch her though.

- I mean, maybe. - 'Cause, I would be there,

but you know, could you imagine if she tried?

- Okay, if you guys see the Clone Ro at VidCon, let us know.

- Yeah, she wears red lipstick, like this rose red,

that's how you know.

- Okay, I know you're super busy at VidCon,

but thank you for doing this.

- You're so welcome. - I'm gonna take these

to the Merrell Twins and they're gonna hopefully

get the Quadrant to fall asleep, okay?

- Oo, good luck girl.

- Okay, good luck with everything,

especially Escape the Night, okay?

- Oh my gosh, thank you, I can't wait for the panel,

we're gonna have a blast.

Oh wait, what if my clone watches this

and she knows to change her lipstick color?

Oh, what have I done.

- All right Rebecca, is everything all set.

- [Rebecca] Yep, I have the cupcakes

and I'm gonna go deliver them to the Merrell Twins.

- Great, they should be right outside the Red Hood's room.

- Okay you guys, so we need to get the Quadrant

to eat one of these cupcakes,

because it has a sleep cloud in it

and he needs to fall asleep okay?

- [Merrell Twins] Okay.

- Who want to do it?

- [Merrell Twins] I'll do it.

- Veronica, why don't you do it.

- Okay. - Okay.

- I won't let you down.

- Okay, you gotta get them to fall asleep,

get him to eat it.

- Hi, would you like a peanut butter cupcake?

- [Quadrant] Why don't you eat one first,

just to make sure it's safe and I'll eat the other one.

- Oh no!

- Yeah, sure. - She can't eat it.

- Is she gonna have to eat one of those cupcakes.

- No way.

- Even though they're safe.

- She just took a bite.

- The sleeping cloud's in both cupcakes.

- Oh no, she's gonna fall asleep.

- I'm gonna get some water.

- [Quadrant] Wait, where are you going?

- To get water. - Oh no, no, no.

Oh my gosh, she's falling asleep.

- [Vanessa] What do we do, should I go?

- Wait, is that Vanessa or Veronica?

- Vanessa, you have to go, just pretend you ate it

and that you're fine, okay.

- Oh that water was so refreshing.

See we're fine, I ate it, enjoy your cupcake.

- [Quadrant] It looks pretty good.

- It was, it's delicious.

- [Quadrant] Yum, good.

- Guys, it worked. - It worked, it worked,

we did it. - It worked, it worked.

- Okay, I can get in the room.

Oh, what do we do about your sister?

- My room's just around the corner,

I'll just take her there, okay?

- Okay. - You just do your thing.

- [Rebecca] Okay, yeah, yeah.

I think I'm ready, okay, thank you guys.

- Okay. - Thanks Veronica,

just go take a nice nap, okay?

Okay, okay,

all right guys.

- Rebecca's going in.

- Okay you guys, we need a fingerprint.

Red roses, do you guys think

this is to make more sleep cloud?

What if the Red Hood is using that for all of VidCon,

everyone here that's staying at the hotel?

A cape, if this is their only cape,

that means they're walking around VidCon

without a cape, it could be anybody.

Oo, I shouldn't touch it.

ZamFam, there's lipstick, do you guys think

that the Red Hood or one of the Red Hoods is a girl?

It would make sense.

Or a guy, it could be either.

There's gotta be a fingerprint on here.


Okay, so I'm gonna take the tape.

Okay, it worked.

So, I have the fingerprint, now we need to go get the code.

So, I got the fingerprint, so now it's your guys' turn.

- All right, so I'm gonna go out

and pass out those bracelets from the Game Master.

- Yeah, you gotta give it to the ZamFam,

we need as many people wearing those as possible.

- And I'm gonna go try to find that black box

backstage. - Yeah, yeah.

So, I talked to Cloe, she's gonna distract,

so you could sneak backstage and then Nia's gonna find

the four digit code for you, so you can open up

and get the microchip.

- Perfect, I'm gonna

go change. - You guys ready?

- Yeah ready. - Okay, I'll hold down

the fort here. - Okay.

- Cloe, Cloe, okay, I need your help.

- Okay.

- I need to get backstage, but I don't have the right pass

to get back there.

Can you distract those guards over there.

- Oh yeah, no problem.

- You got this? - Yeah, I got this.

- I knew you were the right person.

Okay. - All right.

- So, we need to get as many of these out.

I've got bracelets.

These are the bracelets, it's gonna work as a decoy,

so that we can actually transport the real microchip.

- [Cloe] How's your VidCon?

- Okay ZamFam, it looks like Cloe's distracting

the security guard, so Matt can sneak inside.

You guys know we need a blacklight

for the four digit code, so I got ahold

of Rocky and he's supposed to be getting the blacklight

from the Quadrant right now.

Let's check in on him.


- So I need to grab the blacklight pen, right?

- Yeah, we need the blacklight.

- And it's on the Quadrant?

- Yeah, the Quadrant should be on that floor.

- Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, I think I see him.

I'm gonna try to get the pen, I'll call you back.

That's him right, what is he doing?

What's the Quadrant doing?

Whoa, you see the pen?

The pen's right on the Quadrant's pocket.

Look at that right there.

I'm gonna try to grab it.

I got it, I got it.

Let's go, let's go.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, I think he saw me.

Oh yeah, he's coming after me.

Okay I think I lost him, no I didn't!

All right, I'll lose him in here.

Okay, all right, I think I lost him.


Okay, I've got the pen.

- Okay ZamFam, so I haven't heard from Nia,

I'm just gonna call her and check on her,

because Matt's gonna need that four digit code.

That's weird, she's not picking up.

Okay, so Nia's not picking up, but we need to get

that code for Matt, but I have a performance

with Kyle Hanagami, it's a dance performance.

You know what?

I think I might have to bring in RZ Twin.

Let me call Kyle.

Hey Kyle, I'm so sorry, something came up

and I can't do the dance performance,

but I'm sending someone that looks like me

and no one will know the difference, okay?

Can you just teach her the dance routine?

Okay, thank you, she'll be there soon.

Okay, bye.

Okay ZamFam, so it looks like I'm gonna go find

the four digit code and RZ Twin is going to do

the dance performance for me.

Smash thumbs up guys, if you think

she's gonna do a good job.

I guess I gotta go.

- I'm ready.

- Wow, you look just like,

wait, Rebecca told me that you need to learn some moves.

- Yes, I need to perform.

- Okay so, you're gonna go on the one,

hands go to the right, your toes go,

and then other side, good.

Full circle and then up.

Good, try it again seven.

Say, five, six, seven,

open, cross,

and then big energy on this,

you're gonna go brush it, brush it, brush it, brush it.

You feel confident?

- Yeah, I'm very confident.

- You're gonna kill it onstage.

- Okay, we are looking for the case right now.

Let's see if we can find it anywhere.

What's this, right here.

Okay, I think it found it.

- Okay, so I'm in the media room,

but I don't know where to look.

Let me see if Matt's there.

Hey Matt, are you there?

- [Matt] Yes.

- So, Nia couldn't make it, I couldn't get ahold of her,

so I'm here, where should I look?

Is there anything on your lock that I should look for?

- [Matt] The only thing I can see is four different colors.

- Matt, what are all four colors?

- [Matt] Purple, blue, green, pink.

- ZamFam look, there's colors all over this.

Do you guys think there might be a code on here?

Purple, there's purple there, there's purple here.

Let's try low, do I see anything?

Eight! Eight is purple.

Okay, so now blue.

Do you guys see anything here?

Blue seven, blue seven.

Okay, green, green.

Green eight, green eight.

And then it was pink.

Five, it's a five.

So Matt, it's eight, seven, eight, five.

- Eight, seven, eight, five, okay.

It worked, it worked.

Three, two, one.

It's the microchip.

Let's go.

Okay, it looks like this was it,

so it's only this microchip right here.

I have this little yellow band

that the Game Master gave us, do you remember?

What I need to do is disguise this inside of the band.

Oh, look at this right here, okay.

Some tape, we're backstage,

so there's a lot of accessories like this.

Disguise it on the inside.

I need to get this back over to Rebecca and Daniel.

I got the microchip, I'm on my way back to you.

- Okay Daniel, you said it's a black box.

- Yes Kurt, it's backstage, I don't know where it's at,

it's hidden back there though.

- Okay, backstage?

Yeah, I mean I'm looking for it, I'm, come on, come on.

There's so much stuff back here.

I mean it could be anywhere.

- Just keep looking.

- Oh wait, wait, come on.

Daniel, I think I got it.

I'm gonna try to pick this, I'm gonna call you back

as soon as I find out what's inside.

It looks, you know I think I have something.

Yes, okay paperclip.

Put that in there.

I'm gonna get this, little twist on it.

Okay, okay, got it, got it, got it.

All right, let's see what's inside.

It's glasses, this might be some secret tool.

Okay, let me get this to Daniel, let's go.

Daniel? Yeah Daniel, okay I opened it.

It's, they look like glasses.

- Great it's there, I'll meet you in a few minutes.

- Yeah, let me meet you now.

- Kurt. - Daniel great.

Yeah, I got it.

They just look like ordinary glasses.

- Weird, what are these for?

- I don't know.

- The clue that we have is

that it takes place with the jumbotron

onstage and a drum line, do you have

a drum line? - A drum line?

I'm performing with a drum line at VidCon.

- Oh okay, I have an idea, maybe I have to look

at your performance onstage with these glasses.

Maybe I'll find some sort of clue

in the jumbotron? - Okay, okay, you take it.

- Okay, thank you for finding these.

- No problem man.

- All right, good luck. - Good luck.

- Comment below, do you think I need

to look at the jumbotron using these glasses?

Also, give me a thumbs up, maybe I can figure it out.

I see the drum line, they're coming out on stage now

and then there's the jumbotron.

Okay, I'm gonna give these a shot right now.

Oh my gosh, there's so many people.

It's six, seven, eight, nine, pound.

That's the code to get into the computer room, okay?

Okay, all right, I gotta go.

Okay, gotta meet up with Matt and Rebecca.

Rebecca hey! - Hey!

I have the fingerprint.

- Great, what about the microchip.

- I don't know, where is it?

- I don't know. - Matt never gave it to me.

- Okay, let's see if we can meet up with him,

I don't know.

- We gotta get to-- - Where's Matt?

- I've got the microchip!

We've got to go stop the Red Hood,

go get to the super computer.

- Okay, let's go. - Okay, come on.

All right, so it looks like this is where I'll put

the thumbprint and then Matt do the code right here.

- Here we go, okay.

- You guys!

- [Quadrant] You're not supposed to be here.

- Hurry, hurry, hurry, okay!

They're coming.

- [RZ Twin] Don't worry, I'll take care of this.


- Okay, so when we get in there, you guys,

we have to be prepared to do a battle royale,

we don't know what's gonna happen.

- We just gotta get to that computer.

- The microchip's right here you guys.

All right ready?

- Seven, eight, nine, pound, okay.

- Three, two, one.

Okay. - Okay, you got it.

- [Red Hood] I'm glad you could make it.

Thank you for helping me build the super computer,

so I can delete all the YouTube subscribers,

because I'm the greatest hacker of all time.

Hand me the bracelet with the microchip.

- She's, I don't know, I don't know.

- [Red Hood] You fool, there's no microchip in here.

- Are you looking for this?

This microchip for your super computer?

- [Red Hood] Get 'em!

- We gotta get to that computer.

- It's a battle royale, you guys.

- [Matt] Rebecca go, hurry!

- Daniel!

- Whoa, oh man!

- No, no, hey Matt!

- [Daniel] Matt, Matt!

- [Rebecca] Matt! Daniel!

- [Red Hood] Hand me the chip.

- [Rebecca] No, no, no!

- They have the chip! - They have the chip!

We're gonna lose all our YouTube subscribers.

- [Daniel] Oh no, everybody, all YouTubers.

- What?

- [Red Hood] You might wanna see this.

- What? - Game Master.

- It's the Game Master.

- [Game Master] Matt, Rebecca, and Daniel,

I'm sorry it came to this, but I am the one

that has been helping the Red Hood build the computer.

I'm the one that has been making the exchanges.

- The Game Master tricked us?

He's been working with the Red Hood?

- [Red Hood] Say goodbye to your subscribers.

- [Game Master] Thank you Red Hood,

because what you don't know is

that I built a super computer of my own.

And by pressing that button, you have now granted me

full control of the Quadrant Network.

- [Red Hood] What?

- What? - What?

- They just turned, the Quadrant turned on the Red Hood.

The Game Master has control now.

Wait, where'd the Red Hood go?

- [Daniel] Go, go, go, go!

- [Rebecca] What, what!

Where'd she go?

- Box! - She was standing on a box!

- She or he, we don't know.

We need to get outta here you guys.

So we did it, no one lost subscribers.

We need to get outta here.

- Okay grab the microchip. - Yeah, I'm gonna grab

this thing. - Yeah.

- [Daniel] Oh, they're letting

us leave. - They're letting us go.

Is this over?

The Description of World’s Largest YOUTUBE Takeover In REAL LIFE at ViDCON! | Rebecca Zamolo