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Hello everyone I was the rock aesthetics Welcome to Technology

First a question

TV at home did you last opened it

In recent years mobile device takes up a lot of our time and space

Open rates are rapidly declining TV

Now TV is also worthwhile to us to buy it

They develop into what looks like it

This issue we answer it for you program

First, be sure that TV manufacturers are in fact very hard

In recent years large-screen technology, ultra-thin, high-definition, intelligent four modernizations television is becoming mainstream

Emerging Internet companies are strongly invading this seemingly mature TV market

The traditional TV manufacturers are catching up with the trend of the fear that they left behind Internet

In this program, we have to market two very representative of Internet TV manufacturers to cut

Now take a look at what should be how smart TV election

They are the first of X50 Air music as well as the second generation of millet TV

First contrast 50-inch and 49-inch X50 music as millet 2

The most obvious difference between the front of that television appearance on base

Millet TV is two simple alloy foot

Music, as is a sense of great lines, great crescent base

However, due to the greater weight

Music as x50 crescent shaped base and can no millet TV 2 so solid

Gently shake the music, as evident when shaking even more sharply

Although there are a variety of colors millet official but did not necessarily have had to sell

However, metal frame with a black metal frame too narrow panel is going to see quite a design sense of

And unlike a full circle border music as revealing a row of screws X50 looks neater

It should be noted that although millet TV frame 2 Attractive

But the edge is very sharp edges and corners

Passing the material with metal skin tingling feeling when

There naughty children, then pay attention to

And this month, just listed 40-inch TV 2 millet removed four corners more rounded metal frame some

Although there is no metal so dazzling but also very decent

We tested the X50 Edition is now on sale earlier in the sale of music, as the mall X50 Air only Zhang Yimou "Return" Art Edition

Relative to the normal version of the music, as the TV X50 Air Art Edition design details have been improved

The use of a metal frame and polycarbonate technology used in the rear fuselage backplane

Reached translucent effect so consumers can see inside the body through the backplane circuit board production process

Buy a TV screen is to buy on the first screen we look

For the TV screen is the size and detail of the most important parts of the screen directly affect the viewer experience

X50 on the screen size is 50 inches millet TV 2 is 49 inches

Of course, we still have a 40-inch TV 2 will give us millet show

The screen panels aspects

Millet TV 2 uses LG's 4K Ultra HD 3D panel and backlight Radiant Optoelectronics top

X50 Air is using music as a leading supplier InnoLux screen panel provides 4K also supports 3D functionality

Look at the actual effect of the paper aside arguments

We will show two TVs are tuned parameters consistent with the high rate of 4k video player to see results

You can see that even with 100 backlight brightness in 50 cases two or more TV millet some bright

The music, as the x50 color can be seen from the figure slightly warmer color temperature one o'clock

And because the brightness and color temperature can also affect the color saturation a little higher

In fixed brightness under both machines black background

49-inch television millet default backlight 2 is also lighter than the 40-inch two millet TV

Of course, this situation is still inside the TV set and the relevant

In 49-inch image options 2 and 40-inch TVs millet compared to more dynamic backlight and ambient backlighting

If you do not enable this option displays a black background when still very bright

These features can be seen after the turn than 40-inch screen for better lighting control

We recommend that in most viewing conditions should enable the dynamic backlight and ambient backlighting millet TV

Such light is softer picture

Note that due to equipment limitations shooting video in which we see some of the screen may flicker

But the reality is no problem viewing the naked eye

Because now the most used Android TV every time you turn a lot of content to be loaded

There can be no load speed so fast

Here we take a look at how these two machines will be on the boot speed performance

Music, as here, which comes with two remote control touchpad remote control support voice functions

Instruction is executed by the user can press the voice button

Search videos, check the weather, music, etc. (adding voice to find resources)

For elderly people who do not like typing pretty easy

The millet TV remote controller 2 also has some intimate functions

For example, use the TV remote control function to find

Internet TV and traditional TV programming resources biggest difference is scalability

The music, as and millet in this regard vary

We first look at music as

After the music, as the TV is turned on first, he prepared to enter the carousel channel

Carousel channel modeled on the traditional digital TV programs

According to the type of program content is divided into a plurality of different channel source

24 hours of continuous playback all programs within each channel

And without any advertising really paid for is not the same between the program

Although the program is in accordance with the timeline continuous broadcast

But if you want to look back before the program as long as the player can choose to return

If you want to see the next program to be broadcast to the same choice on demand

Of course, some special live broadcast channel is mainly depending on the sports channels such as music

Here no one can say two television sports channel is more popular

Music as invested heavily to buy a lot of exclusive sports channels in terms of program

And before joining hire CCTV anchor Jianhong

Live sports content from the card to see whether it is the NBA or NFL States

Even some special games played music as sports have HD broadcast content

And after the end of the broadcast content can quickly enter the program library

You can always watch the taped program

Just cut them no, no ads, high-definition live sports event for the fans but also the absolute value of the fare

In addition to the music, as the choreography carousel channel remote control to the right we will be entered into the main interface of music as the TV

Here are the three major items of video programming, games, and third-party software applications that we look at them one by one

After entering the video program options you can see a summary of recent popular videos

Including films and television shows, etc.

The positive is that the update frequency music television program very quickly

Some popular videos can be found immediately after the movie theater off the assembly line in which music as program source

The large number of hit TV series can also be synchronized to find HD version resource library music as drama

Note that this version of the definition of resources is very important

Many of the other programs under the classification also has a mass of high-definition programming resources

We are not going to demonstrate here a word

In particular, the program resources HD programming resources in the country in terms of music, as the absolute leader

The second option is the game section theoretically most games can be successfully installed Android

However, because the main control mode is still remote control

So here is recommended that you install only the music, as the official recommendation of the TV special game

Or buy gamepad, etc. After all, only the remote control to operate more demanding

The third area we can install various application software

Basically here you can put music as the TV as a large number of Android tablet

In addition to not touch the Tablet PC operating outside the TV can do most can be completed

Even you can also install some third-party video program further polymerization type applications to expand your program source

Next we look at Millet

After the left turn if you do not choose cable so that four major sections

Namely, video, games, software, store and install a good program

If you have purchased a millet router and connected to the local area network which

In the main interface, which you can still see him and we follow talk related operations

We first enter the video section is also the recent popular video aggregation finishing

Sector classification is also relatively clear

But when we enter into these plates and film were particularly relevant to the plate in

You will find a lot of need to pay to view content

Including some of the main push of the recent hit movie only provides cover and preview

Once inside you can only take a look at the point people are in a hurry

In the TV series and other entertainment programs and children's channels among

Far less than the number of programs music as here

The definition also great differences in the different programs

In short program source in the TV drama millet barely passing the plate while disappointing movie part

Back games and app store in the use of music as the shops and not repeat similar

It is worth mentioning that the router plate millet

If you are so loyal users millet millet millet router plus TV plus millet phone

Can give you a good intelligence experience

You can find the program through their own resources to millet millet mobile remote router to download

Allows easy viewing on television after returning home millet

Of course, this requires you to learn the process

Millet is currently not satisfactory in the program source

Of course, this is not just a question of millet

Many traditional TV manufacturers have the same face make bricks without straw dilemma

Then we need to use third-party video aggregation platform software to compensate for this part of the short board

However, because these elements are sensitive to too much we do not introduce

Please keep in mind the image below in the software themselves to a computer to download

U disk copy back then install it on TV

Seize look likely to be blocked tomorrow

With these third-party video sources

You can temporarily solve a lot of the so-called problem of Internet TV programs

But after all these gray areas as software to improve our national copyright management

The software is not stable and could disappear at any time so it was not possible to reserve for long-term stability

On the whole

Including millet television, including most smart TV in the program source, there is still much to make up for

This is why millet recently invested heavily in the copyrighted content

Although millet is very hard but still needs time

3d television which features added in recent years the focus of the

Millet and music as the main model also joined the 3d functional point of view what they have different performance

Active shutter 3d music as adopted

TV glasses cost is higher

Glasses need to add internal control circuitry and battery glasses have a little harder

Long wear will be a little tired

Of course, depending on the distribution of the music is already quite 3d glasses only about 20 grams lighter

In effect 3d active shutter 3d effect is indeed more realistic three-dimensional picture more prominent also stronger

Millet TV 2 uses a polarized type 3D TV does not flash, commonly known as 3D

Their glasses and sunglasses almost no ordinary circuit and battery is very light

For a long time to wear not feel tired

But the effect is the point of view of the stereoscopic 3d polarization type to be a little weaker

And clarity of the screen when viewing down a lot from the past will find some noticeable jagged edge of the screen

Although technically both have advantages and disadvantages, but the difference lies in their real 3D sources

Two 3d technology described above us is not a new thing they have suffered for many years

Why not get a large area is popular for a reason - lack 3d piece

Music as both x50 and millet with two 3d functions are also used as a selling point propaganda

So they actually look at how to do performance testing us

First look at the number of pieces of original music 3d visual side of music, as the channel has a dedicated 3d

As of March 2015, as the music here offers a total of 56 3d movie

This number is really not enough

Fortunately, there is also a large number of relatively new experience is also good as occasionally

Can be regarded as barely passing it

And millet have 3D channel at first glance here and there was a lot of 3d movie

But the point is to go in just a few minutes only to find all the trailers or documentaries

Sources is not enough clarity is really nothing to the experience

If the music as a 3d channel barely passed, then it can only millet 3d channel to 0 points

You have to find their own sources otherwise 3d 3d function is to display

4k hot as the last two years and is the focus of music as millet propaganda

Initially 4k also because genuine debate for a long time

Finally, of course prove true 4k resolution panel are two companies employed

It did not need to worry about what you really should be worried about is 4k program source

On the fifty-inch or larger size 4k sources and full HD sources there is a difference in the definition of

Since these two TVs have basic 4k resolution we certainly want to watch clearer picture

First look at 4k or piece of music as a source case

Depending on the music side provide specialized 4k channels in the channel also breaks down the film and television entertainment and other sub-sections

Each sub-sections under the Ministry has on hundreds of sources say the number should be quite satisfactory

And television series are also relatively new

Music, as can be seen in the efforts 4k film source made and accumulation

And here is simply not provided millet 4k 4k video you want to watch TV only to find their own

Followed by mobile hard look at the

Taken together these two emerging 3d and 4k viewing needs

Depending on the source sheet music has made relatively well prepared

And then let us not evaluate millet

Here we see that we have to solve another question that we want to watch online video, then 4k

How much bandwidth is required to host home sources 4k huge amount of data it

Through our music, as measured on TV

Four eight trillion trillion broadband broadband broadband even Shizhao are not well 4k piece of music as a source transmission

Often appear buffer

It seems only able to achieve higher bandwidth 4k watch online video needs

To solve this problem, as the terms of the music provides an alternative solution

That is, after the first download watch

We 4k film "The Expendables 3" as an example

You can choose to download movies to the built-in storage which

After it is downloaded, etc. We then watch no problem

For televisions,

Only when both the sound and image in order to be called a perfect combination of home theater

So these TV's performance in sound is also the focus of our investigation

49-inch television millet 2 and the latest release of 55 inches of millet TV 2

Home theater packages are optional

That is a combination bar soundbar speakers and subwoofer

Is there a difference of 600 yuan this speaker

Well worth the money if you do

We actually listen to what the difference between them

The link I suggest you put on the headphones

TV's built-in audio millet compare the performance of two common

Nothing bass sound layering and no dive

With my friend's words and music can be loud to be slightly better, as the TV

The same sounds not so dry bass also is reflected

Millet TV soundbar speaker after connecting two ears and one bright people

Even if we do not open a big full sound volume can feel a lot

Various instruments structured feeling in the bass is very adequate if the movies are more shocking

If your budget is adequate, we believe this investment is worth

Home console is already a long time away from our lives

Many people can remember the video game or the year of Super Mario

And this year, the mainland liberalized restrictions on rides

Microsoft and the latest generation of consoles xbox one of the two giants Sony and PS4 to re-enter our lives

Players can also make domestic and worldwide synchronization

Perhaps a combination of game consoles and TVs allow us to re-home sitting in the living room

There is no limit to relax for a while and scruples

XBox series of excellent somatosensory equipment to make your gaming experience unprecedented rich and interesting

Brings you online games do not have a sense of personal involvement

We are already on the network and the virtual image of the strange symbols fighting for too long

Originally the game the way it should be with your family and friends face to face communication with students

Internet TV is the future of this game console plus a complete home entertainment direction form

Music as Couch X50 Air first purchase price of 2999 yuan plus 980 yuan for two years service fee

A total of 3979 yuan also shipping a total of 4099 120

However, in the sale of X50 Air only Zhang Yimou "Return" Art Edition

Art version and the regular version of 500 yuan per cent more compared to the package was equipped with a total of 120 plus shipping 4479 4599

Was equipped with a front of said package includes hardware upgrades and a Zhang Yimou's "Return" Signing Certificate

And then if you want to continue to watch TV in the music, as if you paid content required to pay an annual service fee of 490 yuan for the job

Of course, music Watch TV version free zone and carousel channel is no need to renew the content can be viewed

Many members-only video can be viewed for free

Just see the standard definition version of the video at the top and will remind purchase

49 inch TV 2 millet bare metal version is priced at 3399 yuan cheaper than the music, as the nearly 600 yuan

Of course, there are 100 yuan freight

And if coupled with soundbar and subwoofer you need 3999 yuan and music as quite

But audio effects to enhance more than one grade

Then buy another sound freight will increase to $ 150

The 40-inch television millet is priced at 1999 yuan only two and a mid-range phone almost

For young or small apartment rent is indeed very cost-effective and attractive

So it will be a single price for millet music as an advantage only in the content of your service charges

Music, as is known around the clock customer service 24/7

So we specifically at 12:30, when the ground can not boot to x50 to music as I called the customer service test

You can even hear the early morning hours can still receive manual handling customer service for home repair outlets

The millet artificial customer service here is not 24 hours

In that way, as the apparently more intimate music regardless of the morning or some music, as the sale of non-working hours can give the user some help

So specific to music, as both manufacturers and millet series TV products how to buy it?

We've seen a series of tests and experience

If you want to get very simple to full high-definition television programming resources firsthand

And are willing to pay for these resources, then

Of course, choose music as a TV

Music as a huge advantage in terms of program resources to meet all your needs

Especially if you give the elderly to buy a TV, then I recommend is to put our music as

You do not have to worry about your parents can not find the desired program

And if you are relatively strong ability to find those who are willing to own the latest exclusive HD video resources

Or you're used by major film forum or by Thunder to download a wide variety of video resources, then

So much cheaper millet TV is clearly more cost-effective

Of course, the money saved yourself a lot of hands you need to spend a little more time to find resources

Our proposals have been clear enough, right

Sentence summary

Depending on the music program resources victory and millet in the hardware cost and no one can

In fact, also say there are many other traditional home appliance manufacturers are actively embrace the Internet

In the market you can find lots of uses Android Smart TV

Their price is not more than the music and small-meter depending on how many

While these traditional vendors lacking resources in the Internet program

But the accumulation of after-sales services online they clearly have an advantage under

They are better able to get your brand recognized by family

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