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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Champions Extra: The Best of Neymar

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I shall flop agaaaaain!

if it werent for you pesky Germans and your technical quality!

- And I would have gotten away with it too

All to avoid small talk with Harry Kane.

He is merely play-acting!

- Neymar is not dead.

Yo! That would be dope!

Maybe we could all take a yacht trip together someday?

- Really? I would love to meet her.

Im very close with.

- Oh no, actually, but I have a beautiful sister whom

Do you have a wife?

- Oh, no way?! My wife is my agent!

In fact, my dad is my agent.

- Well, Im very close to them.

- Tell me about your family.

Oh, my dear Neymar.

Hes been murdered.

- Neymar!


- Im just here for the money.

- Times are changing, man.

That corny s--t.

dedication and loyalty and, like, know.

It feels like all anyone cares about these days is, like..

a few influencer models and maybe an American rapper.

I just want to expand his family to include

- Lukas a family man and I respect that

- Thats my wife and my kids.

Who are these bobos?

- Yo man.

- Yeah, like Ibiza.

- Yeah, we should go somewhere where you can clear your head.

I need to go somewhere where I can clear my head.

Everyone at PSG is, like, so judgmental.

and were here to show him how.

Lukas got to take advantage of that,

and to get great press.

Charity events are a great opportunity to build your brand

You guys are meaner than the PSG ultras, man!

- OK, you know what.

- This is a new low, Neymar.

- What the hell is that?

Ok, ready. Um...check this out.

- OK, OK! Fine, fine! Chill, Cavani!

- Show us the tattoo! Just show us the tattoo!

because it could be...its a bit complicated.

just need to, uh, get this shirt off,

No problemo. I just need

OK! Fine. You guys want to see it?

Luka, whats good, my man?

Hey, there he is!

- Yeah, bro!

- You got a giant PSG tattoo on your back?

that I got a giant PSG tattoo on my back.

In fact, I love PSG so much,

I love Paris Saint-Germany.

Still hasnt won a Puskas.

Hes good.

So he won a World Cup.

- Mbappe, ah...yeah...

- And he donates all his money to charity.

- Oh hes such a prodigy. So good. So young.

- Oh, wow! Look everybody Mbappe brought the World Cup!

I really love my siblings.

You guys are like brothers to me, and believe me,

- Thats ridiculous, man.

- Neymar, we know you dont want to be here.

- And that was PSG demonstrating why teamwork is important.

- OK, never stopped me before.

- We cant party. We have a match tomorrow.

to show how much I dont hate playing with yall in France.

- I wanted to throw you all a surprise party, you know,

- What the hell?!

Zut alors!

- Surprise!

- How could anyone not like you?

- Youre so dope.

- Its ridiculous, man.

Like, what else do I gotta do to be liked?!

and Ive got over 100 million IG followers.

Im scoring sick goals, I got mad tekkers,

Leo. Whats good, my man?

What the hell?

Uh, ow!

Check this one out.

Oh, nice. I love football movies!

- Uh. Its match film.

Is this, like, an artsy French film or something?

You know, like playing football.

I can spend more time pursuing my hobbies.

- Now that the transfer window is over,

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