Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Witcher: WitcherCon | Converging Destinies | Netflix

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I was very happy with season one

because it was so well received,

and so many people contacted me telling me how much they loved it.

So, you know, I was just over the moon.

I was thrown into season one, I was very new to it all,

and really had to just learn on the job.

We were nervous, because obviously we loved it

'cause we put blood, sweat, and tears into it.

But I'm so glad the audience loved it as well.

I do have a lot of lovely memories from season one.

I remember I just loved shooting episode one.

After that, I'm literally just running through the woods constantly.

Always just running away from everyone.

And I feel like this season you really see her grow.

I have favorite scenes from season one,

but I loved my whole journey with Yennefer.

This season, everyone worked their asses off

to make this happen.

So I'm just excited for people to see everyone's hard work.

I mean,we do it for the fans,

and the fact that gaming fans loved it

as well as the new fans coming on board was just brilliant.

I can't wait, actually, for people to see this season.

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