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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: "TALKING Does NOT Win FIGHTS!" - Floyd Mayweather (@FloydMayweather) - Top 10 Rules

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- I always said this for many, many years,

the fans cannot fight for you.

And one thing I know I can do, I can fight.

I'm a chess player, I play chess.

Every move is calculated.

I get my credit about what I do in the ring,

but I don't get my credit about what I do on the outside.

- Hello Believe Nation, it's Evan.

My one word is believe and I believe in people

more than they believe in themselves,

and my sincere hope is that if you see in yourself

what I see in you, you'll be able to change the planet.

So to help you on your journey,

today we're going to learn from one of

the greatest boxers of all time, Floyd Mayweather,

and my take on his top 10 rules of success, volume two.

Rule number seven is my personal favorite,

and I'd love to know which one you guys like the best.

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- You have to have a certain charisma about yourself,

a certain look about yourself.

That Pay-per-view attraction, that Pay-per-view look.

I know, because I was a young kid and I had that same look.

Certain fighters, Oscar De La Hoya, he had that look,

Sugar Ray Leonard had the look,

Mike Tyson had the look.

Certain fighters have that look and that charisma

about them to become Pay-per-view stars.

And if anybody know about who can become

a Pay-per-view star, you're talking to

the king of Pay-per-view.

You have to realize, we did so many record breaking numbers,

we don't no longer call it Pay-per-view,

we call it May-per-view.

- It reminds me of Ali and Frazier,

not the fight, but the pregame.

- [Floyd] The build-up, yes.

- The pregame.

And I'm watching you, I know you,

you're my friend.

I'm watching you hold your composure.

It's a few times you wanted to sock that mother.

And I know you, and I know you was being very professional

saying I'm the boss, I must conduct myself in a boss manner

in front of my employee, 'cause nigga you is my employee.

Is that the attitude that you had?

- I mean, I just felt like, you know,

taking the chance of when he touched me a couple times,

when he said some--

- Hello.

- Very disrespectful remarks a few times.

He said a few things that pushed my buttons,

but just with experience I'm not fixin' to...

In the long run it'll cost us hundreds of millions

that we all could be putting in our account

if we do it the smart way so I say,

you know what, I'm a hold out, wait 'til August 26th.

- [Snoop Dogg] Righteous.

- And do it when it counts.

I'm not going to do it when it don't count.

I never focus on anything but the guy that's in front of me

because when it comes down to it,

I always said this for many, many years,

the fans cannot fight for you and one thing

I know I can do, I can fight.

So, the fans when they shout, scream,

I don't worry about nothing.

I just keep my composure and stick to the game plan.

Constantly keep coming ahead, coming ahead.

Pushing him, pushing him,

pushing him back, pushing him back.

When he first come out for the first 20 seconds of the round

when he go down, when he go back to his corner

and he sit down, I said when he come out,

he going to come out for 30 seconds and fight hard.

And then he going to break and once he break,

that's when I'm going to shoot the hard shot

to the body, hit him with a hard shot up top

and keep pushing him back, keep pushing him back.

Remember, I told you guys weight doesn't win fights.

Fighting wins fights.

And then when I said talking doesn't win fights,

fighting wins fights.

Meaning that when we was on the stage for the weigh in,

I don't have to do no more talking.

We fighting tomorrow so I did enough talking

on our tour, basically.

So everybody said, oh, Mayweather,

you was talking on the tour.

Okay, I did a lot of talking on the tour,

but now it's time to fight.

We 24 hours away from the biggest fight in the world.

The biggest combat fight in the world.

There's no need to talk anymore.

There's no need to talk anymore.

It's a kid, a kid named Taylor.

He has cancer.

Kid said, my only wish before I die

is to meet Floyd Mayweather.

And that's not the only kid

that has said that that is his wish.

His or her wish.

But this little kid named Taylor,

and he came to the boxing gym and waited for me.

I got here on time and when I seen him,

it brought tears to my eyes because he reminded me

of my oldest son, when my oldest son was young.

And this kid is only 10 years old.

So, we took a picture after he was here.

He seen me box, he seen me train.

We talked, he asked me so many questions.

But, we took a picture.

I wanted to post it on social media

and I couldn't post it

'cause I couldn't find the words to say.

Every day I think about this child, every day.

So yesterday when I woke up,

before I came to the boxing gym,

I said, you know what I want to do today?

I want to call Taylor.

I want to spend time with this kid.

So, I got in touch with his dad.

I said, I want to go to GameStop.

Went to GameStop, took the kid in there,

I said, get everything you want to get.

Life if priceless, life is priceless.

And your health is your wealth.

So a lot of times, they say Floyd,

won't you stick around boxing,

you can make this and you can make that, you can make this.

Two years off, I could have made a ton of money.

But remember, your health is your wealth.

- And to the fans that are still upset

with what went on in the Pacquio fight, you say what?

- The fans have to be mad at Pacquio.

They can't be mad at me, I done my job.

I never said I was a checkers player.

I'm a chess player, I play chess.

Every move is calculated.

But the fans should have thought about that

when I was running through everybody at one particular time.

So now I'm just older and wiser.

I'm older and wiser, it's like fine wine.

I get better with time.

Everybody know in this room that's watched me fight,

I could've easily out-boxed Conor McGregor,

counter-punched him all night.

That's not what I wanted to do.

I wanted to go out with a bang.

I told you guys I would come straight ahead.

I feel like I owed that to the fans for the Pacquio fight.

Even though I don't owe anybody nothing,

I put the pressure on myself and did it myself,

and that was a goal of mine.

I told you guys that this fight wouldn't go the distance.

- It's over 300, not 200 million.

It's over 300 million dollars for tonight.

- Yes.

- 350.

- 350, about 350 million.

- So I broke my record.

- So you broke your record.

- I want to say this, with ShowTime and CBS,

with the deal they gave me,


Three fights with the Canelo, the Pacquio,

and this fight with Conor McGregor,

I think 750.

I've made over a billion dollars in my career,

but just those three fights, 750.

From CBS and ShowTime.

- So, but your name is money

and obviously that validates it.

Are you sure--

- I'm through.

- That if somebody else can't come with a nine figure.

- Stop, just stop. No, stop.

- I'm just asking, another nine figure?

- Can you let me retire and be happy, please?

- I've tried three times.

- Just please, please.

- Okay, okay you're done, you're done.

I'm not going to bother it again.

- Tell them, tell them.

- He's done, he's done ladies and, he's done.

It's over, it's over, he's not fighting again.

- You don't want nobody from MMA or boxing

calling me out no more, tell them.

- Don't call him out anymore, he's retired.

- Thank you.

- He's retired, going to be happy.

- A man that has never been in the boxing ring

is in the ring with the best ever,

that's what you describe yourself as being.

- I don't describe myself.

We must realize, men lie, women lie, numbers don't lie,

- 49-0.

- Not just 49-0.

- We've got time, I'm listening, I'm listening.

- Mayweather that's done broke every record in boxing.

When we get to talk about highest gate,

even when they said Mayweather's fight didn't sell out.

Well, you know, when it do sell out,

I think I reached somewhere like,

the live gate it reached

like 80-something million for this fight.

Already, we already at 60-something million,

for those they saying that Mayweather

is not doing numbers anymore.

Far as taking the less punishment,

I took less punishment than any fighter.

Not just best defense, let's talk about offense.

The most accurate fighter of all time.

On the outside the ring, it's not just about

being on the inside of the ring.

I already conquered that.

I'm even smarter on the outside.

I have to be a genius to even make a fight like this happen.

So what does that say about me for making this fight happen?

- It says that you're a brilliant business man,

not just a great boxer.

- And that's what I always spoke about,

that's what I always spoke about.

I get my credit about what I do in the ring,

but I don't get my credit about what I do on the outside.

- Where did you get that business sense,

because you've surpassed everybody in boxing,

in sports, in everything in general.

I'm watching you, it's like

you bigger than the NFL franchise.

- Just my team, me believing.

I'm going to be honest,

I have a team also,

but my team don't get in there

and go to war like I go to war,

but they go to war on the outside.

My team go to war.

I'm very, very tough on my team.

I want my team to be the best

that they can be on the outside.

But as far as on the outside, you know Al Haymon--

- That's the OG right there.

- That's OG, a legend.

A legend.

A very shrewd businessman.

Leonard Ellerbe, Master's degree in business.

So, you know when you surround yourself

with people like this,

just being around certain individuals.

Like, even being around Don King, being around Bob Arum,

being around just different people that's been

in the game a long time

and you know, by being their buddies.

You know, every time I got around by being their buddies

I was more like, it's cool to come over to your house

but I need a house like this.

It's cool to ride on your yacht,

but I need a yacht like this.

It's cool to ride on your jet,

but I want a jet like this.

And I said, no, I don't want to ride on yours.

You show me how to get it.

You can't be my friend if you can't show me how to get it,

'cause once they show me how to get it,

then I can install it in my children,

then it goes, it trickles down.

- Bloodline, it's a bloodline thing.

- Yes, so it's about wealth.

You know, I'm no longer rich, I'm wealthy.

Last thing about my career.

I never want, as far as making weight,

when you asked me about Cervantes tanked making weight.

He's young, but when I was young,

I think I would have made those same mistakes

if I didn't have my father in my life.

You know, just being a coach that

was extremely hard on me.

I think that if he didn't discipline me in boxing,

I don't even know how my career would have played out.

I didn't want to slack, and I didn't want

to seem irresponsible or not disciplined,

so that's why I always sacrificed.

You got to sacrifice something to get something.

So that's why I've always made sacrifices

to get to a certain level and to get to the pinnacle,

you got to make sacrifices and that's what I did.

- Why is the money so important?

Why do you always come back to the dollars?

People want to know, I mean,

you obviously have a fascination, you've earned a lot.

You show it all the time, you talk about it a lot.

Why does it always come to money?

- Why not?

I mean everything you got on costs money.

Everything you do costs money.

You can't take your wife on a date for free.

- Is that how you measure your success?

- No.

Me, I'm loyal and honest.

And I'm a good person, and I call a spade a spade.

Money don't make me, I make money.

And without money, I'd be the same person.

I've so many fights for free.

- You're getting emotional now.

- No, not at all.

No, I'm thinking.

You know I'm always thinking.

how can I get better, how can our company grow,

how can I continue to teach people around me how to fish

and I don't want to fish for them.

We teach you how to become entrepreneurs.

And if we can't, we want you to be

the best that you can be if you're under the banner.

(lighthearted music)

Great dance partner to dance with.

Conor McGregor, you a hell of a champion

and to the country of Ireland, we love you guys.


- Big round of applause for two classy, classy gentlemen.


- But I give him a hat's off,

Fair play to him.

He's a composed man.

You can give him no more respect.

He took the shots early, and he took shots early.

He cracked them with the left hand

and I saw him in a bit of panic but he stayed

very very clam, that's just his years of experience.

- He's a tough competitor and he still have

a long career ahead of him.

- Does he have a career in boxing?

- We got to get his conditioning a little bit better.

- On that a little bit, and explain what you liked

about the boxing business and what you prefer

about the MMA business.

- The check is alright.

The check is not bad.


Very good, but look...


Great job.

- Floyd, congratulations, terrific career.

- Great work.

- Good job, thank you, good job.

- Ladies and gentlemen, to the podium,

I'd like to call up The Notorious One, Conor McGregor.


- What's up everybody?

He had to change his style of fair play.

And he did, he adjusted, he changed his style.

He put the hands up, more forward.

He's composed.

He's not that fast, he's not that powerful,

but boy is he composed.

Hands up toward your forehead, dipped in,

forehead on the chest and decided

to fight that kind of fight.

I didn't anticipate that, three game changes in the fight.

That's what a true champion does.

Much respect, you came with it.

You know what I mean?

I got to give respect to that.


It was a hell of a fight.

- Was he better than you had expected?

- He's a lot better than I thought he was.

He used different angles, he was a tough competitor.

But I was the better man tonight.

- He was making me throw when he was patient with his shots.

I got to give him nothing but respect though.

Fair play, great career that he's had.

- Thank you guys so much for watching.

I made this video because

DreamChasers Motivation asked me to.

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I really, really, really appreciate the support, man,

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Thank you guys again for watching,

I believe in you.

I hope you continue to believe in yourself

and whatever your one word is, much love.

I'll see you soon.

- [Man] Floyd, just a follow up on Conor,

there's a lot of concern coming into this fight

that the rules were going to be followed,

and it was a little bit rough at times in there,

there were some warnings.

How did you feel about the way

Conor conducted himself in the ring tonight?

- I let the referee do his job.

You know, I let the referee do his job.

I'm not here to bash the referee,

but you guys know what was going on.

A lot of rapid punching, a lot.

Things happen but you live and you learn.

The referee is a hell of a referee,

Conor McGregor is a hell of a fighter.

I'm not here to bash anyone.

I just went out there to do my job tonight.

- As you've been away from the game

and you reflect on your life and your career right now.

- Yes.

- Where are you?

Just looking at the life of Floyd Mayweather.

- Just looking at my life?

I don't think most people could handle being in my shoes.

Yo, yo.

- You good, you're good.

- I mean, as of right now I don't think.

no one could handle my situation.

- [Interviewer] Why not?

- They just can't.

- [Interviewer] What's your situation that can't be handled?

- I'm saying, they feel like it's pressure on me.

Like I said, they tried to defeat me in many different ways.

They try to bring up the tax thing,

they try to bring up he's been locked up,

he's arrogant, he's unappreciative.

I mean, years and years and years they've been trying

their best to defeat me, mentally.

I can't be defeated.

I'm a strong individual.

Nothing can throw me off.

Nothing can throw me off key.

I'm always focused on what I got to do.

- And that's going to be the case August 26th?

- August 26th going to be real interesting.

And I'm not backing up.

Remember I told you that.

- [Interviewer] You're not backing up?

- I'm not backing up.

I hustled a hustler, I go for the jugular.

Couldn't work not job, I probably cuss out the customer.


I'll smuggle the smuggler,

I'm the first from the grind.

I'm a bad boy, always knew I would shine.

I bang with the bangers, I flame with the flamers.

You know what my name is, I'm more famous than Amos.

I hate all the haters, cut the lights off in Vegas.

We making this money, but this money don't make us.

I'm taking my time, ain't got time for the taking.

I went ham in the streets just to bring home the bacon.

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