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The YLAI Professional Fellows Program is a fully-funded fellowship

for entrepreneurs and innovative leaders from Latin America and the Caribbean.

YLAI empowers them to strengthen their capacity to launch

and advance their entrepreneurial ideas and effectively contribute to social and economic

development in their communities.

The 2018 YLAI experience includes: A 4-week professional fellowship with a host

organization in the U.S in your field of expertise.

YLAI professional fellows gain valuable development skills and work jointly on an action plan.

A 2-day conference and networking event in Washington D.C

with top U.S. Government officials, as well as global, public, private and non-profit


The YLAI Entrepreneurship Institute, which allows you to expand your leadership,

entrepreneurial, and management skills and knowledge online and in person.

As a YLAI alum, you will have access to ongoing professional development opportunities,

mentorship, networking, and alumni activities.

YLAI provides a wonderful opportunity for like-minded individuals

to come together to innovate, to create, and to solve key issues.

Throws us into the real world with some great organizations

that give us those simple tips that can help us to step forward and out of our comfort

zone toward achieving what is our passion for a


I have learned how to work with different people

from all different countries and how important it is

to keep your mind open in order to see different possibilities.

The best moment of my fellowship was when I had the opportunity to go to Oklahoma City

and I was able to shadow a producer on an actual movie set,

and I had never been on an actual movie set so I learned so much by just interacting with

the people that were there and just by observing everything

that was going on.

YLAI means that we are surrounded by very, very talented people

that want to share information, that want to share knowledge.

It's been amazing connecting with fellow peers and understanding

how entrepreneurship is starting to shape the world.

To be considered for the YLAI Professional Fellows Program, you must be:

A citizen and resident of Latin America and the Caribbean,

between the ages of 25 and 35, eligible to receive a US J-1 visa,

proficient in reading, writing and speaking English,

and have a demonstrated track record of successfully growing their own business

or social venture for at least two (2) years.

To see all of the requirements visit

I think this program gives you all the tools and all the opportunities for you to achieve

your goals.

Entrepreneurs in Latin America and the Caribbean should definitely apply

because it helps you to focus on your business so much more.

Young entrepreneurs from Latin America and the Caribbean

should apply to YLAI because it will allow them to connect with fellow peers,

develop their business models, and understand how to further advance their businesses.

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