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maybe you could add The Pink Stronger Robots that dani made, or aliens with laser guns(or

you cant do that)

so as you know I made a karlson fan game called karlson run

where you play as karlson and you have to shoot robots and dodge hazards so you can

reach the milk and because MadLadShow roasted me for not

adding pink robots and uh... aliens on that game

we have to add some into the game or my entire reputation will be ruined

so let's start by making the pink robot that he asked for

and i really don't know where did he get that, as i couldn't find any pink stronger robots

in the original karlson games so i decided screw it and made a robot alien,

pretty much checking both enemies at the same time

yeah, i know, i have a galaxy brain and luckily i made exactly an alien robot

in my project game bonds of unity so all we have to do is just yoink that and

put it in the game then i gave him 3 different types

the first one being a normal shooter the second one being a beam shooter that kills

everyone below him and requires jump shooting to kill him

and finally the third one being a, well a brick wall i guess

after finishing the enemy, i made a new template level, put them in the game, and then he died

i don't know why but let's fix it now usually the problem is identified by the

engine but real men don't need to look at that ok?!

real men will identify the problems themselves, like me

so I spent hours on the script reading it forwards and backwards and backwards

and forwards.

OH FRICK, the issue is with a missing bracket who would've known that the issue was what

my channel name says, WOW maybe if you subscribed to me I will return

back to the script, get it? cause I'm the missing bracket?

also, legends say that whoever likes the video will become the ultimate Karlson run gamer,

so make sure you do that as well

MHMM, anyway back to the game I made the setting take place in space since

we're shooting aliens also I added the rainbow road from Mario kart

because it looks cool?

please Nintendo don't sue me

I also added launchers that take you high up so you can meet the different types of

aliens and link every level in this game, I added

pretty big holes, LIKE YOUR MOM and uh since we are in space, we have to add

meteors that fall and bonk your head now since I made meteors in bonds of unity

I can simply put that in the game as well now you may say I'm lazy for using premade

assets but hey, as a wise man once said: "F**k you,

it is my game so I will do anything I want" so, yoink

and then for the final touches, I added everything else from other levels into this one like

crates, coins, weapons, and billy. and the level is pretty much finished

you can unlock it once you defeat the boss willy, or by unlocking the explorer's mode

in the options menu and you can play the game for free right now,

and its link is in the description

and with that, i proved my point to MadLadShow that he's wrong

I put aliens into Karlson and hopefully this is the last time I work in Karlson run because

to be honest this is one of the most stubborn games I've ever made

I spent more time fixing its bugs than making the game itself

of course I didn't include all of the bugs in this video or it will be hours long and

I want to save you the pain that I endured but regardless, if you have any ideas or feedback

for any of my games make sure you comment them down below, I read

every single comment and I'll try to respond to most of them as well

also as I said before, like and subscribe for more devlogs,

thank you for watching, and have a good night

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