Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Stock Panels

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Flatiron Panel Products works with and creates a wide variety of panel types. Currently Flatiron

Panel Products stocks panels in the following thicknesses: ¼”, 3/8”, ½”, ¾”,

and 1”. Most stock panels from Flatiron Panel Products come in 60x 144”, although

a different size panel can be requested. Stock panels are beneficial to customers for prototyping,

so testing can be done to determine the requirements of the final products. Consumers who need

an aluminum honeycomb panel quickly with low quantity and a quick turn around often find

stock panels convenient. All of the stock aluminum honeycomb panels have an A+ fire

rating. The consumer is also able to add features to these panels such as: edge enclosure, rivnuts,

or an external C-Channel. Call (303)664-9601 to get your custom quote today.

The Description of Stock Panels